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  1. Wasn't there a helicopter around here once? Asking for a friend, you understand. 😄 (P.S. nice design/print work Tony)
  2. Or maybe a gallery for customers (not the designers) to show off their work?
  3. Thanks very much for the comments Mark. I really appreciate them. You're right though... packing those parts takes up a decent amount of time. I've seen some taking up to an hour, but much better than having to print, package, and send a replacement package.
  4. Lynx is looking top notch there Bill And the printed parts look excellent - can't wait to see you begin work on that.
  5. ooooh very nice, Chris The sheepskin looks fine - those covers always looked really tatty and dirty
  6. Chris if they were anything like the UK versions, the emergency pack - the big curvy part of the seat base - that was yellow, with a sheepskin bum comforter laid on top. That might be completely useless information for you, I'm not sure.
  7. Nice update and nice progress, Steve. "Ovals"? You've got a better memory than me. She does look nice with some clothes on now, even if it's only her underwear
  8. FYI there's only a few days left on Elegoo's Easter sale. I just picked up a Saturn with 25% off.
  9. Fantastic job Adrian. There's some really nice detailing going on in there.
  10. nice update Ian, and some fine detective work to boot! (see wot I did there?) okay, okay, coat time. I get it
  11. Wow! Impressive work sir. A working tail fold hinge in 1/48 is no mean feat. I doff my cap to you
  12. What is your reasoning for reducing the bottom layers exposure time?
  13. Did I say "interesting"? I meant to say scary! I think the worst is over... right?
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