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  1. Cheers all and thanks for the kind words. Ian, I originally tried to use the Two-Six sheet. The cheatlines were clearly not designed for the Hasegawa kit, as they did not line up and with the fuselage whatsoever. The tail piece however fit great, so I left those on. I talked to Nick at Classic Airlines and he was able to size his SIA sheet exactly to the Hasegawa kit and sent me a sheet. Perfect fit.
  2. Hello, This is a refurbishment project I did on a Hasegawa 747 kit. I bought this kit partially assembled from 1989 and many broken and cracked pieces of plastic, glue everywhere and unfilled windows. I figured it would be a fun project and decided to put an easy livery on it. This plane is 9V-SIB, Singapore's 2nd 747 in the fleet in 1973. It flew for about 5 different airlines, including PanAm, until being stored in Oregon in 2013 with Evergreen livery. I got to walk around the same aircraft last year and it is in great shape, but has no engines on it. I modeled my plane with very light weathering as these were immaculate at the beginning of their life in SIA fleet. -1981 Hasegawa Air France 747-200 kit -Classic Airlines cheatline decals -26 Decals tail piece -DRAW Decals wing corogards -Tamiya and Alclad paint -Future Foor Polish clear coat
  3. Great model! You can't even notice the nose issues on this build, the red and animals steal the show. The engines are fab.
  4. Beautiful model and subject. Teeming with 1980's nostalgia.
  5. Really nice MD-11 and great finish. What is your method for painting the grey and chrome belly? Do you put the chrome on first then mask off the wing root and shoot the grey or vice versa? I realize masking the Alclad chrome ruins the sheen. Thanks
  6. Hi John, I will check with my mail getter about the decals. I have not been home for a few weeks but I am sure they have arrived safely. Sometimes it takes months(!) for parcels to arrive from the UK to me for some reason. Hopefully this isn't the case! Thank you again. Bill
  7. John, Those GE's are the ones that ended up on the Gabon Old pic. There is a Hasegawa 747-100 Air France kit that is in the process of being sanded down and repaired (fuselage was cracked in few places). The guy I bought it from tried to build it in 1989 (it has the receipt of sale still!) and gave up and its quite a mess. I will probably just put a basic livery on it and save the BA Landor for a fresh kit. As for the wings on this kit. I am 95% sure I used 5 minute epoxy years ago when I started it. The wings themselves are not very heavy even with engines attached so I did not warrant the need for reinforcing with metal. On the 747, I would probably do so. The landing gear on this kit is the biggest issue I am finding since they are not metal and need to hold up a very heavy weight of the fuselage. AA offered metal A300/A310 gear about a year ago and I foolishly did not jump on them when available. I will give it a little weathering, but nothing crazy
  8. Thank you gentleman. And oops, I posted this in the wrong section initially. I blame 5 days of sleep deprivation...being an Army Officer will do that to you! Jure, great pic of BB. The all white livery is very elegant and makes the A300 look like any other modern airline. When I was on the London - Tehran leg, I flew on -IBD and we stopped in Budapest for fuel.
  9. Hi, This has been an ongoing project since January 2015. When I first started this kit, there were no suitable decals available for it, so I just started building and waited for decals to get made. Eventually in 2016 F-DCAL came out with a few A300-600 sheets, one being IranAir, which I opted for. I wanted to build a specific aircraft I have flown on, either Kuwait Airways or IranAir. I settled with IranAir. I flew on EP-IBB in December 2014 from Tehran to London Heathrow and modeled this kit after that bird. The A300 is my all time favorite aircraft. I don't build in 1/144 but made an exception for the superb Authentic Airliners's 1/144 resin kits. This kit was a dream to assemble and all the parts fit exceptionally well. The final stage of assembly necessary is the gear. IranAir decals are from F-DCAL and wing/detail decals are a mix of Liveries Unlimited and Revell Beluga kit sheets with Authentic Airliners windows. Paint is decanted Tamiya Gloss White & Insignia White and Alclad metal paints. I hope to have this finished by the end of 2019. Kit: Authenic Airliners 1/144 A300-600 resin kit The kit comes with both GE and PW4000 engines: At this point, I was planning on adapting a Kuwait Airways A340 sheet to fit this kit, but scrapped that idea: First coat of airbrushed decanted Tamiya Gloss white was spotchy and required 2-3 more coats to fully cover: DACO aluminum leading edge decals were used: EP-IBB, delivered new to IranAir in 1994 as one of two A300's IranAir were allowed buy to replace the A300 shot down by the US Navy in 1988: Before anybody comments, yes, these are the correct wing pattern corroguard. I was able to finally complete the painting on the engines 2 weeks ago before I had to leave home for 4 months for work. They will be detailed with decals prior to attaching to wings.
  10. Hi, I would love a copy of the sheet. There are not currently any 1/200 options for -200 Landor's. Will you ship to USA? Thanks for heads up on the Contrails engines. I recently bought a set (from a US vendor) and was disappointed with their quality and fit. I am now suspecting that vendor got their stock from the Hong Kong sellers. Are the HKG sellers just rip-off copies or does Contrails contract with them? The green is hard to beat! The Aviagraphics sheet was really easy to work with and responded well to Micro Sol on the compound curves. German is nice too Thanks! A little weathering goes a very long way.
  11. Cheers! Thank you. The Hasegawa 747 kits are my favorite kits of all time I've concluded. The fit, shape and finish is among the best of any airliner kit. I am trying to figure out a nice -400 to build, I am leaning on Cathay Pacific green livery using TwoSix silk screen sheet and the Hasegawa RR engines from Qantas kit. The older the better! Cheers. Its the one model I have never been able to part with. Thanks! Classic-Airlines decals has some very nice and rare subjects. I have used his JAL 747-100 sheet before and it was fantastic, would like to use his decals again in the future. Enjoy your builds! Thanks Ian! The Hasegawa 747 kits always call my name whenever I start a new project...they are too nice not to build! I am planning a BA Landor 747-200 RR next. Cheers Dave. I agree, the narrow bodies in 1/200 are tiny and quite unappealing...to me anyways. The 747's are just the perfect size for the limited space I have available! Thank you Chanex Cheers! Thanks Chris. That A300 has held the top shelf spot for the past 5 years
  12. Hi, I haven't completed a model in 4 years. This one took a few days to assemble and finish and it was a fun way of getting back into building again. Kit is the 1999 Hasegawa ANA 747-SR kit with Flightpath, TwoSix, Liveries Unlimited and kit decals. Paints used are Model Master, Alclad and Tamiya. I sprayed a final coat of Future/Klear on a high PSI to give it a dull finish. This model has been sold and will be making its new home in Pakistan soon. F-ODJG was Air Gabon's solely owned 747-2Q2M, delivered new from Seattle in 1978. The plane carried the late Presidents name, Leon Mba, who died in 1967. Juliet Gulf served on the airlines prestige routes, including Paris and Gatwick. The aircraft was eventually scrapped in France in 2006 and Air Gabon ceased operations that same year. Their 747 was one of the dirtiest ones I have ever seen. Here with 1/200 Air Afrique A300B4 I built in 2014, classic 1980's airliners:
  13. Great thread, I will go through this in detail later. Hasegawa are the best.
  14. Stunning 743 Ian. A very unique choice to model one of the late -300's. I always thought the Air India and THAI 743's were very cool.
  15. Dennis, I would presume it would be very difficult to find out the exact aircraft from back then. I tried searching for photos from Nassau airport in the early 80's and could not come up with much. Did you fly from LHR or Gatwick? I think it would have been a 50/50 chance of getting either a 100 or a 200 honestly. Here are the BraZ RB211-524D engines for your project: http://www.brazmodels.com/boeing01.html
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