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  1. Been having a bit of a Major Mojo deficit on these two, because I’ve realised I’ve got to do some corrections. After a quick diversion to throw together a V1 for my FROG Spitfire and get my Mojo back, I compiled a list of the jobs to do and picked the most annoying, starting with the canopy, which has an external rear frame whereas the real thing has an internal strut. One down: Both done: I had “mildly improved” the kit radios, but I decided to chisel them all off and model proper radios by copying the excellent Tamiya builds all around: Next up are the propellers; I had tried to keep the kit openings around the blades in the spinners, but after painting them up they just don’t look right, so I’m going to fill them and sand them back. After that I should be moving forwards again!
  2. What a roller coaster of an update! More drama than an anniversary edition of East Enders. Looking fab, although I think seeing a classic FAA fighter in trainer colours fits my definition of “cognitive dissonance“! Will check out the RFI. Regards, Adrian
  3. I stole my wife’s hairdryer: I did remember to turn the heat off. Trouble is, if it’s on strong enough to turn the propeller, even on the lowest setting it’s also strong enough to make everything wobble and move around!
  4. My feelings for Avatar pale into mild distaste compared to my hatred of Love Actually. And guess what the UK’s favourite seasonal film is? I have been sworn to silence on said topic when we visit my sis-in-law next weekend. Regards, Adrian
  5. Magnificent, Tony! Although I did wonder if you’d ingested a violin scroll at one point to keep us on our toes. Regards, Adrian
  6. Definitely from the “Black: guns, bombs, engine, tyres” era!
  7. So here’s my first Spitfire chasing the V1: I realise I couldn’t show it in a wing-tipping pose because the pilot is looking straight ahead! Bad planning. So I will do a final approach where the V1 is in the pilot’s eye-line. According to the IWM, V-weapons caused more deaths in the slave labourers making them than the intended target population. Proper pics tomorrow. And then I will press on with Spitfire #2 in SEAC scheme (and the P-38s and Sd. Kfz 234).
  8. Well thanks for the nudge Chris @bigbadbadge. I had an afternoon on all four parts of the V1 and got this: Meanwhile, I’ve removed the weird fairing on the Spitfire, started on boxing in the wheel wells and reinforced the plastic where I’m going to file in the gull wing:
  9. Roll up, roll up, have I got the GB for you! A once in a lifetime opportunity to build something you aren’t happy with at all, and have fun and frolics with your fellow forumeers, all in the same boat. Coming to a forum near you in April 2023… Not My Comfort Zone GB I might even have to break out my worst kit (Merlin Hawker Hind) to keep you company! Regards, Adrian
  10. This will be the SEAC option, wheels down. It’s actually the first one that will be chasing! The reason the V1 vignette isn’t done is that the FROG V1 represents a prototype, not the production one. I’m torn between correcting it or not. Now that I have two V1s I will just build one OOB to get it finished and do the right thing with a stand and a hair dryer, and then I can upgrade the other to the correct production one “later” (eg after I finish my Fairey Long Range and Empire builds…).
  11. Time to pick up on the second of these. This one is a Novo boxing, with all the bits still on the frames:
  12. Smashing result and a great scheme. Regards, Adrian
  13. The civil one, which doesn’t show yellow wings. Regards, Adrian
  14. Definitely. Shame people are looking elsewhere! Regards, Adrian
  15. I’ve chewed over the colour scheme for this a bit too. There’s the Matchbox scheme, for which I’ve never seen much photographic evidence; the yellow wings scheme, which seems to have some traction because it’s a distinctive feature; and from some photos I get the idea that there must be an overall RLM02 or RLM63 scheme for prototypes? Dunno, which is (partly) why my kit is still sitting in the stash… Regards, Adrian
  16. My lighter neutral grey was 5 drops of NG + 2 drops of Hu64. When I mixed them all up I added a drop of water and whooshed them into a blob next to the rim of the palette so that it wasn't just a thin layer of paint. Then each time I dipped the tip of my flat brush into the blob and brushed it out a couple of times on the flat of the palette to keep the paint sparse. And basically worked quickly with a light touch. I think I refreshed the brush with a teeny dip in the water twice during the whole process. Harder to explain than do! Regards, Adrian
  17. So do I I haven’t seen any photos of that airframe, but Lightnings did seem to get pretty heavily worn. Regards, Adrian
  18. I wonder how much you will see of them down in the depths. I stuck some bits of card inside my 1/72 Airfix radiators and I simply can’t see a thing (but no daylight either!). Don’t be lured over to the Dark Side… I’ve got a condition going on and the physio has really helped, and also proactively prodded other teams to move things along a bit. So I’d be . Good luck! Looks like a nice project to pick up again when you have recovered. Regards, Adrian
  19. Getting there! The 1973 tooling feels almost Tamiyaesque in comparison. Mind you, it looks like a Lightning. The outer boom halves look a different colour plastic. Is that a trick of the light or did you prime them? Regards, Adrian
  20. 🫣 Not heard of that one before. I trim with a new blade myself, but if it works for you, it works! It’s looking very sharp with the decals on. Regards, Adrian
  21. I don’t know if it shows well on a photo, but I dry-brushed a slightly lighter shade of grey over the neutral grey and I’m quite pleased with it IRL:
  22. Thanks Dave! A most comprehensive answer. I am now a bit older and a bit wiser*. Regards, Adrian * or possibly just a bit more knowledgeable…
  23. Looking very nice so far. And I hope you enjoyed your movie. I wonder why only a few Spitfires had the bulged (bigger oil tank?) lower cowling - if it made a positive difference to performance or operation I would have expected the feature to get rolled into general production. Regards, Adrian
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