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  1. Thank you.....totally makes sense! Actually whilst I am thinking about it (and maybe a question for Ordinance guys) Might a Phantom carry the blue ballast shapes in the fwd wells and Drill (or live) Sparrows/Skyflash in the rear wells at the same time? Sorry for all the questions
  2. Thanks Michael, great information! Thank you Sir! That confirms it, I wont put them on my 32nd 43 Sqn build Cheers guys, much appreciated
  3. The Anson just gets better and better. Like everyone else I would never know about the wiring being wrong. Looks awesome
  4. I cant help but echo everyone elses comments above! Absolutely stunning mate, I think you were too hard on yourself, but I feel your frustration with PE mate! Fantastic result in the end and a pleasure to watch!
  5. Yep, I still stand by what I said earlier....best Tamiya 32nd Phantom I have ever seen built, just superb! I could look at those pics all day, but I got to get ready for work Lol
  6. Yes absolutely beautiful! Beautifully finished and really captures the look of an 'in service' airframe Well done!
  7. @Phone Phixer @Duncan B and @sloegin57 Thanks to you all for your responses, I really appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge! I shall apply what I can to my 32nd FG.1 build Cheers Anthony
  8. Lovely Don, I know what you mean, you gotta sort those details out. Thats what sets a good model apart from a great one! Cameras can be brutal on big screens, but this looks excellent!
  9. Thanks Tony.....getting there mate! Thanks, although I often feel like I am waiting a lot of the time for the CA to cure so I can sand, fix, sand, reapply, sand, reapply sand..... Working on fine tuning the lower wing, moving some panel lines etc as there are a few differences to the Spey birds underneath, but not too much Cheers Anthony
  10. That Anson is just looking sensational! I really like how you did the observation window on the starboard side of the nose with all its little fasteners, lovely And who doesn't love a RN Skyraider, my favorite version! Looking good Cheers Anthony
  11. Hi Duncan Thanks so much for your reply! That all makes sense and explains why I have seen the odd photo of a spoiler still partially up too. The speed brakes 'snapping up' sounds like a trap for young players. I heard the hook could drop unexpectidely and was never good practice to walk under it? Thanks again, I really appreciate your reply Cheers Anthony
  12. First up I would like to say a HUGE thanks to @Covjets13 as he has messaged me and offered one of his Black Box sets...thank you sir, you're a legend! Work has continued on the belly. Fixing the size and position of the Aux Air doors and stabilizing the join between the resin and plastic. I was always a little worried as this join seemed a little weak. So I built up a bit of a channel to represent the internal structure and filled it up with JB Weld, I have now got an even better fit with the wing to fuse as it now holds it form properly. It's not pretty, but its doing the job! Warning, ugly photo to follow But much better from the other side You can see from the above photo I have put the recessed edging around the opening. The edge of the doors sit up against it when the doors are closed. Also in the photo below I have scraped off the 'east-west' strengthening plate in preparation for Gene K's (on LSP, check it out on LSP Discussion if you need one for a future build) new strengthening strap file (thank you so very much!) that sits in front of the doors. I am pretty sure I have left and right engine profiles correct and even, running up to, and along the keel line. The Sparrow recesses are almost there. Getting close to laying a coat of Mr Surfacer down to see where I am at. Thanks as always for looking in on my painfully slow progress..... Cheers Anthony
  13. Hi guys I have 2 questions that I am hoping can be answered by you knowledgeable people here. 1. I am aware that when Phantoms (Brit ones particularly)are parked their ailerons droop when hyd pressure bleeds off. However I have seen the odd photo of a Phantom with a spoiler partially up on one wing. I dont think this was very common, but would that be because the stick might have been to one side during shut down?? Or perhaps someone manually lifted it to inspect something? The particular image I saw showed it on a flight line so wasnt sure. The other one is probably the 43 Sqn guys. 2. Did the FG.1's ever or often carry the chaff/flare dispensers on the inboard pylons? Apparently the Falklands (FGR.2's)ones did, but would 43 or 111 FG.1's ever have? Appreciate any feedback on this Cheers Anthony
  14. Impressive indeed! Wish I could work this fast and to such a high standard. Just beautiful
  15. This is really interesting information you guys thanks. Im thinking of raising the spoilers on one upper surface (left or right, I haven’t decided yet). Is this something that is possible with both ailerons down? I’m sure I have seen this before Sorry to go off track a little cheers Anthony
  16. Aaaah just lovely Alan......fantastic work my friend! I bet that is imposing in that scale? It feels like these Phantom kits are quite impressive when built up
  17. Brilliant work Jered I am planning a couple of builds from this family of helicopters and this is inspiring me to work on my BK again! I have that Renaissance set and I have a feeling from memory it is a thin adhesive protective film on those clear parts. Brilliant work so far! Cheers Anthony
  18. Thanks Si Yes that is a good suggestion and one that was made over on LSP as well. There is one(Avionix) on eBay for sale at the moment with a bid on, but if its a forumite I would hate to bid over him. I have had a look on line and cant seem to find any others. Does anyone out there have one spare they might be willing to part with?? Or know where I might find one? Cheers Anthony
  19. Hahaha....looks like it dosent it! But I have started, honest But only cutting out and dry fitting I know and I dont think many will when it is finished except me and a dew others following along here and LSP! But I am enjoying the challenge and seeing your guys enjoyment and comments.... nothing else matters Cheers guys and thanks for the drive to keep going Anthony
  20. Me either Tony....trust me I have had those feelings too... Cheers buddy, love having you along!
  21. Ok where do I start.... So the WH belly insert didnt seem quite right and the Sparrow/Skyflash wells and sit of the missiles didnt look quite right either. Whilst studying and looking at cross sections I noticed the bulges for the 2 engines were slightly different in shape and in uneven positions. Note on the photo below the red line showing where the correct position should be and how far off it was. This photo is from way back when I spliced the WH resin into the Tamiya kit lower wing section We should have something that looks like this So I get to work scratching out the shape and sanding to reprofile them to match. Still working on shapes and symmetry As you can also see I have been working on the angle and correct position of the Skyflash/Sparrow wells. The Brit Phantom has a very characteristic lower back end and is part of the character of the airframe. See here how the missiles sit at the back and compare in orientation to the front ones. I believe this is really important to highlight the planes character. The shape down the side of the fuse is also unusual to accommodate this So Getting there but the Sparrow is still not quite at the correct angle and the well is now very deep and the missile dosent sit right/at an odd angle in the vertical Aaaah now I figured it out...look at how shallow those rear wells are. Well compared to what I had that was a big difference Notice also the square edge to the inner well, this was another area that I couldnt understand as I had a huge gap along the inside edge of the sparrow and fuse. If you look at my first image you can see how rounded these are in the conversion piece. So, out with the JB Weld and CA and fill the sparrow well and sand to a more appropriate shape and square the inner edges off. Now the Sparrow sits right. I also started boxing in the rear fin cavity, but I wont box the front ones as I will have Skyflash 'Drill' rounds fitted. But anyway I am pretty happy with how they sit. Still working on the other side but I think once I get my first coat of Mr Surfacer on it I will really see the differences. I need to order some Eduard Brassin Sparrows this week Phew! Glad I am only posting this build on 2 websites, this has taken me ages. There goes tonights modelling session LOL Thanks as always for tuning in Cheers Anthony
  22. Couldnt have said it better myself, that is just superb. I like the paint touch ups too. No, actually thank you! This was inspiring for me and some great ideas and techniques for my brit Toom... Love how you have the RAT out and the fuel and (comms?) panels open. Its a winner in my eyes. Cheers Anthony
  23. Oooooo you are my hero! They are going to look amazing on my 32nd Brit Phantom conversion. Thank you sir!!!
  24. Absolutely delightful Zac! Love that scheme too. I think the green looks good too. Well done mate, I would be proud to have that in my cabinet! NEEEEEXT one please...........
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