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    1/72 aircraft from 1938-1940 Europe
  1. This is my first post at this forum and I've joined the discussion late, but I wanted to point out that 2 other pilots listed above were Canadians, also. S/L Archibald John Guthrie was from Reston, Manitoba and learned to fly at the Winnipeg Flying Club. F/O John Tom Irvin Challes was from St Catharines, Ontario. Gary's pilot, F/O William John Macrae, was from Regina. [Ref: Canadians in the Royal Air Force, by Les Allison.] In addition, W/C John Francis Griffiths, who went along on the 14 Dec 1939 recce by 99 Sqn Wellingtons against Heligoland and Terschelling Islands, also was a Canadian
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