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  1. Not the best view but too dark for white: https://airrefuelingarchive.wordpress.com/category/f-105/ Jari
  2. Here is one in Korea with a display of weapons: note the prop tips. Jari
  3. The view from the front end of a Neptune: from here: http://images.google.com/hosted/life/76eb42fb95a74bd4.html click on the thumbnails under Related images for more internal views during a patrol. Jari
  4. Here is a video showing B-26s during that time period being loaded: Jari
  5. Some more Mk-79 pics: even the F-4 dropped them: Jari
  6. Looks like it's a white bomb the cat is sitting on: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5479387738759395&set=gm.1479858779134749 edit: another view: Jari
  7. The bombs are Mk-79 napalm, they were red mostly but green as well: Jari
  8. Here is one during the Yom Kipper war, M-117 bombs, AIM-9, ECMpod: edit: Here is one of the replacement USAF F-4Es, still in regular camo but Israeli markings: Jari
  9. They did send some to Afghanistan to do combat trails: During April and May 1980, four Yak-38s and four AV-MF pilots were deployed to Afghanistan as part of a 50-day trial codenamed Romb-1, although the ‘hot and high’ conditions prevented any meaningful combat missions from being undertaken – in total, 12 combat sorties were made, but only two 100 kg (220 lb) bombs could be carried. Jai
  10. Here is one in 3 shades of green and 2 shade of tan: Jari
  11. Here is a Tiger Force Lancaster: Jari
  12. The A-7A/B carried them: and if you pause this video at the 0:28sec mark an A-7 is launched carrying Bullpups: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/86781 Jari
  13. They would be: 64-0679 63-7xxx Jari
  14. Here are 3 F-4s in SEA showing variations in the paint: even touch up paints quite didn't match: Jari
  15. Looks like only the JL 100 R rocket pod could be carried on the inner pylons: Jari
  16. Sam here is some diplomatic info that refers to events on 12/13 July 1943: https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9046 Jari
  17. The load would be 2 SBCs each with 90 4lb incendiaries and 3 SBC each with 8 30lb incen. so you are correct 5 SBCs in total. Jari
  18. Here is a video on Gannets: at the 2:40 mark one is taken down to the hangar deck. Jari
  19. Here it is on a Lancaster Mk X: the parts list: Jari
  20. Here is another drawing from a manual showing how it connected to the door: Jari
  21. Here is a pic of another 207 Lanc: Jari
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