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  1. Here's few I've done so far this year, not as many as last year, but then again, I was out of work from March to mid November! So, without further ado her we go.... Tamiya 1/48 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden - This was such a joy to build - could have done it with my eyes closed (and before anyone comments...no I didn't!). Despite the age of the kit, sprues dated 1975, this almost fell together - no filler anywhere on the kit. Tamiya 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter TF.X - Another beautifully engineered kit from Tamiya - no filler anywhere, and again just seemed to fall together! Tamiya 1/48 North American Aviation P-51D Mustang - This is the 8th Airforce boxing of this kit - and just like the ones above - this seemed to just fall together. The NMF is Tamiya Gloss Aluminium rattle can. Eduard 1/48 Yakovlev YAK-3 - Not quite so easy as I think this was a profi-pack re-box of one of their early kits - there were NO locating pins anywhere on any part!!! Mind you, it still seems to have come out ok! Trumpeter 1/48 Supermarine Seafang F.Mk.32 - Lovely little kit - easy build - but very interesting gearing that went into the nose to create the contra-rotating props! Trumpeter 1/48 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 - Had got the tail sub-assembly, the wing sub-assemblies cockpit etc done, then found this http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/48611-hawker-sea-hawk/ - ah well never mind - the hardest part of this was the wings. As Deanflyer points out, Trumpeter expect you to build this with wings folded and flaps down, but as Deanflyer, I didn't want to do this and wanted wings down, flaps up. Flaps were the easiest part, the wings were definitely the hardest part. However, I managed to slot some plastic-card in to use as locating tabs and internal support to the wings, and seems to have worked quite well. Trumpeter 1/48 Supermarine Attacker F.1 - Another nice & easy kit to build from trumpeter, with no real vices to worry about. And finally! Revell 1/32 BAe Hawk T.1a - This was actually the Red Arrows boxing of the kit (and in the red plastic.....) Managed to pick up from a shop in Plymouth at Easter for a massive...........£10. Didn't want to do the Red Arrows, so picked up some Xtracal decals from Hannants - and chose the 100sqn anniversary edition (I have the Revell Lancaster boxing which has 100sqn as one of the options and thought that they would quite nicely compliment each other). Little bit of filler but really nothing to write home about. This is the first kit I've built with aftermarket decals and as a result, I;ve picked up several more for future kits (1/32 Revell typhoon - 3sqn markings!) Not shown - but there's a ruddy great skull & crossbones on the underside!!! In addition to these - I've also done the Revell 1/32 He-162 "Salamander" and Revell 1/48 F9 Panther. Thank you for looking
  2. After many months and a couple of moves round the house to find a safe place for this monster, this finally happened today!!!! Not as a result of anything I've done, but as the result of people being inconsiderate and ignoring quite simple instructions - DO NOT TOUCH. We are in the process of moving and I gave quite explicit instructions to the estate agents that none of the models on display were to be touched. Got home and found the prop on the floor with one of the blades snapped off. Now I've knocked it a few times, and knocked the props off (they are not glued on specifically for this reason), however, it has never broken. The only way is if someone decided to play around with it (the model was in the same place that I left it!) needless to say I am not a happy modeller at the moment. Any one any idea how it can be fixed (it's not a clean break and seems not to like going back in the right place!)
  3. Just got this one as well and want to make it an RAF Sabre - Is this possible using the Eagle Strike decals from Hannants - http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ESP48216?
  4. If memory serves correctly, it was an Academy kit. The kit only has decals for a US Navy version. But...I nicked the decals from an Airfix cat I had in the stash and used those instead. The kit itself has nice fine engraved panel lines, and rivet detail. When I first built it, I had no idea about panel washes, or Klear or any thing like those. So ne of the jobs I gave my self over the Easter break, was to Klear coat the kit, and give it a once over with a Flory models dark wash. The result is as per the picture. The panel detail, and riveting now literally pop out from the model and has improved it no end.
  5. I'll ne at cosford this weekend. Any more suggestions on an easy to use rigging material for the italeri sunderland?
  6. Thanks for the comments guys! At some point later this year (or maybe the next build......who knows) I have the Italeri Sunderland to build. As this is such a new kit, and I want to go all out on it, what do people recommend for rigging (not forgetting I have never rigged anything before, and want it as simple as possible!
  7. Now before anyone says anything - I know they are the wrong colouring for the particular marks and the cat shown doesn't match the markings used. However, they were built to go on display in my in-laws house which is sited on the old RAF Mountbatten in Plymouth. The developers of the housing complex they live in made a little faux-pas in the naming of the houses, because, according to my (admittedly limited) research, the cat never flew operationally from there, but the Sunderland did! I didn't really have time to get them as perfect as I would have liked, and to ease painting, I neglected to paint them white (which as we know can be a real bitch to get right at times). So hence the paint jobs. The buildings that can be seen in the far background, are the original hangers, which are grade 1 listed structures so they have to remain! just everything else has gone! (I've only just managed to get these pictures - the kits were built end of Feb. beginning March last year) (PPS - I'm also crap at rigging hence why no bracing wires on the floats - plus I'd only been back modelling about 6 months and were the last kits I hand brushed - after these everything has been airbrushed - so the paint may seem a little ragged in places)
  8. Well done young padawan! These are but your fist steps to becoming a master...... Seriously though, well done - I cant even remember what my kits where like when I was 13 (probably like many, more glue and splodgey paint then anything else!) keep at it, and you could always try and locate your closest modelling club if you want more direct help. If you have a Modelzone or other similar hobby store, they may be able to point you in the direction of your nearest club.
  9. 2 x Humbrol 85 rattle cans! And believe me - I've had to clear a lot of room to store this one - and when I build, I have to use the dining room table - no man cave!!!!
  10. Thanks for the comments! I only build for my pleasure and no-one else. My wife wouldn't know any different, and none of my family would - so it doesn't really matter what finish it gets, I don't spend 6 months building a cockpit or interior that no-one will see, or spend a year building a model for a competition in such a way that you can only see the inside with a dentists mirror. No - I build simply for my pleasure - if I like the look of something I have built, then that is the only opinion that counts. The only reason I posted this particular kit on here, is that I had not seen any in the night fighter variant - bombers yes - fighters no - so I thought that people may enjoy seeing it. Clearly, I was wrong to a certain extent. If the only comments people can make, are negative, and ridicule them about ignoring research (which again, I don't bother with - I build out of the box and limit aftermarket to photo-etch and masking) then I will simply stop posting, and keep all my builds to myself. I have only been back in the game for about 18 months and thankfully have quite a thick skin. Other people may just stop altogether because of comments. Encourage don't discourage. My final comments are these, the finish is for a reason. Due to limited funds, I cant go out and buy several airbrushes, one for fine work, one for coarse work or one that would cover a large area easily. This is a massive kit, and the only aerosols I could find from modelzone or Hobbycraft (my ONLY local hobby shops) was satin black - there was NO matt black available. And this photo shows what happened the last time I followed "advice" on gloss or matt finishes.
  11. Sorry if you dont like it, but its my kit and i do like it. The last time i listened to someone who didnt like the finish on a kit and used a matt finish i ended up having to scrap it due to the matt finish frosting and ruining the kit. So this is the way it looks and will remain so.
  12. Wasnt taken as a dig......i honestly only noticed it as i was putting the undercarriage doors and bomb bay doors on...... Bloody anoying i cant correct it either!!!
  13. The tyre isn't mis-shapen. Somehow, it has managed to get itself off centre and is slightly skewed. Trouble is, it wasn't when I put it together, it has happened during painting and finishing!
  14. Here's my latest - The Airfix 1/24 Mosquito done up as the night-fighter version! Enjoy I've had to leave off some very small pieces at the front of the undercarriage as they broke as I was sniping them off the sprues! so this is as is!
  15. This really is a beautiful kit to build - I've built 2 with a 3rd waiting in the background for an opportunistic moment to get built. So simple to do - I've managed to get both of mine built, painted, klear coated, decaled etc in a day (that's a day each, not both in a day!!!)
  16. Hovis, Thanks for the suggestion, I will probably give this a try at some point - I'm currently working on the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito, so this will take up most of my modelling for the next couple of months. Due to a new job, and the times I will be getting home in the evening, my modelling will only be done at the weekends and so will have to take a bit of a back seat during the week! Scratcher, I don't tend to do any weathering on any of my builds - I have them appear "factory fresh"! But thanks for the links any way. I was stationed at Lossie for a couple of years back in the early 90's so saw quite a few of the Buccs whilst there.
  17. Well as the title suggests - I need an alternative to the above! My local Hobby shops (Model Zone & Hobbycraft) do not carry Humbrol acrylic paints. Model Zone have the spray cans, and Hobbycraft only stock enamels - neither of which are much good as I have to do my modelling on the dining table, in the living room. I can just about get away with using an airbrush with acrylics. Can anyone suggest an alternate colour for a 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer, that will be panted in Operation Granby desert pink! I only have access to Revell Aqua range or Tamiya paints from the above two stores. I really do not want to resort to ordering any more paints as I practically have most of the Revell paints and want to use the paints that I have. Many thanks
  18. VTTS have announced that XH558 is to cease flying after next year! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-19926464
  19. Thanks for all the kind words! to date, the Atlas is certainly the biggest kit i've built - and i am struggling to try and keep it safe in the house - i dont have any shelves wide enough to store it in the study or on the display cabinet in the living room. At the moment, it is displayed on the top of a chest of drawers in our spare bedroom! Tomorrow evening, i have to try and transport it to our local modellers club as several members have all asked to see it once completed..................I think a lot of prayers will be needed for safe transportation!
  20. I too also use the new formula - and only since feb of this year just after i got my airbrush & compressor. So far I've not had any problems with it yellowing - all my canopies and glazing on kits have come out fantastic (once i properly got the hang of the stuff, but that's another story!) So far - everything from a 1/48 TSR2 to a 1/72 Revell Space Shuttle has been coated in Future (I brush it on as i dont fancy destroying my airbrush if i dont clean it thoroughly enough). And have even managed to coat the Revell 1/72 A400M! and no problems with it at all.
  21. i believe that the flashes were applied for a display that the squadron did - unfortunately, as they accelerated down the runway - they peeled off.................
  22. almost. Thankfully, my wing roots didnt have a massive gap underneath, and i was able to fill using PVA glue. Also on the top - only a little filler was used at the rear joint and the front. Overall, the fit was not too bad. The front part, which is the cockpit glazing, does not stand proud of the fuselage, i still had to put some filler round it, but on the whole, it fits very well indeed. if i spent more time with the cockpit, i could probably have got it to have a completely seamless fit. But as it stands, it's not bad at all.
  23. Now this is just bloody typical.......... Having just finished building this monster - what comes through my door in the post - this months copy of Airfix Model World and what have they got.... a build article on this ruddy swine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say the air was a slight hue of blue as the article gave suggestions on the approach to building the engine pods, which when i read it there was a slight "doh! as i realised that's how i could have done it...................
  24. thank you very much for the great comments - i have to confess that the wildcat was built some time ago (about 2 months back) but didnt get round to putting it up at the time. However, as i literally only built the Zero over the last weekend, i thought it would be better to have them both on together. What has surprised me is the vast difference in size between the Zero and other US carrier planes of around the same time. For the fighters of WW2 i tend only to work in 1/48 (1/72 is way too small for my eyes!!!) and i have 3 other US carrier planes - 1x F8F-1 Bearcat & 2xF6F-3 Hellcats. The size difference is huge! Hopefully this will show what i mean! I built the Zero alongside a P40 - Thunderhawk IIb (started both last thursday evening and had them both finished by tuesday morning!!!
  25. Revell 1/72 A400M ATLAS (I know the kit is called the A400M Grizzly, but as it has been named "ATLAS" at Fairford this year, that's how it will be tagged!!!!) Academy 1/48 Tomahawk IIb
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