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  1. Love it, congratulations there is a new sheet for the Portuguese P3 http://bigcat.com.pt/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=orion&product_id=4314
  2. Hi AL, You at least 3 stores in Lisbon, and one in Montijo and another in Cascais JGT Modelismo R. Pedro Ivo, 3B1700-313 Lisboa https://www.facebook.com/JGT-Modelismo-132991866854471/?fref=ts Antunes Modelismo Centro Comercial Martim Moniz Loja C-10 Lisboa https://www.facebook.com/Casa-Antunes-316399351714194/?fref=ts Kitmania Avenida. General Roçadas, 34-H 1170-163 Lisboa http://www.kitmaniamodels.com/ HobbyKitCentro Comercial Beloura Shoping Cascais http://www.ho
  3. Thanks guys The Finished models here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235006396-two-148-portuguese-alphajet-wingman/?p=2430919
  4. Although I’ve a few mistakes here and there I’m really happy with the result, the plane is beautiful and as a lovely profile, just by looking at photos one don’t get that feeling, better seeing the real one or build a model. I loved working on this Wingman kit, it could take a bit of work in one or two details, but more important it can result in a beautiful piece. Hope you like it and try one, Wingman as a lot of decals and schemes for him. .
  5. Hello fellow modellers Here I present two Portuguese Alphajtes, one with the standard Portuguese Air Force camouflage (scratch building an engine with an open door and the O2 converter at the nose) And the beautiful NATO Tiger Meet 2002 “Air Base nº11 Beja” The step-by-step of the construction is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235006369-two-148-portuguese-alphajet-150-step-by-step-photos/
  6. And after a lot of small details and retouches (I’ll still add two pairs of rockets launches the camouflage one) You can see the finished models soon
  7. Hello fellow modellers I’m a 1/72 and propellers guy, the jets I like most due to their profile are the Me262, the F-4 Phantom and the Alphajet, since Portugal only had the Alphajet I took the challenge made by a friend modeller that offered me a 1/48 Wingman Alphajet and decide to do two I'll build one with the standard Portuguese Air Force camouflage (scratch building an engine with an open door and the O2 converter at the nose) and try to make the beautiful NATO Tiger Meet 2002 “Air Base nº11 Beja” I am not a 1/48 neither a jet builder, I only build three 1/48 warbirds more than 7 years
  8. Here my 2 cents I guess Panzer Putty is not for slow modellers (like me) Here is a reminder of “one” detail of this product In my opinion it is too self-leveling for those who have to leave the mask for a few hours before painting. Not suitable for soft transitions because doesn’t leave a raised edge after a few hours Of course the thicker you apply more noticeable, but even in the thin "snakes" the self-leveling happens. I do not mean to speak ill of the product, this is just an opinion / alert to THIS detail, there will certainly be many uses for this material.
  9. I'm not a jet builder niether a 1/48 But I'm working on two 1/48 Wingman Alphajets and came across the problem of making the white stripes. Have seen guys making with decal, but the canopys are a bit round, and masking and paint didn't look good If there was a white, malleable, thin and self-adesive tape it was really good But there is now the "Masking Tape for Curves" from Tamiya It's easy to apply, and only need a touch of future after to keep her steady It´s a bit hard on the front if one tries to cut the tape as thin as possible But I liked the result .
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