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  1. To be fair, Vine has played a critical part in the education of senior British officers - in the days when we used to be able to take them on exercise to France, it was more cost effective for one particular senior course to go in teams of four in hire vehicles. On the way back to camp, the process was: 1. Channel Tunnel. As per Trident boat last resort instructions, The Today programme immediately located upon arrival in Blighty 2. Breakfast stop 3. Retune to Radio 2 - Ken Bruce 4. Coffee stop to coincide with Popmaster. 5. Vine Show commences some 30 minutes p
  2. Yes, I remember the XVIII required the removal of the nose, since when I built my first one, I decided that I wasn't going to faff about with removing the nose - or more accurately, asking my Dad to cut it off since it seemed to require the use of a sharp blade (I was at the age where Blue Peter's 'please ask an adult to do this for you' applied when it came to sharp items). A few years later, I lazily didn't bother with it, but told myself that I would next time. I'll get that third kit out of the loft and actually do it at some point... Didn't Paragon do a Molins conversion in 48th for
  3. There are suggestions that this was a mild piece of deception (to allow 'accidental on purpose' typographical errors), although the source material for that is a couple of ex-543/51 Sqn mates armed with a pint glass at the time, so I'd not place a high degree of confidence in that particular bit of intelligence...
  4. Well that was because you just waited for 10 minutes and if they'd not declared Bingo fuel by that point, they were Tornados. If they had...
  5. Oh, in my younger days, before President Kirchner, I got to work with a number of Argentine officers. Good blokes all of them, and we didn't mention the obvious (or the handball...). I'd hate to think that we might end up fighting them or their offspring as the result of political grandstanding. My favourite is still the Lt Cdr who stood up and began his question to Julian Thompson ' I am Lt Cdr XXX, Argentine Navy. When I was aboard my ship in 1982 <look of alarm in JT's eyes, and those of Sandy Woodward and Michael Beetham who happened to be on the Q&A panel> it's alright, sir
  6. The rather large airfield at MPA plus a QRA which could take out about 35% of Argentina's extant combat air in a single sortie by a two-ship has been doing that for quite some years. Much of the recent shouting was by the former President (now back as Vice-President), and it should be remembered that 'Las Malvinas Son Argentinas' has two English translations - the obvious one and 'Look! A Squirrel!', the latter being used when the population is beginning to suspect that the government is to economic competence what Mr Bean is to complex urban operations. There is a fairly impr
  7. A taster from: https://twitter.com/stevieiz73/status/1309208769088364545?s=20 (copyright Steve Simpson)
  8. One of the long endurance trips, then. Nightmare for the pilot's bladder.... Anyway, I have several good friends who a certain Mr Hussein attempted to kill in 1991. One of them, a Tornado GR nav, remembers coming off target at 700kts indicated (and climbing); another, an F-111 driver, had to slow down because they were above the release speed for their ordnance. IIRC - this was from a chat 20 years ago - they had M1.03 indicated As an aside the other participant in the conversation with the 111 driver was a Buccaneer pilot and it went something like this: Buc
  9. XV107

    Tsetse Mosquito

    Taking the aircraft in order of appearance, and drawing on the 248 Sqn ORB (Air 27/1497): on 10 July 1944 LR347 (FBVI) made a successful belly landing back at base, on one engine after taking flak hits to both engines. Base, in this case (according to Jeff Jefford's 'bible' on RAF Squadrons, would've been Portreath. On 9 June HR138/Y (an FBVI) collided over base with Tse-Tse HX903/'I' on returning from a sortie; HR138, flown by Wg Cdr Phillips and Fg Off Thomson landed safely, but HX903 crashed into the sea. Fg Off Alwyn Bonnett (RCAF) and Fg Off Allan McNicol were both killed.
  10. General Atomics Protector - the replacement for Reaper.
  11. In terms of personal taste - The 'United Kingdom' titles would, I think, be better as 'Royal Air Force' (if 'Transport Command' were added, even better...), but if it had to be 'United Kingdom', another colour might have been better. The serial number is also a bit large, I'd suggest. Otherwise, hardly as horrendous as some were predicting.
  12. Is the CBLS-200 in the Hasegawa Japanese weapons set a possibility? My knowledge of the CBLS series isn't as good as it might be, so I don't know if the JASDF CBLS is a possible substitute or wildly inappropriate. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/J.A.S.D.F.-Weapons-Set-A.html
  13. Some footage of the F3 Display (team of Tim Freeman & Neil Crawley) from 2004 here, with some clunking great editing in places. Tornado F3 Display 2004 (Biggin Hill)
  14. Un-noticed typo by me - no such aircraft as ZE813; it was ‘812.
  15. There was an RAF Open Day at Waltham Windmill on 13th June 2004. This was the same day as the Cosford Show, where the F3 was coded ZE813/XR. I'd speculate - and nothing more - that it might have been the same aircraft? Edit - actually ZE812, not ZE813 [see below]
  16. It is do-able, but in 1/72nd scale only. The process in 72nd is fairly simple, I'm pleased to report. First, buy the Revell or Italeri 1/72 Merlin HC3. Next, to realise the conversion, you'll require a donor kit. By far the best donor kit is the Revell 1/72 NH-90 NFH90 "Navy". Third, having obtained the donor kit, look carefully at the parts of said donor kit. Fourth think 'Oh. Yes. Fifth. Build the donor kit. This is by far the most straightforward means of converting a Merlin HC3 kit into an NH90. In 1/48th, you're not so much converting the Airfix kit as scratchbuilding...
  17. I didn't know whether Monochrome had done the Wyvern in the larger scale, or whether Trumpeter managed to scale it up without fouling it up... I think I have a 72nd Wyvern in a box with a Monochrome logo on it; the F-107 was a Monochrome product as well. It's a great shame that Monochrome hadn't done the Hornet and the Whirlwind (at the very least), since there might not be those 'interesting' errors. The subject for a separate thread, but I wonder what the worst Trumpeter representation of an aircraft flown by the RAF or FAA is?
  18. I'd forgotten the Sea Hawk - mainly, I suspect, because I've never heard any complaints about it made me think it must be by another manufacturer...
  19. Wasn't/isn't their Wyvern meant to be decent? Unlike the Spiteful, Attacker, Hornet.... (all of which, in fairness, make enjoyable to build What-ifs where the backstory allows for the Trumpeter kits to be absolutely perfect representations of the [not the] real aeroplane down to the last rivet/fabric elevator...)
  20. Yes, the aircraft was cleared with BL755; Air Cdre Al Byford, who was a Tornado GR mate from about 1989/90 wrote something a while ago in which he noted that the BL755 was part of the weapons available for use when he joined the Tornado force. I appreciate that this sentence doesn't answer the question, but also remember that TGR4 delivered a number of RBL755 during op TELIC, a continuation of the TGR force being cleared to deliver them - as suggested earlier, the way in which we planned to use Tornados precluded the regular carriage of the weapon. I have a feeling that, in 2003, some of the G
  21. I've always been mildly puzzled that the Tiger didn't get more attention - perhaps a 1/48 Monogram kit when memories of the type as the mount for the Blue Angels were still fresh. There were just enough marking schemes for the type to allow for a Blue Angels plus a couple of other squadrons (I suspect inevitably, VF-21 with the shark/tiger mouth). As a very tongue-in-cheek aside, given the Tiger's issues with endurance, I'm slightly surprised that the RAF didn't buy it.... ('We want an aeroplane to complement the Lightning, but which is faster than the Hunter and carries missiles. Mmmm.
  22. Excellent point; I'd also add that the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II (also of Pilatus lineage, of course) could do with a mainstream kit, too.
  23. "But even as the Brazilian Air Traffic Controller struggled to understand Trevaskus’s distorted speech, he had noticed that the AEO had failed to reveal both what he was flying in and where he was flying from. The controller tried again and, in heavily accented English, asked once more who they were and where they came from. He wasn’t fluent though and, didn’t, McDougall felt, quite grasp what was going on." Dave Castle, who was the Radar Nav came up with the solution and the controller was informed that they were from Huddersfield. Tony Blackman put the tale up on his website
  24. And, of course, we've been treated to an idea of what the M345 might look like in Frecce Tric colours already (Farnborough, 2014)
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