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  1. Hello, Here are some render image of my numeric model of the Laird Solution. This model and the render was made with Fusion 360. I am working on create and 1/48th model kit. Best regards.
  2. Hello, Awesome job on this pretty plane. Best regards from France.
  3. Thank you. Sirs. @noelh: It's not my invention, it's the designation you find on the Bregun Box. But this bomb had really existed, even if there not a lot of information on it. Edit: Oups! The designation is OKB Chelomey 16Kha "Priboy". @Buzvy; Yes it's a russan derivative of the Fieleser F-103 V1. Best regards from France, and sorry for my mistake english.
  4. Hello, Here is my last Build: a Chemoley Kha-16 Priboy. This is the 1/48 Bregun kit. Best regards.
  5. Bonsoir, As we say here:"Ca prend forme!" Cordialement
  6. Hello, I decide to post this build because I'm at the beginning of the painting job. It is a build that i began far long ago and has been stored for some long periods in its box. I decided to start from the Bf 109 E-3 Tamiya which I had already built a copy to build a Bf 109 E-1, because when I started this project Bf 109 E-1 Eduard were not released. I started modifying the wing in 2012 and I really started to build the bird in 2014. That's why in the rest of this post the pictures of the montages are different according to the period. That said, I had already built a
  7. Hello, For a first "adult build" the result is very far from bad. the first build i made in 2006 was not as good than yours, and choosen a easier subject.. Your are also a marketing Genius because when i have read the list of "thing going wrong" i was very afraid to see the photo. i will keep a look on that build. Best regards from France.
  8. Hello, It's a very build on an unusual suject and you maid a very fine job on it. However, i think that your editing would win a lot, if you replaced the sliding part of the canopy with a thermoformed copy. Best regards from France.
  9. What work! I am the happy owner of two Sanger kits and i am very scarry of them! I am admiring the result of the work on the appearance of surfaces. Best regards.
  10. Hello, Thank for your explanation, i have andestand witch kind of material you use and i have near my home a art store were i kind find it (for few Euros in my country). This will help me with one of my project who is in stand by because i did'nt know how to fix the floats of my seaplane (a short crusader). It was very difficult because on my plane there is no horizontal structure beetween the floats. The way you build your mast will help me too. Thank a lot.
  11. Waouh! Great job! as we say in France: "C'est de la maquette d'homme!". A question with witch materiel did you build the jig? Best regards. Jean.
  12. It was the "normal" broom handle for an early BF109. i was taking about the diiférence between B variant and E variant. A lot of modeller have treated this subject as a Emil variant. good night.
  13. Hello, It's a good program (i have the same in 1/48). It's effectively a B airframe the modification are: - Move oxygeme and fuel traps on fuselage. -there is no place for wing armament, so you have no renfort on flaps and long beak leading edge. - smalls différence in the cockpit, the most visible is the "manche à balais" who look like the spitfire one. - you have also a small scissor on the rear Wheel. Greating from France.
  14. Hello, You made a great job and you push me to comming back to my V-173. Best regards.
  15. Hello, First, excuse me for my mistake english, i am writing from France. I want to build the Cpt Arthur Roy Brown’s plane. Brown who is a possible candidate to have involved in the Manfred Von Richtofen’s death. Here are the photograph of the men and the plane (find on the net) : « Rentrons dans le vif du sujet » !, Here is the work i made on the two alf parts of fuselage: I completed the structure behind the seats with squarred plastic profiles. I used aluminium alclad painds for the metallics parts, the fabrics parts are paint in Gunze H85 and the wood par
  16. Hello, First, thank's a lot for your comments and for supporting my very googlous english . The cockpit amenagement is nearing its end. Having published a few days ago this post on various foreign forums , a user of ARC Forum send to me a URL of a photoscope taken before the restoration of the aircraft. I found some very interesting and photographs and particulary a picture of the layout engine. It was too tempting! So I cut the right engine cover . Of course a nasty surprise waiting for me The two side walls exceeds the opening about 2 minimeters : I will cheat a little by sticking a piec
  17. Here it is built: About this horizontal tube structure actually contained battery lamps which acted as the batteries on this plane! The handle system, it is still incomplete, still missing four starters tubes plate under the handle to the seat and legs to support the mechanism.: Here it is complete: I finished the seat belts and they are too short on the top, they should be extended: Then I'm interested in the front top of the cockpit: At the begining: The cabling descend into the lower portion (a great moment in perspective for closing the fuselage ...): A big gap in the
  18. Hello, I decided to build the "flying pancake" from special hobby (the plane have just being restored, so there are many interesting pictures on the net) The model itself left me a bit disapointed, even if it is a "short run" one. Parts present a kind of graininess (which may be specific to my copy) then i will have a lot of sanding work (the bottom of the plane is aluminum dope). There are many unused parts leaving presaged the future release of a high tech version . There are some resin parts for the train which I can not understand the usefulness, given the form they could be molded in
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