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  1. Sam here is some diplomatic info that refers to events on 12/13 July 1943: https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9046 Jari
  2. The load would be 2 SBCs each with 90 4lb incendiaries and 3 SBC each with 8 30lb incen. so you are correct 5 SBCs in total. Jari
  3. Here is a video on Gannets: at the 2:40 mark one is taken down to the hangar deck. Jari
  4. Here it is on a Lancaster Mk X: the parts list: Jari
  5. Here is another drawing from a manual showing how it connected to the door: Jari
  6. Here is a pic of another 207 Lanc: Jari
  7. Here is a Lancaster with an engine being worked on with a trolley of SBCs ready to be loaded: if it was just minor engine maintenance, i.e. no run up or power applied then it might be possible work could be done with the a/c loaded. In the case of Small Bomb Containers, the most common load had 90 x 4lb incendiaries, or 8 x 30lb incendiaries per SBC. The 30 x 4lb "X" mentioned above had an explosive charge added to it to deter fire fighting and they were added to the regular 4lb incendiary load in the SBC. Jari
  8. A good project you have planned Sam, not the squadron in particular but some details of the raid on Turin on that night: https://www.ozatwar.com/12jul43.htm from there the load of that squadrons missing a/c: MISSING. 4 Aircraft have not returned - nothing being heard after take-off. Three of these each carried 1 x 4000 H.C. 40 x 30 lb. incends,. 420 x 4 lb. incends., plus 30 x 4 lb. 'X' type Incends., the remaining aircraft carried 1 x 4000 lb HC 40 x 30lb. Incends, 240 x 4 lb. incend plus 30 x 4 lb 'X' type Incends. The 204 incendiary bombs you mentioned are probably the ones they found in the wreckage, the rest was most likely destroyed in the crash. Jari
  9. I may have miss worded it, i meant pod with the RAT prop and a pod without the RAT prop. As for the RBFs, the safety pins for any armament were removed at the Arming point, a spot away from anything else and usually near the end of the runway: edit: here is another example of the arming point: Jari
  10. Speaking of ECM pods, here are some F-4Ds with RAT pod on outboard pylon and one with non RAT on inboard pylon, starting at the 1:30 mark of the video: https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675071240_Mark-84-Laser-Guided-Bombs_Ubon-Royal-Thai-Air-Force-Base_F-4D_Electronic-countermeasures-pod Jari
  11. Here is one going out on a mission showing the config: https://www.mycity-military.com/uploads2/123822_112129586_su-35 konfig..mp4 Jari
  12. Nice footage, especially the A-4s with LGBs, another rare load can be seen at the 2:34 mark of this video: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/85871 showing a brief look of a SUU-7 dispenser on a A-4. The rest of the video is pretty good as well showing the loading of Bullpups on Skyhawks with the older dedicated pylon. Jari
  13. An alternate to the cover is having crewmember with a rag and cleaner (the overspray) cleaning the windows as these examples on a Prowler: Jari
  14. In 1/48 scale: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/larsenal-aero-ac-48-40-mirage-f-1-corail-chaff-flares-launcher-x-2--788722 what it looks like from below: Jari
  15. Here is one with flaps and slats out, how they were painted underneath is a good question: Jari
  16. Here is another view of the rounded end luggage carrier, i never saw one of them, we just had flat end pods in 409 Squadron: Jari
  17. Some pics here showing the luggage carrier can be seen here: http://replicainscale.blogspot.com/2011/11/voodoos-from-north-country-plugging.html a couple pics show one off the a/c and you can see the attachment points. Note it is only a luggage carrier, not a apu unit, the starter(s) were spare in case the one on the bottom of an engine went unserviceable. From the looks of earlier pics, some had provisions for 2 starters. Jari
  18. The chaff was blue, from Vietnam: to now: Jari
  19. The flares are a metallic colour and chaff are blue; Jari
  20. Yes they are live missiles, the top pic looks like the a/c was going out on a missile shoot, no external tanks, however the second pic has a full compliment of AIM-4Ds and AIM-7s indicating a QRA a/c. Jari
  21. The famous toilet bomb being dropped at the 1:25mark: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/84719 Jari
  22. Located elsewhere on Tommy's site, shows lights on the struts: Jari
  23. The real Rockeyes have grooves in them for the crutch pads to fit: Jari
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