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  1. Actually I've started another 2 projects together with this AMX (Kinetic F-16I SUFA and Mig 21 Academy vs Eduard Showdown) but at SUFA painting stage (SUFA ) I'm only moving foward with the IAF bird.
  2. Updates: Black basing: Paint job started: Youtube video build part 2
  3. I've moved to 4 different cities since I've started this project.
  4. The canopy is thin like a paper so I've add some plastic stripes to help gluing it: First time with white metal landing gear: YOUTUBE VIDEO BUILD
  5. Build summary and latest updates (Youtube video)
  6. Some upgrades by Royale Resin... really nice!!!
  7. After a long winter... here I am... Academy kit upgrades: Eduard kit upgrades: Differences bettewen drop tanks (Academy is the lighter one):
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