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  1. Good to see you back Don. Like the idea of a Fantasy Aircraft Museum, I wait with interest to see what other exhibits might be in there. What criteria would you use for inclusion? Look forward to following your build.
  2. That's a great result. Terrific looking paint job.
  3. My nearest and dearest bought me this kit for Christmas. Hope I can get mine to look as good. I won't be entering it for any competitions, just looking for some modelling fun so inaccuracies aren't an issue for me. Well done Ted.
  4. Stick the wings and tail on it then sell it to the Tate Modern. You should get a fortune looking at some of the work in there.
  5. Always liked the SLUF and this is a great looking example. Well done.
  6. Caught up with this thread in WIP a couple of weeks ago. Looks great. Congratulations on finally finishing it.
  7. Outstanding work Mark. The undercarriage legs look great especially with the placards on. Well done.
  8. Looks good Mish. Nice to see Garfield putting some hard graft in too.
  9. Wow that went together really quickly and a great result.
  10. Sorry to hear that Don. I joined the party quite late but have thoroughly enjoyed watching and reading about your progress, as well as picking up some useful tips. What now, more bonfire night exploits? Look forward to seeing your next model soon.
  11. You might try the following website for guidance on types of seat used http://www.seatejectcolor.com/seat/index.html
  12. Looking good John. Great colour scheme, like the CAG birds a lot. Can't wait to see the finished result. May even be tempted to drag out my F-14.
  13. Just caught up with this. Great fun and great work Si.
  14. I bought a Merit version of the Avro 504 several years ago but the kit was in such original condition when it arrived (still had the little tube of glue inside) that I decided not to put it together in the end, shame I know. Looking forward to watching your build of the Airfix kit.
  15. Glad to see you're back on form Don. The 'Big Yellow Taxi' is on it's way.
  16. Well Said Don. Because I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis I accept I will never achieve the standard of some builders on here or in magazines, but I enjoy looking at other modellers work. My models aren't perfect but I know that they are done to the best of my abilities and as long as I can pick up tips on sites like this or from magazines that I can try on my next build if appropriate then I am more than satisfied. So continue to tell your story the way that YOU want to tell it and I will take pleasure from watching it unfold. Like the idea of the pilots having a chat on the wing, but I think that the headclamp is a bit too much. Enjoy
  17. Great looking diorama. Spit looks brilliant
  18. Falcon That's not a stash, that's a model shop. Have you got shares in plastics?
  19. Cheers Don, found an article on Swannysmodels. I will study the technique then have a trial run (well several trial runs) on plasticard before using on the model.
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