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  1. Thank you! Just noticed the wavy upper/lower camouflage demarcation line. Is this correct, too, for the period?
  2. Love those LIFE color photos! I always wondered if plane #5 had damage on starboard horizontal tail or if that is an artifact of the film?
  3. Very sad to hear this. Fabrizio produced some really nice kits and conversions. I had emailed him not too long ago but did not hear back. Very nice fellow. He will be missed. RIP. Donald Anderson
  4. Thank you all for the responses. I searched through Spitfire production link JackG posted and found an intersting entry for NN284 at http://www.airhistory.org.uk/spitfire/p082.html Not sure of the provenance of these comments on the production page but it would appear that S/L F Hockley was in 143/S on Aug 5, 1945. Of course this doesn't mean he was in 143/S ten days later. Probably never know I presume. Thanks again, Donald Anderson
  5. I am trying to determine the serial number and possibly plane code of a 894 Squadron Seafire piloted by Sub-Lt Fred Hockley lost near Tokyo Bay Aug 15, 1945. I have Morgan & Shacklady's big book of Spitfires but am at a loss finding this particular aircraft. Any other resources on-line or in print that might possibly help? Many thanks, Donald Anderson
  6. I've been monitoring this topic for awhile as I'm interested in this theater of WWII. I thought getting a copy would be a long shot till it got picked up by Amazon or some online hobby shop. But De Bataafscheleeuw Book Shop website seemed to have a mechanism for getting a copy. I ordered the book Feb 20 via email and received it here in USA yesterday along with an invoice which kind of surprised me as I thought there would be a long wait. I used the Paypal email address above to pay the 46 Euros (which apparently doesn't get through to vendor for another week) . Hope they get it ok. Really enjoying the book so far. Very detailed look at all the aircraft employed by NEI leading up to WWII and into it. Discussion seems centered on aircraft by serial number much like Chris Shores does in his histories but includes textual information on camouflage and outfitting along with unit and operational history. My thanks to Peter Boer for his efforts. Hope he continues on with the naval aviation side next! Regards, Donald Anderson
  7. I don't have the title you mentioned (it's been in my Amazon basket for ages) but if it helps any I do have the book The Whitley Boys 4 Group Bomber Operations 1939-40 by G L Donnelly. The only mention there of N1490 is a brief entry in the Losses and Casualties section p. 235. "9/10.9.40 78 Sqn N1490 Crashed landing at Linton-on-Ouse on operations. Plt Off C. S. Robson and crew safe." No reference to the plane code. You may already know this but I looked N1490 up in the Royal Air Force Aircraft L1000-N9999 book for its fate and it says N1490 ran short of fuel at night in bad weather; crashlanded, New Milnes, Ayrshire, 12.2.41; DBF So I guess N1490 was repaired after its 9/1940 incident. If I see the 4 Group Bomber Command book in near future I'll post what I find here. Regards, Donald
  8. Very interesting topic! Nick's mention of the 11AF Waskowitz' B-17E 'The Blue Goose' (41-2616) got me very curious as I had never heard of a blue USAAC B-17 before. Reading Air Force Colors v3 more closely and sure enough. Also found mention of it in Fortress Against the Sun by Gene Salecker and B-17 Flying Fortress Units of the Pacific War by Martin Bowman. Salecker states the Light Glossy Blue Duco paint as being applied to 41-2616 at the Hawaiian Air Depot "perhaps as a test for a new camouflage scheme". Salecker also mentions another light blue B-17E (41-9234) of the 28BS 5AF in a Sept 11, 1942 mission against two IJN destroyers of the Trobriand Islands. Not sure of anything else about that one, yet. Are DuCo paints the primary aircraft paint acquired by the Hawaiian Air Depot or USAAC? I found this link to a 1941 Studebaker paint chip listing and it mentions various DuCo tints in the Panama Light Blue. Would these DuCo tints or pre-mixed colors be available in 1941/42 SWPA air depots? http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/chipdisplay.cgi?year=1941&manuf=Studebaker&info=yes&page=2 Thanks for sharing this info! Donald p.s. - The Blue Goose's fate apparently comes in two different versions - shot down by warship AA (Salecker & pacificwrecks.com) or downed in a collision with a A6M (if I read Bowman's Osprey passage correctly).
  9. I read about a 14AF B-24 top turret gunner Arthur Benko who reportedly shot down 16 Japanese aircraft. There's a beautiful color photo of he and his crew alongside their B-24D The Goon. Up top you can see the kill marks near the turret. I found a copy here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/18532986@N07/6063682216/ This link has some more about him - http://airforce.togetherweserved.com/usaf/...on&ID=97387
  10. To add to the above interesting posts that Chris Shores Fledgling Eagles(p.148) lists the Dec 18, 1939 9Sq Wellingtons as: N2872 WS- Guthrie N2939 WS-H Challes N2941 WS- Allison N2940 WS- Lines N2983 WS- Hewitt N2971 WS- Macrae N2873 WS-C Petts N2964 WS-D Grant N2981 WS-F Purdy Not sure which source is correct but Shores has N2871 as LF-E of 37Sq F/O Lemon.
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