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  1. Hasegawa Geek

    1/144 Airfix Lufthansa Airbus A300B2

    As the BIGGEST A300 fan, I can say that this is an exceptional model. You have made sure all the small details that make it a B2 are present. Beautifully done sir!
  2. Hasegawa Geek

    Authentic Airliners A300-600

    mine so far
  3. Hasegawa Geek

    British Airways 767 Chelsea Rose

    Thanks all for the kind comments.
  4. Hi, this is an older build I did 2 years ago. Wanted to share here now, never did before. G-BNWE was delivered new to British Airways in 1990 and served for a decade before being sold to Qantas, where she flew for until being stored in 2013 Hasegawa 767-300 1/200 kit Tamiya white, Model Master Ford GM Engine Blue, Model Master Light Grey, Alclad DRAW + Liveries Unlimited decals Braz Rolls Royce aftermarket resin engines This was built as a commission so I enjoyed making this as I would not have built this as it does not fit my personal collection criteria. The old DRAW decals are wonderful to work with, super thin and fit snugly around curved surfaces. Please click on photos for high resolution versions.
  5. Hasegawa Geek

    PAS A310 Discussion

    Nice graphical representation of the wing bends. The authentic airilners kit is still a stunning model and has a great nose shape.
  6. Hasegawa Geek

    PAS A310 Discussion

    PAS wing: Authentic Airliners wing:
  7. Hasegawa Geek

    F-RSIN A300-600

    I received my first kit in the mail (Iran Air), still waiting on the other from Airline-hobby in Arizona....been a month now. The kit delivers what it advertises: An A300-600 new mold fuselage, tail and hori. stabs. The shape of the nose is very nice and the biggest detail I look for in any A310/A300 kit, Thanks to F-RSIN for putting this kit out on the market.
  8. Hasegawa Geek

    PAS A310 Discussion

    Thanks for the links. After looking at both wings from both my PAS and Authentic A. kits, I can confirm both have the wing bend on the trailing edge. The Authentic A. A310 kits wing has the bend but is more subtle and gradual when compared to the PAS. The PAS kit has a drastic bend dip. Some modelers may prefer the PAS to the AA because the bend is more contrasted once built but I prefer the smooth, gradual bend of the AA kit; I think it looks more authentic to the real thing only sized down to 1/144. My biggest complaint on the PAS kit is still the horrible winglets. They look nothing like the real thing. You either need to use a spare set of Revell A310 winglets or build it as a -200.
  9. Hasegawa Geek

    F-RSIN A300-600

    How so?
  10. Hasegawa Geek

    F-RSIN A300-600

    Will let you know when they arrive to me here in the USA
  11. Hasegawa Geek

    F-RSIN A300-600

    I bought two of these kits: IranAir and Monarch versions. I have been trying to get decal manufacturers to make a Monarch decal for years now so its a much welcome kit and decal.
  12. Hasegawa Geek

    Authentic Airliners A300-600

    Has anybody built an Authentic Airliners A310 or A300 kit yet? Would like to see one fully built.
  13. Hasegawa Geek

    PAS A310 Discussion

    Has anybody built one of these kits yet?
  14. Hasegawa Geek

    Vallejo model air problem

    Update. I primed a piece of Zvezda plastic with Tamiya Grey primer, let dry 1 day then sprayed a very thin coat of Vallejo USAF Grey (12 drops of paint + 2 drops of thinner). It dried quickly and a day later it is scratch resistant and not sticky. HOWEVER, I sprayed Vallejo Model Air White on the same piece of primed plastic in a different area, very light coat and it is still tacky to the touch, same thinning ration as the USAF grey. ALL of these bottles of paint were bought from different locations recently. I can only concluded that there is no conclusion. For the time being I guess I got lucky with the USAF grey and will be using it for my project. Sticking to decanted Tamiya lacquer for the white.
  15. Hasegawa Geek

    Vallejo model air problem

    Thanks. I got all the goopy paint removed. I don't want to give up on Vallejo yet so I'm going to prime some plastic and test out the same bottle of paint.