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  1. Looking good! Presumably if the front turret is going to point straight ahead-ish, the back will be in darkness so you could just paint two black spots on the inside of the back face... Regards, Adrian
  2. What a great thread! Well, I've just got a lonesome AEC Matador refueller from the Airfix 1/76 RAF Re-fuelling Set from 1970 to contribute: Despite being an old kit, it assembled very nicely indeed and I had great fun putting it together as light relief from "wingy" projects. I'll get around to the Bedford the next time I need a mojo shot! Regards, Adrian
  3. The home made roundels look great. FWIW, Xtradecal do post-war white serial letters and numbers in a variety of sizes. Regards, Adrian
  4. So that’s what a Fairey Battle should look like! Terrific build and I’ve enjoyed following every step. Regards, Adrian
  5. Thanks Graham. A Tiger wheel! Heavy duty mods indeed… I’ve done a bit of sanding in front of the cockpit to make the top line of the nose a bit more curved, but to be honest I’ve held it up to a couple of three views downloaded from the web and it looks pretty close, so after the gull wing I won’t be making any more significant shape changes. The wing looks to be a mm or so too long in chord, but that just means it will match my Airfix PRXIX, which suffers from the same problem. So I’m sorry about not being terribly accurate but (1) I wouldn’t start from here if I wanted an accurate model as opposed to a bit of light relief, and (2) I will save all my accuracy for the Eduard Spitfire IX in the stash, which I will probably never build…
  6. I suppose a “before” picture would have been useful here. In the absence of that, here’s an “after” picture of the gull wing effect after a lot of sanding with sandpaper wrapped round a paintbrush handle and a sanding stick: I promise you, it was as flat as a pancake before! Luckily, the plastic was thick enough to get away with it. There will be more sanding to refine it when it’s all glued together.
  7. Looking good! I had no idea the canopies were so square. Regards, Adrian
  8. Phew - paint! Was getting worried with all that 3D CAD going on Regards, Adrian
  9. Actually now I see the underside on my PC screen not the phone, your lanolin coating doesn't look bad at all - maybe a bit heavy but I've seen photos where it all goes a bit dark down there. There's a particularly prevalent set of pics (just googling "Short Sunderland") of "RB-C" at rest where you take one look at the waterline and go "Ewwww".... Looking forward to wherever you take it. Regards, Adrian
  10. Smashing build! I'd be overjoyed with that cockpit at 1/72nd scale (and probably 1/48 too...) Regards, Adrian
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I still can't believe it only took me a couple of weeks... It is as simple as painting the ribs and spars a slightly darker colour, then masking them off and filling in with a lighter colour. BUT, choosing the colours is a matter of trial and error (still not 100% there) and it helps to have a little variation with the lighter paint stippling to get a more realistic effect. I also tried to show the shadow of the crosses under the top wing, but didn't do a brilliant job there because I'd already attached the struts . It does look very weird when painting it upside down, because it doesn't look like it's going to work at all. I'm going to have a little rest from anything involving struts, rigging or CDL. I did pull out an Eastern Express Sikorsky S-XVI, but put it back again sharply when I realised it had lots of all three! So a FROG Spitfire XIV will keep me busy with some detailing and corrections, and an F-102 is getting done as close to OOB as I can manage for the Century Fighters GB. Then I believe it's time for Lightning(s) to strike in the P-38 GB... The slow drying acrylic gel medium is great if you are doing a wood grain effect - thoroughly recommended! Regards, Adrian
  12. I suspect I might have to reinforce FROG’s otherwise-perfect cockpit too! The fella that comes with the kit is a classic FROGman, but scales out at around 4ft 8! So I should have said “appropriately scaled” - I will be rummaging through my spare pilot collection at some point for one that can see over the window sill. I haven’t done a sprue shot (not much left on the sprues on this one) but I will include the kit pilot in a future pic as evidence… Regards, Adrian
  13. I can’t say I was either, but it was cheap and turned out to be a lot of fun to build! Regards, Adrian
  14. No time like the present! Start with “That Fairing”: It forms a flat plate along the bottom of the fuselage where you can see the reflection: In both photos above the top half in the picture shows the modified one. Enough of that. Here’s some one-handed Spitfire juggling! With the old but accurate Airfix MkI: Quite a big difference! I will have a go at the gull wing tomorrow evening.
  15. Thanks @Dunny, @Brandy, @DaddyO, @Hamden, @bigbadbadge, @mark.au, @Courageous, @GrzeM, @Fritag, @AliGauld, @Octávio Mântua, @Dave Slowbuild and many others for your support, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Looking at pic #2 today I noticed that one of the starboard V struts wasn’t positioned correctly at the join, so I broke the join and moved it into the correct position. A bit nerve-racking but I’m glad I did it. Just for a laugh, here’s a pic with a pair of recent finishes, the “Pfalz Friends”: The three of them end to end are about the same length as the F-102 I’m doing in the Century Fighters GB! I’ve posted a few more pictures in an RFI. Regards, Adrian
  16. Took me two weeks, give or take a day or two, with a cheeky Airfix Matador RAF refueller side project last weekend. This is an early Ernest Heinkel design, gifted to the Austrians when it failed to make the cut for German service. They weren’t about to give away the secrets of synchronised machine guns, hence the gun-in-a-box on the top wing, macabrely nicknamed the “baby coffin”. This forward fin did nothing for stability, and the machine had a reputation for being hard to fly. However, the strut arrangement was very sturdy, albeit rather heavier than braced struttery, and it stayed in service for quite a long time by the standards of the day. It has a sort of face, which reminds me of that robot in the Mandalorian: When I started it, I thought the fuselage was ridiculously bloated. Now it just seems to me that every other WWI fighter needs a good square meal: Although the kit comes with some extensive camouflage decals, most examples seemed to be in clear doped linen: And here it is in the company of some recent examples (all vacforms) of my current run of WWI German builds: Those of you who were kind enough to follow the WIP will recall me whinging on about the underside linen effect. Well, it turns out that with the basic photo editor on a phone, you can turn this: into this: So I will have to get some painting tips from my photo editor, and learn how to blow the propeller round while taking the photo! Thanks for following this project, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. WIP is here if you are interested. Regards, Adrian
  17. And just why would I even attempt to improve on perfection? the door even has a crowbar…
  18. Given that @mark.au, @bigbadbadge and @Dunny have succumbed to a common urge to build Spitfire XIVs, I was wondering if I could join in with another one? Of course, I insist on a kit with state of the art tooling: ... of which I seem to have two! If I'm allowed to join the happy throng, this will be in the 132 squadron SEAC scheme. There are photos in the IWM collection showing this very aeroplane as well as others from the squadron, so I'm happy with the colour scheme (and I am going to assume that the squadron codes are white). Accuracy?? Hmm, I'm sure there's lots to talk about here - for me, the two things that really stand out are the lack of a gull wing, which throws out the wing fairing something awful, and the too-small radiators. So I will have at those. I will also be detailing the cockpit from the plastic bits box, will add a full-size pilot, wheels up on a stand (probably an Airfix one out of sheer perversity). Awfully tempted by a what-if Japanese V1 but I think I'll lie down until that goes away. Well fingers crossed, I'll wait and see if I've been judged desperate enough to participate. Regards, Adrian
  19. Beautiful job, on such an old and basic kit too. Regards, Adrian
  20. Ok, stop the clock! Finished at the weekend: Words and an RFI tomorrow.
  21. Wing and intakes not permanently fitted at this point, but: I need to scribe the canopy opening, clean up the intakes and add them, then I can have a big fill/sand/repeat session. I will detail the wheel wells and then add the wings, prep and paint. The missile bay I will work on separately and add at the end with all the other odds’n’sods. That’s the plan!
  22. The air intakes fit pretty nicely too: I will need to fit a backing plate but otherwise they will only take a spot of filler and a light sanding to blend in. The opening canopy outline needs to be scribed first though.
  23. Wings next. A bit of paper on the joint to get it dead level, and building up the well walls with 1.0x1.5mm to box them in:
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