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  1. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies and @perdu Nailed it. It's not about the winning, it's about the taking part. Be true to you. Regards, Adrian
  2. Gorgeous result. And the base really adds to it. The PC10 looks spot on to me. The AK stuff is definitely too green for my taste - I used it as-is on a Sopwith Swallow in a Blitzbuild, but the next usage saw a load of red being added to brown it up. Regards, Adrian
  3. I have a bit of detail painting to do and then I can start on the stickers: Three coats of Hellgrau, in case you were wondering
  4. Whatever life throws at you, you have to admit that you have a very cute baby daughter! Hang on in there my friend. Regards, Adrian
  5. Terrific! Adding a figure or two brings things to life. I like the way you have run the deck markings round the edge of the base - very striking. Regards, Adrian
  6. Great result! I am surprised at how similar it is in (lack of) fit to the Old Airfix one - I'd have thought the Hasegawa one would be much better. Regards, Adrian
  7. Looks good! Looks like a great kit, albeit in a strange scale. Regards, Adrian
  8. Got the internals weathered and some exterior paint on (finally!): Getting there slowly: Revell acrylic 76 Hellgrau is such a lovely colour to paint I don't even mind having to do three or four coats!
  9. This popped through the letterbox today, so sign me up for #2! Regards, Adrian
  10. The cigarette advertising is a huge part of the colour scheme. What do they put in instead? Do they leave it blank? Maybe they could do a deal with Nicorette for some alternative advertising? Regards, Adrian
  11. Superglue over them and sand it down? Provides a hard smooth surface that won't shrink? Or base white indeed, if it's just a question of colour, can't really tell from the photo. Regards, Adrian
  12. Don't scribe the lines running spanwise on the wings, which were fabric covered. I did, and I've regretted it ever since! First world problem, I know Regards, Adrian
  13. Just caught up, having missed it up until now. An amazing and very complete Harrier presentation! It's so good it's almost made me think the overall EDSG lo-vis scheme looks nicer than the EDSG over white. Almost Regards, Adrian
  14. Creative work on the landing gear. Looks like it will be plenty strong enough. Enjoy the skiing and make sure you don't damage your own landing gear! Regards, Adrian
  15. Looks good Enzo! In all fairness, the Hobby2000 kit has some slight dimpling on the outer wings. Never seen the Hasegawa so I can't comment on it. Regards, Adrian
  16. Just realised you have replacement intakes and fin, which explains why it looks a bit different! Regards, Adrian
  17. In a steep vertical climb waiting for the cement to dry on wings, intakes and nose cone: The intakes seem a bit shallow top to bottom, so I aligned them at the top edge and there will be a bit of filling and sanding needed on the underside: You can see from the stress marks that I managed to pull the bottom edges a bit further out but it will still need a touch of filler. I don't know if it was me or the kit parts being a bit off. Given that I'm not used to tight tolerances I can believe it was me! Given that the body is camouflaged and the fin is red, I'm going to leave them separate until after painting.
  18. So-o-o-oo, dropper bottles, best thing since sliced bread, eh? Not for me. I gave my bottle a little squeeze and the top popped off followed by great globs of paint: Luckily, it all landed on the (freshly-cleaned) mixing pot and my hand, and the top landed on the carpet protector that the chair sits on. Got most of it back in the pot, and even managed to paint some on the internals: Who says modelling is a boring hobby?
  19. I've got an Fw187 moulded in brown. It's not a horrid colour at all - every time I look at the sprues I get an urge to find some chocolate! I've been a bit frustrated at the amount of "adding bits to the kit" work that I've had to do on the F-106, so I just scored a cheap (fiver) 1970s 1/72 Hasegawa Ki-61 off the bay: A couple of sidewall boxes, a stick and some seat belts should be all the extras I need on that for a simple build (oh, and a venturi) (I should stop looking at the Tamiya instructions) (and should the tailplane be red as well as the fin?) (heck, here we go again...). Regards, Adrian
  20. Loverly build. I just won one on ebay for a fiver for a simple second build for "Big in Japan" so thanks for the tips! Regards, Adrian
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