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  1. Great model and story! One day I'll summon up the courage to have a go at a WNW kit...
  2. Not sure I have enough wall space for a Victor - at least where my wife would allow it !
  3. Agree, but cleaning the flash off the parts and the sprue too ages!
  4. Airfix's Mk.1a Spitfire in 1/72, courtesy of Aldi for £4. Frame from EBay. Inspiration from elsewhere on here. Some of the parts have been removed from the sprue and reattached facing the 'front' (I really didn't want to see the pilot's backside...) then everything painted in the usual way. No weathering because it clearly hasn't been outside yet! Done for a bit of a giggle. Hope you like it...
  5. Absolutely lovely. I really like the understated weathering - 'clean' but used.
  6. Thanks! My last completed model was a Defiant in March 2018 - I started the ICM He111 after the Defiant and got scared of all of the clear bits at the front! I'll pick that up again at some point. My other hobby is stained glass and I've been busy with that - even sold a few bits - so getting the Lightning at Christmas prompted me to get all the modelling stuff out and do a bit more. It's all very relaxing and I'm not that fussed on doing much else than out of the box (although I'm a sucker for some of the Eduard etch...). I like having a go at the weathering although I haven't plucked up courage to try some of the more extreme effects - yet. I've just bought the 1/48 MikroMir DH88 Comet - my all-time favourite plane. It's a short-run kit so I suspect I'll spend a very long time looking at the bits before getting the knife out. I'm trying to decide what paint to use as it will need a high gloss smooth finish - something I've not done before. I might get a car kit to practice on first...
  7. Hi Gary. I spent a few hours online watching 'how to' videos then found this blog, https://www.jonbius.com/2018/06/29/dot-filters-demystifying-the-spots/ , which I followed on the Lightning. The best bit Is that if you don't like the result you can remove it and do something else!
  8. Thanks all for the comments and support. I'm now doing something silly with a MkII Spitfire in 1/72... More later.
  9. It's such a lovely kit to build! You've made a great job of it. Well done
  10. Hard to believe it's 1/72! Looks really good.
  11. Love this. It's such an aggressive looking plane!
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