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  1. Hi, I've found an old profile describing 27 as painted with white over a wood aerolak background. The name of color looks inspired by EP. If the profile is old and the photo has not yet emerged, it looks a bad omen.
  2. The photo has a lot of cyan-green on it. For what I remember of the photos of both Soviet and East Germany photos of that time, there was a four shades camouflage with sand (or tan), light green, very dark brown, very dark green that was common at that age on many MiGs and Sukhois.
  3. Thank you. Is there some match for Tamiya or Federal Standard?
  4. Hi all, the instructions sheet of the kit of Meng gives a three-shade camouflage for a Rolls Royce still in use in 1942. The colors should be: sand MC-013/N27 green MC-235/n78 dark green MC-411/N63. I've looked for images of these colors on the web, but with unsatisfying results, particularly for the second color that is represented as a light grey-green on the boxart, a grass green on the sheet and seems a dark grey-green on the chips seen on the web. Any help will be welcome.
  5. I've built one years ago, it is fairly good, but I had to work on the front of the turret that is missing of a slot, besides all the bolts of the front have to be cut away and remade using those printed on one sprue. The tracks were too long, I had to shorten them but the joint was hidden by the skirts. Besides I had to close some gaps inside the lot of the gun and a small recess inside the rear plate of the rear bustle. Paint (humbrol, if I remember well) peel off the tracks when they are deformed to be mounted on. The suggested paint is Mr Color 303, so a relatively light green; this can be when the vehicle is faded, new paint instead should be a bit darker and a bit more olive, more or less as Humbrol 86. The uparmoured version was seen, for what I know, in Iraq only. If one wants to omit the additional armour, he has to rebuilt part of the shirts. An earlier kit without th additional armour is availble, but it has a prototype style gun barrel that should be replaced.
  6. I see, it should have some fairings at the base of the lower wing that are not on the drawing. Do you see other things to correct?
  7. Maybe there is something useful here: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/r-5/tapani/profiles.htm Planes red 2 and red 3 are armed and could give some input.
  8. They weren't on the site, I had them in my hard disk. I was working on a remake of the MiG-3 page, but it is going slowly now also because of the depressing news.
  9. I don't know, i would use the normal green for outside.
  10. Hi Andrew and John, here are some photos from Russian sites: My impression is of green paint, with black cap. The most part of the struts shows the colors of aluminum and rusty steel, but it's likely that they were painted.
  11. Could the rear part be dirty for jet stains?
  12. My impression from the photo is that it was painted with AII aluminum. The dark areas seem reflections of shadows.
  13. Hi, excellent work so far. Have you created the flaps division line? It is missing on the Hobbyboss offering. Also, the shape of the spinner could be revised, it should be more conical on its front half on all types of MiG. I suggest tp forget drawings and take photos as reference. Regards Massimo
  14. I suggest to look to photos of real planes with the livery and age of the model that we are representing. To paint a model taking another model as reference is not a good idea. Besides one has to distinguish the lines of the openable panels, as the engine cowling or maintenance hatches, from those of riveted panels that were fixed.
  15. If I remember well, the size of the T-62 of Tamiya is excessive, so it could be that some more links are required.
  16. My impression about the wingtips is that the lower face is bent upwards, this would justify that the far wingtip looks cutten in perspective.
  17. I wonder if the possibility of refitting a gunner's position was previded before building. Or maybe it was preserved from the twoseater prototype.
  18. Interesting. The rear opening is curved in the same way.
  19. Serial what? Il-2s built before the war had transparent rear canopy and one piece armorglass behind the pilot, later ones had metallic one and armour with two windows behind the pilot. I don't know the exact day when they changed.
  20. Very interesting. It should be a plane built in the first half of 1941. But the rounded vane behind it is from the factory or made for a conversion to twoseater? Regards Massimo
  21. Probably. But it could explain the paper or fabric sheet taped on the side as a censure for photographic purposes. An alternative explanation for what seems the head of a blonde woman could be a Guards mark, that should have a similar look and seems more likely.
  22. Thank you all. Now I've collected some books to deepen the differences between the variants. I will credit Alex Ruchkovsky for having shared his researches on the Soviet conversions of A-20G to add a navigator cabin. Regards Massimo
  23. I think that now we have a sufficient consensus on the unreliability of the profile of Hobbyvista.
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