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  1. Nice build, especially painting/weathering is a beauty !
  2. Nick was rather satisfied with Japanese colors in Real Color range. UK/USAAF colors he cannot comment.
  3. Thank you both I am aware of Resicast, machinery truck is already in a closet, and GS body is on waiting list.
  4. Hi gang, I have seen somewhere a photo of W.O.T.6 truck with GS body, serving with NZ units in Italy with load of Bailey Bridge parts... But cannot recall where. Can anyone help please ? Thanks. Tom
  5. Yep, uncertain a bit. However Colourcoats does not ship outside UK... Did it some hours ago
  6. I know that Mike was far from being excited, but Nick and Jurgen might be more satisfied that him with final product.
  7. Hi gang, I have tried AK Real colors and I am satisfied with their easy airbrushing. But as usually, are colors rather correct ? Or out of any range ? I believe that RAF/FAA/USAF and Japanese are okay, since Nick Millmann was involved, I guess that also RLM shades are okay due to Jurgen Kiroff. But what about others ? Russian, modern an other nations ? If not, are there any generally acceptable paints in general for particular nations ? Thanks for your inputs...
  8. Very nice paint job and thank you for the welding tip.
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