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  1. Hobbycraft do one in Falklands markings HC1433 I have one in the stash. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobbycraft-hc1433-a-4b-falklands-fighter--147280
  2. Very nice, still reckon the G10 is the best looking of the 109's
  3. You must be made throwing your Dad's models away, always enjoy his work. Can you donate them to a museum?
  4. I've got the Vallejo SU25 Frogfoot set, their dark grey eggplant is 71049, this is listed as sea grey/medium sea grey!
  5. As aside my South African ME IR was done by a chap who flew P 51 in Korea some people on here may know him. Tubby
  6. Very nice indeed, cracking model! I have one of these in the stash, just hope it looks like this.
  7. Great work as always by your dad. Those masks work well, just ordered a set.
  8. Some excellent and lovely work here. Following with interest as I have one in the stash.
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