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  1. It just gets worse ... I found some plans online:


    So, this printed copy is about 3% too small (will fix that tomorrow) but there's good news and bad news. 


    - length and span agree with Wikipedia

    - wing and tailplane shapes look good (wingtips need a brush with a sanding stick) (and wings look a bit thin?)



    - spinner is awful, may be able to sand it down

    - propeller blades are moulded backwards! The front surfaces are concave and the back is convex. Hence all the "prop on backwards" warnings. It's just wrong either way round. Shape is off too!

    - cowling and gills are very crude

    - exhausts are blobby and wrong

    - missing bulges in front of cockpit

    - canopy is a too small

    - tail fin doesn't match the plans

    - under fuselage has extra slice below wing

    - all the usual stuff in a fifty-five year old kit like raised panel lines, no detail, no interior, toy-like wheels.


    Nothing too bad to fix (while asking yourself "why am I doing this?") so I will quit moaning and crack on!


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  2. Now look what you've made me do:


    I've started to remove the fictitious slice of fuselage below the wing roots, made the wing inserts fit properly and tidied up the undercarriage bay, ready for a spar and some detail.


    This doesn't feel like option "a"...

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  3. Decals, varnish and weathering have been done, so it's a case of taking the aeroplane bits out of the box and sticking them on (no german armoured car crew though, thank you):


    I've made up and painted some struts for the undercarriage doors and have to make some rams to open and close the missile bay doors too, and then we are done!

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  4. 59 minutes ago, JOCKNEY said:

    Have you still got this one in the diary ?

    Frankly, I've been struggling between

    a. Just build it

    b. Go all AMS (there's plenty to fix and there may be some original plastic left)

    c. Step away and get on with  my other GB builds and get ready for NMCZ GB hosting

    I hadn't even opened the bag before this GB and it isn't a great kit, even by FROG standards. You may have publicly shamed me into taking option "a" with a strict time limit and filing the finished result in my "crappy Luftwaffe plane kits that looked kinda interesting but I shouldn't have even started" box (next to the Lindberg Me 410, for example).


    The Jockney KUTA has worked its magic again! (dammit)





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  5. Good to hear, Steve!


    Well, I only own three reds, so it's a stroke of luck that one of them is a perfect match for touching up the decals:


    I'm hoping midnight blue works for the couple of insignia touch ups too. Then it's varnish, weathering and the small stuff...


    [edit] A mix of midnight blue and black did the job...

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  6. On 25/03/2023 at 00:32, PattheCat said:

    So was it enough to quench your usual thirst to fill and sand?

    Bizarrely, having decided in my head that this is a "perfect kit", I now find myself mildly outraged when the slightest thing doesn't click together with Lego-like precision. Go figure...






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  7. the second one was out to get me! Broke into eight pieces before it had even left the backing paper:



    Managed to wrestle it back together though. I left it to soak in the warm water for a longer time - that may have been why it was more fragile.


    Time for a cuppa while all that dries. I'm glad I didn't go for the open airbrake option now!

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