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  1. I will be keeping a sharp eye on this. and with the ICM Yaks, Revell Hurri and 109G-2 I think most of my purchases this year will be in 1:32
  2. Not just a great retro build, its a great 109 build.
  3. The Japanese scheme reminds of the ones you would see buzzing around Godzilla in the old movies i watched as a kid, I might consider picking one up just to do that
  4. Still waiting on the Bf109G-6/AS to confirm its pedigree.
  5. Great choice, the AZ model was probably the best of the 72nd options and you cant really get those anymore.
  6. Bits an pieces came from Kotares facebook Q&A last night https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=comet_rhc_widget&v=990101901537961&t=4414
  7. awesome work, I just started the same kit this week, I hope it turns out half as good as this.
  8. Glad to see the Hurricane, I've been itching to do a Rhubarb Hurribomber for some time. Its probably better for revell to do the long nosed hurricanes and get some use from the molds before someone like kotare get there.
  9. Pretty sure the Eiffel tower story is a post war legend (like Carrs stolen focke wulf or most of Clostermans stories) there should be plenty of first hand accounts of something over the capital of France and his after action reports make no mention of it. I dont blame Mr Overstreet, Its a cool story but I think its more likely an implanted memory that became true over time.
  10. I recall reading that early Martlets had some variation in the gun installations compared to your more standard US -3 and -4, so would assume theres going to be some extra wings sprues in certain boxings.
  11. keen to get one of these if the prices down my way arent too much, SMS paints also do a "Blaster Brown" which was ironically announced the week before this was.
  12. He might have given away the number of schemes in the box, he said they are doing one of Deeres "kiwis" but havnt decided on the other two
  13. From the horses mouth, interview starts 70mins in if podcasts arent your thing (tbh its a pretty good listen all the way through) https://otbmodellerspodcast.libsyn.com/
  14. I hope they sell bucket loads and ushers in a new 32nd scale empire.
  15. I'll take a 1/32 P-51B/C, MkV Spitfires or Hurricane family
  16. Great build and really well painted. Those AK colours are spot on too, Im impressed,
  17. It is one of Barkhorns birds but looking closer at other photos with the same crewmen around it the chevrons is slightly different so yeah never mind its a different plane. In regards to the one with the cowl up I'm not seeing a trop filter there, it would be alot longer than that.
  18. Just had a look through my folders and found this, https://ibb.co/jkQNVw8 it maybe the same bird, and you can see the mounting points for where to filter was
  19. I dont think the "umbrella stand" means much, theres photos showing them on birds with and without trop filters, I think you can go either way.
  20. Hope this helps 15205 – 16000 Erla 03.43 – 08.43 G-6/G-5 16313 – 16675 Mtt Regensburg 02.43 – 04.43 G-6 18000 – 18899 Mtt Regensburg 04.43 – 07.43 G-6 19093 – 19999 WNF 02.43 – 06.43 G-6/G-4 20000 – 20800 WNF 06.43 – 08.43 G-6 26000 – 26135 Erla 08.43 – 09.43 G-6/G-5 27000 – 27185 Erla 09.43 – 10.43 G-6/G-5 110200 – 110500 Erla G-6 140000 – 140400 WNF G-6 160000 – 161000 Mtt Regensburg G-6 161100 – 161800 Mtt Regensburg G-6 162000 – 163000 Mtt Regensburg G-6 163000 – 164000 Mtt Regensburg G-6 164900 – 165000 Mtt Regensburg G-6 165000 – 166000 Mtt Regensburg G-6 166000 – 166400 Mtt Regensburg G-6 167200 – 167400 Mtt Regensburg G-6 410000 – 411000 Erla G-6 411000 – 412000 Erla G-6 412000 – 413000 Erla G-6 413400 – 413900 Erla G-6 440000 – 441000 WNF G-6/U4 441000 – 442000 WNF G-6 442000 – 442100 WNF G-6 510200 – 510300 WNF G-6 510600 – 511000 WNF G-6/G-14 The photo shows a pretty typical Regensburg upper fuselage demarcation
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