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  1. Dmitry... you really need to ditch the psychiatrist. There isn't anything wrong with you if you can turn out this level of modelling; smart idea, clean build and superb paintwork on that wonderful colour scheme. Very well done... Regards, Paul
  2. Tony... I've just seen this thread, and the wonderful photos of how your collection used to look in the basement before the flood... what a fantastic collection that was, easily several hundred kits in view! I know you said some of them were old, but they all looked excellent. It was like a model shop you would have found on any High Street when I was a youngster, a veritable Aladdin's Cave. I cannot imagine how distraught you must've been when you saw the damage. I'm really pleased, though, that you've got new shelving in place, and none of us modellers need an excuse to fill shelves with
  3. Smart work, Gary... I like the MG on the frame above the wing. And you're right, it is a joy to build. This was my first WnW kit a few years back and a good choice to start with. Well done on your handiwork; very nice. Regards, Paul
  4. For such a small scale, that's a very well finished model... I struggle with hand-painting 1/72 Do17 canopies, so I can only imagine how much more difficult doing that in 1/144 scale is! A smart finish indeed... well done. Regards, Paul
  5. I can only agree with the other contributors here... a leisurely stroll down memory lane indeed. I grew up in a small town on the west coast of Scotland and in the late 60s, I remember walking past the newsagents almost daily heading to and from school, and eyeing this kit up as it sat displayed in the shop window. I always liked the box art, and for many a long year, it was the only '200' available but in amongst a plethora of 109s and 190s, it was certainly a breath of fresh air. You've done an excellent job with this offering, and the colour scheme is spot on... well done.
  6. Smart work, and a well-executed colour scheme... well done. Regards, Paul
  7. Great work, Fuad... this is a nice kit to build, and you have done it justice. Well done... ;-). Regards, Paul
  8. Hah... that's half the size of my 1/72 scale kit, and streets better at that! Very nicely executed, and an unusual subject in any scale... :-). I must try and get mine refurbished sometime, and this is great motivation for that task. Well done. Regards, Paul
  9. Lovely work, Fuad, and a spectacular colour scheme as well. Very well done. Regards, Paul
  10. Lovely work... I also like the photo with the kit alongside the Spitfire and Defiant... they both look great, but for me, especially the Defiant. Well done... ;-), Regards, Paul
  11. Four days well spent... very nice work. Well done. Regards, Paul
  12. Hi, Dimitris... my compliments to you on a lovely model. Your paintwork and weathering are very good indeed, as is the overall look of the diorama. I appreciate we all have trouble with decals that 'silver' after application. With the likes of swastikas and certain letters/numbers, this can be tricky to resolve because of their shape, but with white or black outline crosses, I usually apply them, let them settle for about a minute, then with a sharp blade which curves upwards to the tip, I start at one side of the decal, and start cutting the film using the back of the blade, dra
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