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  1. i hope its just my awful photography skills. i didnt rush it.
  2. Hi Again, This is the second of the MTB's that i have made and really enjoyed putting together. I also put some lights into the interior to light the deck lights. i tried to copy the depiction on the box so the lights are very low. you can see this in one of the pics that i have posted. please comment if you would like to. Thanks Si
  3. Hello Everyone, Havent posted on the forum for a while. I havent been idle and have been making the italeri series of MTB's. I cant wait to make them all. I hope you enjoy the model and please comment if you would like to. Thanks Si
  4. im just beginning to make this model. that is amazing i hope my one comes out half as good. so so so very nice.
  5. yeah i know. made it awhile ago. mr surfacer was a thing i had never heard of. but as i said im learning all the time. i like the colour. lol
  6. Another monster Airfix kit that ive made over the last year. House is getting full up. But i love making the big models. Hope you like it. A few things wrong but always learning. Thanks for viewing.
  7. Hi All, Made this a year or so ago. Learnt so much since then and being on this site is teaching me loads. i hope i can aspire to some of the builds that i have seen in the last few days. they are amazing. Hope you like this one. comments and criticisms welcome. Cheers Simon
  8. Hi All, Made this mustang as a stop gap between some other models and i thought i would change the paint work a little. i apologise to any mustang purist, i thought it would look nice. Its an old model and had a bit of bother with the decals. anyway i hope you like it a little. cheers Simon
  9. i have that one in my stash and im a bit scared of it. so many many bits, zimmerit omg...soon i keep telling myself. lol cheers si
  10. Hi All, First attempt at a big tank. Quite daunting but fun to make and a steep learning curve. hoppe its ok. comments and crits very welcome
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