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  1. There is plenty of room for weight against the bulkhead behind the cockpit LR, it is still ahead of the main wheels and will keep the model off it's tail. David.
  2. Jason, can I just suggest changing the pilot for a modern jet jockey figure as the BBMF pilots wear modern flying suits and bone domes in black. David.
  3. The two P-51 D airframes- one in black primer and the other in black with the wings and tailplanes in silver. David.
  4. 'spare parts' has been sprayed overall in matt black and the areas of the wing that were painted silver on the full-size have also been done so on the model, the next stage will be to paint the various panels to represent a natural metal finish, in this case a bright, clean almost (and possibly even) polished finish. David.
  5. The airframe for 'Spare Parts' complete and ready for primer, all three wings have now been assembled, the flaps for this model were removed and refitted in the down position using plastic strip to form the missing leading edge, the elevators have also been separated and new mass balances have been fitted using plastic card and refitted in the normal down position. David.
  6. Hi Rick, Yes, I have got scale drawings of K5054 with full panel line details. pm your email addy and I'll send a scan to you. David
  7. Could be interesting to me as this includes Korea which used a lot of ex.WW2 kit. David.
  8. Looking good Don, after looking at the pictures of different examples of these 'hack' conversions such as the one you chose I think I may have found another occasional theme to build to. David.
  9. All three fuselages ready to be cleaned up although as both Airfix and Revell kits are of very good quality and are almost the same style this is a simple matter. David.
  10. lancfan

    New Airfix Mustang

    I am building two of these in the USAAF GB and have seen them for the first time has anyone spotted this fault- The picture below shows at the top a Revell P-51B tailplane showing the mass balance near the tip as it should be, the tailplane below that is the new airfix P-51D and it is only half done, the tool isn't even finished. true this is an easily corrected fault but one that has to be corrected everytime you wish to build this kit and is not a minor issue the elevator mass balance is a primary part of the airframe and is present on all drawings of the Mustang and has been correctly represented on every Mustang kit I have ever built (even Starfix) so just how did they miss this? David.
  11. All three Mustang cockpits finished. The cockpit for 'spare Parts' is in the foreground with the two fighters behind. David.
  12. That's right the fuselage was unmodified unlike the official conversions which had the upper fuselage cut back for the second cockpit. David.
  13. Detail painting is ongoing and more pictures will follow later today but I have to share this as I don't think it has been spotted yet- I have checked out the parts on the new tool Airfix Mustang as I have been working on the models and I was forced to almost do a double take, the elevator mass balances are only partly engraved and in effect the tool is not finished. Has anyone else seen this, have Airfix? I have emailed them of this. Both tailplanes together with the Revell at the top. Image Lost David.
  14. How about a 1/72 scale tandem cockpit to make a similar aircraft at half the size? David.
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