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  1. Thank you very much She's totally done now with her trolley. Cheers Pierre
  2. Thank you guys Yes, chaotic period and prelude of future conflicts. For France Indochina war and Algeria war (even if the term of pacification was used instead war as it was French departments). Have a nice day
  3. Thank you Much appreciated ! For the little story the aircraft flew once and crashed. Pilot tried to do aerobatics (half barrel) and loose control...
  4. Hi gents Transkit MDC used to transform Tamiya's kit. Unusual camo as it's a captured Rufe and given to French Air Force by ATAIU. Ame-iro following the recipe of Bruce Salmon. Nakajima green with AK real color (Black green). Happy easter
  5. Hello Gents Finished with Model Cellar figure of Werner Voss and refueling cart by Aviattic Best regards pierre
  6. Hi Gentlemen i’m completely lost with all those variants and variations. As Viktor’s book costs nowadays its weight in gold is it possible to explain simply the steps of changes for the IL-2 monoplace and then why zvezda’s IL-2 is wrong ? Thank you in advance. Best regards Pierre
  7. Du maquettage polonois de bon aloi ! Ca donne envie; c'est réussi !!
  8. Thanks for your kind comments mates ;) Sprues are clearly WNW Manual and decals Meng. The decals are a little bit thick and some are missing (like propellers brand). No rigging on the notice. I tried to do this to help: cheers Pierre
  9. Thank you I Yes i had a box with sightly folded wings and broken part on middle wing. You can really fix it easily (just bend down the wings). For the panting i applied oil paint over a coat of acrylic paint. Starting by dots and pull with a flat brush moistened. Cheers Pierre
  10. Hi all This is a representation of the Werner Voss Fokker F.1 done with the Mengnut Wings kit. The kit is really a pleasure to build Painting done by oil over acrylic. Have a nice day Pierre
  11. Hello Yes Badder it was present. I used it to represent the defeat. Regards Pierre
  12. hello Badder i had it in the stash since two or three years. There are some on ebay but quite expensive. Maybe try the one from Dragon. i will look in my local store. regards pierre
  13. Hello Rob As John said glossy varnish (x22 tamiya very diluted or klir -future- with flat brush). i don’t use anymore washes from any brand. I do it with fine oil (very interesting for the choice of the color) and i can precisely dilute it (less or more pigments) with Abteilung oil thinner. With a small round brush it takes some time but you keep paint clean. Cheers pierre
  14. Hello Almost finished...just missing an umbrella antenna.. Have a nice day Pierre
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