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  1. An Hart / Audax in 1/48 would be a great addition to any inter-war collection please go ahead, John
  2. A yellowish white is a safe option for all pre-war Italian racers' cockpit.
  3. It would be great to have a thread here with his artwork It could also be that the group has been made private and it would be great to have some way to enter it
  4. That's a shame! sorry to hear about that and thanks for the dreams fantasy kit world has brought in these months. It recalled me when I was 18, in 1982 and I discovered a shop that opened again after it went burn in the '60s. From time to time they put on sale long forgotten boxes like aurora and the like, some boxtops that I did not see at all in my youth. I managed to purchase a Monogram balsa and celluloyd Mig 15, a Frog Rotodyne, some Aurora aircraft, old S series Revell missiles a Lindberg B 58 and many more were left to other lucky customers. But what is left is the excitation to
  5. It seems that the Fantasy kitworld profile disappeared form Facebook Does anyone know why?
  6. I bought both of them, since they are at a bargain price and the decals are truly extraordinary. The Camel is the old Hobbycraft one, and so it is not up to today's standards, but I considered that an aftermarket decal sheet would haven't been cheaper. They somehow REWORKED the Ni 17, at least comparing the mold with some older HC and a Mania boxings that I have here at hand, but without changing the shape or on the details, they just added some sprue around the wings and a plastic ring around the engine collectors (that helps in avoiding accidental damage to the thin tubes when the model
  7. The Revell Wessex is reported to be a new kit, 100% new molds, developed with Italeri ermeio
  8. Hi, Bill what parts of the ARBA kits do you have? any DH 108 Swallow or Luft 46 parts? erme
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