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  1. well clues in photo the mud id say winter of 44 the Churchill in background and tam o shanter on officer lead to scots guards 6th guards tank so corps support unfortunately the gurds swopped between 12 corps and 30 corps that winter so its from corps at of one of those two or its the 34th tank brigade when they where attached to 15th Scottish inf div but by then the 15th had archers
  2. while looking around for m10 with the correct tracks I came across this odd one cant say ive seen bolt on armour on a british one before
  3. they are indeed part of the house boat system strange name for disguising a tank as a lorry the front horns on the Sherman held the cab part in place you will find other attachment points along where the sand skirts fitted
  4. if your planning to use the kit decals and fee dragon made a mistake its not an Essex yeomanry unit its from 90th field regiment 50th infantry division Essex sextons had names of Essex towns and villages and aos was 1147 it was 2nd army unit attached to 8th armoured brigade
  5. iwm photo b5471 taken on 13th june at brevilles -les -monts shows 3 13th 18th hussars shermans still with intact wadeing trunks and waterproofing around mantlet one is 71 carole the other 2 harder to see names or numbers
  6. found the rest of the decals for you go to the archers transfers homepage sets ar77034 and ar7708 as for census numbers its a code set up by war department early fore runner of barcode the letter tells you type ie t first its armouered h is 3ton and above softskin the numbers that follow will tell you division battalion company platoon
  7. the 72 should be in a square split red green on the diagonal its army service corps of an infantry division the maple leaf to should be in a coloured square if you find the divisions number we can tell the colour
  8. also along with the howitzer is the goose neck veriant of the transporter due first quarter
  9. try star decals they do a sheet for diamond ts tank transporters in 35th with cutting you may get the numbers and a fair few aos from your photo its a Canadian unit you can see the maple leaf on fender and aos 72 on the other side 35-961 is sheet number
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