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  1. If I answer your questions, this thread is going to get locked by admins.
  2. 'Problem' are characters who got so scared of the democracy and pluralism, that they 'must' terrorise, launch military interventions and bomb civilians - and run PRBS-campaigns to cover up all of their own misdeeds. EDIT: Studying this incident slightly further, it reminds me of a similar case that was quite famous in its time. February 1959, Jordanian King decided to make holiday in Europe. He packed his family into a Dove, and flew with Jock Dalgleish (ex-RAF) via what was then 'Eastern Province of United Arab Republic' (see: Syria) in direction of Lebanon. Hardly inside the UAR airspace,
  3. Well, the situation in my case is this: I like aircraft too, no matter from where they come, and some more and others less (no matter the nationality). I like to study aircraft, their camouflage colours, and their markings. But also: I like to know and understand why are they used: for what purposes, for what reasons. I have friends in Turkey, and in Russia, and in the USA - but also in Syria, and few other places. I'm happy - and proud - to help them, and anybody else in need, whenever I can. And I'm sad when some of these friends are blamed for little else but predilections of chauvinisti
  4. It's OK if the Russian MOD says '83': I don't mind. The rest, though, 'stinks', to put it mildly. Here a recapitulation of facts known so far, as posted on ACIG.info forum and gradually updated the last few days - and in combination of info from various sources (just so that nobody here would think I'm day-dreaming, constructing or facbricating facts). - On 3 and 5 October 2015, VKS combat aircraft - including fully armed Su-30SMs (on 3 October, around 12.10hrs) - have violated Turkish airspace at least two times. They have locked-on their radars on Turkish aircraft, and kept them locked-on
  5. Tom Cooper

    Saudi Tornado

    Can't see any difference on any of available photos. Are there any 'subtle' differences?
  6. Sorry Lars, for very specific reasons, I'm intentionaly not having any other accounts where I could/would post photos (while ACIG.info is my website/forum). But even if: '19' used to wear just the usual, standardized VKS camo for Su-24M. Perhaps the nose was slightly more dirty than on most of other examples I've seen this year. The only thing I do not know about her is the number of missions completed before 24 November. *********** One update (about 30min old): the F-16 pilot prepared attack on two aircraft, but fired only one AIM-120C-7 after all. That one went for the second Sukhoi -
  7. @Alex no doubt, there are plenty of sophisticated weapons computers ... and only one good reason for 'wind corrected ammo'. But trust me, the latter wins most of the times.
  8. I have always thought of the Su-24 as at least a Russian F-111F. It turned out it couldn't match the F-111A.... Re. missile used: I know everybody says 'AIM-9', but no way. This was a BVR shot, apparently by two AIM-120C-7s, one of which missed. Namely, the F-16 was quite far away, and the Russians flying perpendicular to it (range 15-20km, Sukhois up-sun and F-16s at their 2 o'clock). Those informed about weaknesses of pulse-Doppler radars in relation to targets 'in beam' to them, should know what a complex shoot this was (and why all the theories about 'conspiracies' and 'ambush' are litt
  9. Mate, trust me one thing: with strong winds pre-evalent in most of central and northern Syria (it's really 'blowing' there, most of the times), and from an altitude of 6,000m... sigh... one couldn't hit the Wembley Stadium with dumb bombs, no matter how slow-flying. EDIT: there is a damn good reason for Western air forces 'changing' to PGMs, 20+ years ago. Yup, a single PGM costs 'millions'. But hundreds of 'dumb' bombs that are missing their targets cost at least as much - especially if one adds the price of all the fuel, spares, and crews necessary to drop them.
  10. In essence: yes. The original nav/attack system is a powerful one, no doubt - for 1980s. Nowadays, it's not only hopelessly obsolete, but outright problematic. For example, it takes very long to program the next mission into it (enter waypoints etc.), it takes very long to spool-up prior to mission (some 45-50 minutes), it prohibits any kind of evasive manoeuvring immediately prior to weapon release etc. - and this in addition to an already aged airframe that was always a handful to maintain (approx one third of VKS' Su-24s deployed in Syria is grounded and waiting for maintenance at any point
  11. There is one, quite a good photo of that bird, taken early this year, and showing her in her full markings (including the RF-serial). ...there is even a photo of the F-16C said to have scored that kill... 'Problem': both were posted on ACIG.info forum, so I can't really 'link' them here (i.e. only registered users can see them)...
  12. M2 is Sukhoi's own upgrade. SVP-24 is run by GEFEST and reportedly several times cheaper, while resulting in same improvement. In essence, both upgrades are addressing such weaknesses of the Su-24M like low accuracy of the navigational platform, long time needed for mission planning and data-input, and limitations related to compatibility with 'dumb' bombs only, and weapons deployment from straight-line flight only. With other words: lacking money for PGMs, Russians are attempting to make do by improving accuracy and flexibility of their fighter-bombers in delivery of 'dumb' bombs. A total
  13. Original majority were Su-24Ms, but meanwhile there are at least four M2s, and up to 8 SVP-24s. The downed example was apparently a SVP-24.
  14. NP, take your time (I'm quite 'under pressure' currently too). Anyway, this photo is showing what is - AFAIK - their original colour (ignore splotches of 'camo pattern': these were added recently): https://www.facebook.com/354803674728188/photos/a.378338339041388.1073741841.354803674728188/378339752374580/?type=3&theater
  15. BTW, are you building any? If yes, and if you need reference, contact me per PM, please, so we can arrange something like a 'transfer of few photos'. ;-)
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