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  1. *sob*... [Looks at hands, wonders why they are so clumsy...] Really, sensational work, as usual.
  2. Some of us would probably have just turned the drillbit by hand... But well done on the fearless option!
  3. If you can do that with a brush, you'll amaze yourself with an airbrush - I did!
  4. Righto, it's finished, won't put it in RFI as I've only got some pretty poor iPhone snaps, but for the record I think it turned out OK:
  5. Superb end result, well worth the pain, I'd say.
  6. A couple of quick snaps, post-decals, pre-weathering...
  7. Awww, you guys! I did the white as very pale grey to get coverage, and a final light coat of pure white to bring it up a bit. The black is actually 'deep cockpit grey' from Lifecolor. This morning I've masked off the 'swerve' and stippled it in lightly with a dry-ish brush - looks both straight and 'hand-finished' now!
  8. Thanks! It's more of a swerve, can't imagine it getting past a sergeant's eye!!
  9. I'm not much of a WIP-er, but I've just got the masking-tape off my first attempt at these, and nobody else at home cares.... Italeri Typhoon, 1/48: Bit wobbly on the starboard fuselage, might tidy that up in the morning... But, generally, chuffed! The masking-tape in question: And the companions waiting for their centrepiece to be finished (she is, obviously, also waiting for him to shut up about that 109 she's heard about 20 times before....)
  10. Just unboxing this kit, noticed the instructions call for a sort of 'faired-in' set of exhausts to be used. Box art and everything I can find online suggests a simple row of individual pipes [which are also included in the kit]. Are the instructions wrong? Cheers!
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