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Status Updates posted by nimrod54

  1. Went across to Wrightington Hospital this morning, the knee replacements still look good - despite my attempts to wreck them on a couple of occasions. That's 27 years now, not bad when the original prognosis was 15 years. :)

  2. The knee replacements have been given the all clear for another 2 years. That's 25 years and counting now.

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    2. nimrod54


      Think they only come in sets of ten.

    3. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      I think it's "Buy five get five free" at the moment.

    4. SleeperService


      Well Done nimrod! A friend got 22 years out of one and thought he'd done well.

  3. Sat up nursing a poorly dog.

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    2. John.R


      Hope that she'll be back to full health soon for you!

    3. Darby


      It's not nice knowing your modelling companion is ill and they can't tell you what's wrong. Hopefully all's well in the end

    4. nimrod54


      Cheers Darby, I'm happy to report that she is a lot better tonight. She has had her tea and has kept it down so far.

  4. Got tickets for Phoenix Nights. Roll on February and Brian Potter.

  5. Off to Old Trafford for the Roses match later. Now where is that umbrella?

    1. HOUSTON


      Which Rose won?

    2. nimrod54


      The wrong one (white)

  6. Thirty-Two years of wedded bliss tomorrow, I wouldn't have got that for murder. Oh, hello my little snapdragon I didn't see you there. OUCH.

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    2. FalkeEins


      ..forgot my 27th anniversary last week..she was very calm about it all..yet another 'weapon' to add to her armoury

    3. Brad


      A guy I once knew married his 3rd wife on December 7th so he wouldn't forget that date!

    4. Duncan B

      Duncan B

      It was my 32nd two weeks ago!

  7. Roll on Monday. Kitchen refit should be complete and then it's back to some modelling. WOO-HOO.

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    2. Pete in Lincs

      Pete in Lincs

      You're going to be allowed to model in a new kitchen?

      Get it in writing!

    3. nimrod54


      C'mon seriously Pete, what do you think? Although it might be fun to provoke a reaction. Deaf and Dumb meals for months methinks.

    4. robvulcan


      I struggle to model anywhere without someone moaning. At the moment house to self so kitchen table is were I am doing it... HAAHA

  8. Off to see Elbow in Manchester tonight.

    1. HOUSTON


      Can't you stay at home and look at it... :rofl:

    2. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      You'll need a mirror to get the full experience!

  9. Oh the joys of reaching 60, got my Bowel Cancer Screening kit in the post today, which apparently can be carried out discreetly in your own home.

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    2. robvulcan


      well I will be 30 in June so I guess it wont be long for me now. Seems like 5 mins since I was 18-21 and I still feel the same. But I am going grey... Bit young for that. It must be the stress of making models HAHA

    3. jenko


      Please, please, do not do a work in progress !!!!

    4. nimrod54


      Unfortunately jenko that is can be done, 6 to be taken over the course of 3 days and POSTED back within 14 days of the first one being taken. LOL Now where are my gloves.

  10. Venison Steak and Mustard Mash for tea. For some reason I can't stop thinking about My Cousin Vinny.

  11. Finished reading 'The Book Thief' today. There aren't many books that leave me with a lump in my throat, but this one did. A great read.

  12. Blueberry muffins cooling down. Mmmm can't wait.

    1. robvulcan


      Nothing like home baking enjoy

    2. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown


  13. Batter for pancakes done.

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    2. nimrod54


      Yep, looking forward to those after tea.

    3. robvulcan


      This reminds me I have not eaten still best go get something.

    4. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Can't beat em! Daughter did them this year, just as good as her Mum's!

  14. Mortgage paid off woo-hoo

    1. MikeW


      One of lifes' great moments - congratulations!

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