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  1. goggsy

    Humbrol Mattcote

    I’ve heard tell that the Humbrol Matt in tinlets used to go yellow on the model after a while, don’t know if that’s still a thing? Whatever the truth I always found it good for creating very matt finish as long as it was mixed properly, preferably with some kind of electric stirrer like a dremel or milk frother. On the other hand I’ve always found the old chestnut about mixing Tamiya flat with Klear for a matt finish to be a highway to hell. No doubt someone will be along in a minute to tell me I’m wrong and it’s all my problem but whatever, it’s awful stuff in my opinion and there’s much better alternatives these days. If you’re airbrushing I’d say you can’t go far wrong with Galeria Matt as long as it’s properly mixed.
  2. Cracking job on the pit and equipment bay. You’ve done a great job with those instrument decals as well. I’m never a big fan of them but you’ve got them to sit perfectly. Good save with the nose light as well, looks perfect.
  3. That’s brilliant, thanks for putting it together. I’ve always found the IPMS Stockholm guides a bit dodgy for RAF aircraft so it’s great to have a more accurate alternative.
  4. Jesus, what a nightmare thing to happen. Good save though and a really great finish in the end. Great work.
  5. Does it have a slightly rough texture like sandpaper? If so then it may be that the varnish dried in the air on its way to the plane. That can happen while airbrushing unfortunately, especially in awkward corners and the dried tiny pellets of varnish bond with tacky varnish on the plane and can look opaque. If it’s smooth and opaque then it may be the varnish reacting with something on the surface, maybe a decal setting solution or even dampness as someone has suggested. If it’s inconspicuous and doesn’t bother you I’d leave it, but if you’re moved to fix it then try some fine/very fine abrasive like micro mesh to cut the varnish back a bit and restore smoothness. I’d practice on something you’re not bothered about first though.
  6. Spot on that, great job. How did you find the join between the wing sub assembly and the fuselage aft of the nosewheel bay? I’m on with mine and it’s a devil of a job. There’s a whacking gap and a step that would equate to about six inches on a full sized aircraft.
  7. Fantastic work as ever, you’ve really nailed down that burned effect.
  8. Nice neat job that, good work. Shame about the tail decals but that does have a way of happening. I’d always avoid putting tape anywhere near decals, they rarely have enough adhesion to stay attached when you pull it away even if there’s plenty of varnish on top.
  9. goggsy

    Phantom query

    Something that happened in my area with depressing frequency unfortunately. I even heard it happen once and a classmate found the remains of one pilot, what was left of him. Not being political but the day it happened even a twelve year old could see there were too many aircraft in too little sky.
  10. goggsy

    Phantom query

    Fair point about the low level interception training. I suppose I’m that used to seeing footage of them intercepting Bears over the North Sea that I forgot about the need for low level interception that would have been more likely in a hot war.
  11. goggsy

    Phantom query

    The little buggers! Good fun to watch though, I bet they’d never get away with it these days. You’re lucky to see the occasional Hawk over the lakes now. edit: You’d think someone would have noticed really. It’s not like the Phantom was all that discrete as an aircraft.
  12. goggsy

    Phantom query

    I knew they were originally but thought they’d been re tasked y the 80s?
  13. goggsy

    Phantom query

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but it popped into my head randomly today and I’m wondering if any Phantom experts could put this one to bed for me. i grew up in the English Lake District and please believe me when I say that every day was a free air show. For someone with an interest in planes I doubt there could have been a better place to be at the time. Throughout the 1980s I frequently saw RAF Phantoms overhead, and apart from Tornados, Jags, Harriers and F111s they were one of the most common types to be seen. Thinking about it, I can’t understand why; by that point in history surely they were interceptors? What possible advantage could there be in training interceptor pilots to fly at low level in mountainous terrain? In case anyone thinks I’m mixing them up with someone else’s F4s, trust me I’m not. I saw a few of the other sort as well from NATO members but these were definitely RAF. By contrast I can only say for definite that I saw a Lightning come over one time at low level and that was actually after they left service. When I was sitting one of my GCSEs in 1989 one came barrelling over making a ton of noise; I think British Aerospace at Wharton were still operating a couple at that time as chase planes or something. Any thoughts appreciated - I know nothing about the role specific training that RAF Phantom crews undertook so I realise there may be a good reason for what I saw but it seems counter intuitive when I think about.
  14. goggsy

    Feel like a nitwit

    Thanks Parabat, that’s good advice. I think I’ll do just what you suggest - I’ve got a lot of clutter and garbage hanging around and getting rid of it would definitely give me some headspace.
  15. goggsy

    Feel like a nitwit

    Ok, so I’m prepared to get a bit flamed for this but maybe some members have been there themselves..... I’ve been steadily working away on the old 1/48 Tamiya A10 for a few months now, on and off. A fair bit of work went into it, full rescribe, dealing with some fit issues, Europe 1 camo, etc. I got the three tones of camo on and was fairly happy with it, then something fell on it and snapped the engines off. OK, it happens; I patiently reattached them and patiently redid the filling needed to fair these poorly fitting parts in. Several nights work later I was happy with the result and moved onto the gloss coating. Having given a wet coat of Tamiya Clear over the Tamiya paint, imagine my dismay when I came back in the morning to find a horrendous bloom over the entire plane. OK, it happens, even when you’re not sure why; I patiently gave it Mr Muscle bath and took it back to the primer ready to re do. I always take the view that if you have to do this sort of thing then you might as well fix the bits that you weren’t entirely happy with first time around so I re did a few bits of scribing and really nailed down the preshading this time, which looked epic if I say so myself. Cue a respray of primer, 48 hours wait and a cut back for a smooth surface and then a fresh coat of deep green done with extra care for a top result. After the experience with the Tamiya Clear (bad batch maybe?) I defaulted to good old Klear for a protective coat. At this point my high end airbrush, that is attached to a high end tank compressor, chose to spit a massive amount of water all over the wet Klear. In the ten years I’ve had it, the brush has never done this before. At this point something snapped in me and I absolutely lost control. I’m usually quite laid back about my modelling but I literally got the red mist and within 15 seconds there were pieces of broken plastic scattered all over the workshop, none of it more than a couple of inches in diameter. Fortunately that was as far as it went - nothing else got broken. I’m not really sure why I’m even posting this other than to get it off my chest but my will to model is just about as broken as what used to be my A10 at the moment. I’d picked up the A10 as something straightforward to work on as I’ve an old Monogram C47 that I’d been foiling (using kitchen foil) and had got to saturation point with it - that’s sitting under my desk waiting to be picked up again when I’m less cheesed off with the whole thing. I’m wary of starting something new now because I haven’t been able to finish the last two models and have tantrumed the hell out of one of them. I don’t do “shelf of doom” - if I start something, I finish it (usually), and I don’t want to be one of those modellers who never actually models. What do members think, walk away for a bit?
  16. Phenomenal. Indeed, we have seen the promised land.
  17. Well, there’s something you don’t see every day. Superb job, well done.
  18. Great job, if you put these up on an ordinary aviation forum without declaring them as models I bet a lot of people wouldn’t realise what they are.
  19. It used to have some great bargains - at one time you could pick up various iterations of the 1\48 Canberra at a fiver a pop. Sadly it’s gone now but in the swan song I got the 1/24 Typhoon for 70 notes. Most I’ve ever spent on a kit but I doubted I’d ever see it at that price again.
  20. Great work, hope it goes well. Just to rub it in, I picked mine up for 20 quid at a Hornby concession near me
  21. I have to say, you are one of the members who I always check out when they make a post because of the quality of the work and this is no exception. Excellent stuff as always.
  22. Takes me back to my childhood that does, every day was a free air show. Spot on mate.
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