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  1. Thank you guys!! I spent a crazy amount of time trying to achieve the propper Raptor look, this is what I ended up with: 1. Surfacer 2. Overall coat of Alclad High Speed Silver, or Gunze SM01 3. Heavily thinned (15:1 with Levelling thinner) layers of camouflage colors, which is: 3a. Light grey - 4 potions of Gunze (70% C308 + 30% C317) + 3 portions of Mr.Paint 040 Gunship Gray + 2 portions of MRP-094 Medium Mod Gray 3b. Dark grey - 3 portions of MRP-093 Dark Mod Gray + 2 portions of MRP-040 Gunship Gray 4. Lightened and darkened shades to create the surface and panel variations 5. Carefully spray the 20:1:1 mix of semi-gloss varnish + Alclad Jet Exhaust + Alclad Pale Burnt metal all over the surface 6. Leading edges gray - 1 portion of MRP-040 Gunship Gray + 5 portions of MRP-38 Grey FS36375
  2. Hasegawa kit, Aires cockpit, Eduard PE's, custom paint masks and decals, countless hours and days of masking and painting Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy the result. Best regards from CZ. Andrew
  3. Many thanks for your comments! I tend to believe the nose gear leg oleo lenght is correct
  4. Tamiya kit with Superscale decals, some bits of CMK and Eduard detail sets and scratchbuilt details (exhaus, canopy, gun barrels, nav lights etc.). I hope you like the result. Andrew
  5. Here is the build thread - czech language only, sorry. Thank you for your comments!
  6. Good old Academy kit, converted to Mk.5 version (because I love the 34 Squadron markings) - straight wing leading edge, fuselage vents configuration, reshaped tail cone, speedbrake etc. . Added some goodies - SBS detail set, Eduard flaps, Maestro canopy, Aeromaster and DACO decals. Thanks for looking Andrew
  7. Surprisingly not. Of course I had to reduce the thickness of the side walls, but then it fits perfectly. Lucky me Thank you for your comments!
  8. Yes, you're right, it is the 48884 Flaps set. A bit tricky assembly, but worth it Thank you for the comments!
  9. Trumpeter kit, Aires cockpit, Eduard Falcon missiles, Caracal markings, f√ľndekals:) stencils - highly recommended! The stencil set really brings it to life Cheers from Czech rep. Andrew
  10. Built almost OOB, except of the modified front gear leg (which is moulded with an integral wheel and mudguard) and the custom 92nd FBS markings. Hope you enjoy. Cheers from Czech Rep. Andrew
  11. Corrected & improved HobbyBoss kit with Aires cockpit, Eduard Bullpups and EagleStrike decals. Hope you like it Best regards from Czech. Andrew
  12. You're absolutely right, the kit realy is a pain in the ... It took ages just to prepare the main parts for glueing, i mean all the panel lines and rivets need to be rescribed, there are lot of flash, gaps and form imperfections. The shape of the nose is odd, it needs to be sanded, the diheral angle of the wings is too big, flaps and slats are just wrong, intakes are wrong, gear legs too long..and many more, you name it. ..Unfortunately it's the only game in town, as with most of the chinese kits I do believe the loadout is realistic, it's the typical recon mission configuration during Desert Storm (http://dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/mirage/france/33-cm_2.jpg) Thank you all for the comments! Andrew
  13. Finally finished it! Quite an awful kit which requires lots of extra work and some aftermarket goodies - Eduard PE's and Matra Magic II missiles, Master pitot tube, L'Arsenal resin Raphael SLAR pod and Colorado decals. But in the end it's a great looking jet Best regards from Czech and happy New Year to everyone. Andrew
  14. Thank you all for the comments, very much appreciated!! Andrew
  15. It would by much easier to attach each half of the nose cone to the fuselage first, but I've lost the attention there and did follow the instructions to the letter. Bad idea.. It's a mixture of Semi Matt Aluminium, Light Grey and White. Thanks for the comments! Andrew
  16. I'm quite happy with the resilt, although the Airfix kit can be pain in the (...) sometimes. But in the end it's a beautiful bird.. Cheers from Czech rep. Andrew
  17. Some say, we do not drink water in the Czech republic, only firewater. Maybe that is the reason? Thanks for the comments gentlemen!!
  18. I wanted to do something quick and easy, so here it is. The kit is a Trumpeter standard, nice fit and surface with many errors and simplifications, also the Eduard PE flaps are not a good idea - there's no room for the fuel tanks with the flaps open (but this could be my fault).. Anyway, thanks for looking. BR from Czech rep. Andrew
  19. The WIP thread is here: http://www.modelari.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1699. Czech language only, sorry Canopy framing comes with the Verlinden detail set. As for the UC door dishes, it is very easy, I made it of the plastic sheet heated up and formed around a ball of appropriate diameter.. Thanks for the comments! Andrew
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