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  1. Same as you - don't agree with the streaming of music. Would much rather have the actual CD - I still rip the cd to the computer to be played in the car etc (both cars have USB slots to allow digital music players to be inserted and played through the car audio system!) A lot better than lugging dozens of CD's around for the long journeys we used to do down to Plymouth or up North to see family. Once ripped, still keep the CD (very grey area re copyright if you don't) as I have an incident where the back up hard drive failed so had to re do all my CD's. At that time it was somethin
  2. I use the Humbrol clear over Tamiya X & XF paints as well, and never had those sort of problems. Have also used it over Humbrol, K-Colour metallic, Vallejo acrylic metallic, and Xtracrylic paints. Don't use Revell Aqua anymore due to the very limited colour pallet that they have, and insisting on mixing colours and not giving the correct names, eg Insignia blue or Camouflage Grey or Sky, and only giving their own paint colours for anything! At least Humbrol or Tamiya try to get the names right most of the time!
  3. I managed to find it easy enough, and you can change the order it's in from the drop down box at the top of the page, either most popular, or date. And to find it, from the front page, Community > Blog & News. Et Voila Workbench! The only thing I cant find are the monthly desktop wallpaper downloads. However, I have messaged them to ask the question if they are still doing them, and also to mention about the missing images on the blog pages (managed to find them - on the same page as the blogs)! Having done a little bit of web work, it may work perfectly well in "development
  4. this is my response above date 19/01/21 regarding the january issue Emailed them yesterday (18/01/21) about the January issues not being available in print. In theory, they should have been available at the end of December, beginning of January, however now at end of Jan and still no sign. They are available though, as digital issues! The reply back was that they will be in the shops and on website from the 29th January. I must admit to being a little surprised about that, as that is when I would expect the Feb 2021 issue to be going on sale! This now ties in with Wart
  5. Emailed them yesterday about the January issues not being available in print. In theory, they should have been available at the end of December, beginning of January, however now at end of Jan and still no sign. They are available though, as digital issues! The reply back was that they will be in the shops and on website from the 29th January. I must admit to being a little surprised about that, as that is when I would expect the Feb 2021 issue to be going on sale!
  6. Cant find it at the moment - but @Mike (if I remember correctly that is...) posted something the other day about the owner of Ultimate conversion chart having emailed to advise that he was working on changing the site over, obviously not a quick job but he was working on it. In the mean time, he was going to make the original PDF file available for download.
  7. My comment seems to have been well and truly taken out of context and twisted intentionally. I was not referring to the situation that we are in as being outside of the EU and having issues - I was referring to the problems that we are having with regards the confusion that the HMRC are having in implementing the new rules. If we were still members of the EU, the HMRC would still possibly be having the same problems with implementation having to deal with traders from countries such as USA, Canada, Brazil, etc. I never mentioned anything about problems trading
  8. Taken from the article I got the info from (which is an online journal for tax specialists, and was the first to appear in my search) These changes aim to ensure taxation in the member states of consumption which, for goods, usually is the state where the goods are made available to the client, and, for services, the state of residence of the beneficiary. They also impose obligations on "electronic platforms and extend the use of the ‘one-stop-shop’ (OSS) scheme for the payment of VAT." This could give the impression that it's mandatory. The VAT changes are an EU wide
  9. Just seen a post on the IPMS workbench page about the VAT changes. Whilst the UK has changed the rules WEF 01/01/2021, the EU are implementing the same changes in July 2021. So... all these companies complaining about the implementation of the rules now and not shipping into the UK, what are they going to do when they have to do exactly the same for shipping into the EU? The value has been set at 150 Euros (about £135 - give or take exchange rates), which seems to be the value being talked about on here. Further to this I had a quick look at a little bit of the backgrou
  10. This from the list on the IPMS Germany website shows "Variante" which translates to variant, anything from another manufacturer is shown as from that maker (ICM, Dragon, Academy etc), reissues, and so on. Based on this list the Hawk T2 is a variation of the existing tool, and not a tooling they have bought in from someone else Revell 03835 Sports Plane Builders' Choice 32 Variante Revell 03861 Fieseler Fi103 V-1 32 Special Hobby Revell 03847 F/A-18F Super Hornet 32 Version Revell
  11. Just so glad you did not say that you've been waiting to do a beaver for 20+ years...... And on a completely different note.. Here are my latest acquisitions. Thought I'd treat myself to some books from Haynes (and from what I've read over the last few days in one of the other forums - these may be the last ones I buy from them!) And from the Big H - a couple of Spitfire Mk XIV (civilian) couldn't decide which scheme I liked best, so decided to do both of them, and a couple of masking sets - canopy for the Airfix kits, and camouflage for the
  12. @bootneck If you're using Windows 10, Internet explorer still exists! On your start menu, scroll down to Windows accessories, click on the link, and this will open a sub menu. It will now show a list of other apps. Explorer is one of them. This will still run the ultimate paint conversion site (well it does on my PC as I use it a lot, and have to do it this way!) Regards ****Well it would seem that this was a little premature - Adobe have somehow managed to block all access to inbuilt flash players on browsers with effect from 12/01/2021 - thus rendering all fl
  13. Has anyone thought that Tesco may have paid for an exclusive deal... So in order to provide the catalogue with AMW, Tesco (unless anyone has seen it offered in any other supermarket???) will have paid a sum of money to provide this as a promotional item in store and as an exclusive marketing item. So in other words, you go into the store to get your magazine, and then whilst there, you are tempted into buying other items - just the same way as they have always worked with promotional items! It may seem to us that it's "Free" but there will have been a payment somewhere
  14. Sorry but I will wait and see what happens - I am not pay9ing £8.99 for a magazine no matter where it's from. The "Holiday" 2020 issue had an increase, but I cannot accept a standard issue being at such an exorbitant price!
  15. It would seem that the cover price has increased to £8.99! Just been into smiths this morning and went to pick up the January 2021 issue. The cover price is now a whopping £8.99 - I'm disgusted. A near doubling of the price in only a month or so. I would live to know what the UK importer/distributer attributes the increase is to? Needless to say I did not continue with my purchase at that price - Smiths claim they do not know who the UK distributer is, although I will be asking the question on the Finescale modeller FB pages and/or emailing the editor I think.
  16. Received my copies in todays post - but it would seem that they are the second copies posted out, and not the originals. No idea where these have gone - they seem to have vanished into the black hole of missing mail items!
  17. It's available as a back issue - so still on the website!
  18. Sam Publications doesn't exist and have not for some time hence why the link does not go anywhere. The original owners sold to MA Publications and they are new owners of Model Airplane Monthly (MA) and Scale Aviation Modeller International (SAMI) - their website or even Facebook have not been hacked; this was Guideline Publications who publish Scale Aircraft Modelling (slightly confusing). Their Facebook page got hacked and couldn't recover it - the hackers replaced the admins, and due to Facebook policy being the Admins have to restore rights... you guessed it, they could not get
  19. Not seen them in our local smiths... Still waiting on copies purchased direct at the beginning of December when they appeared on the website - emailed them about them and replacements sent out last week - not seen hide nor hair of our postie this week at all; seems to have been hibernating after Christmas!
  20. This happened to me as well. Price marked at £8.99 but came up on the self service till at £4.99!
  21. I received mine a couple of days ago as well. Really quite liked it! As I'm a subscriber to AMW had already received the 2021 calendar from them, so this is an added bonus - SWMBO has claimed this one for the kitchen!
  22. And this is part of what we bought! Speakers for £158 (reduced from over £380), the Bluetooth adapter (not too sure of the amount on that). Not shown is 20mtrs of speaker cable (you do get some with it, but I like to have spare, just to make sure I have enough) We are still awaiting the mounting plates - they are apparently coming from somewhere in Luxembourg, despite us ordering from a British based company who stated they had them in stock.... We are trying to cancel the order as we feel we have been misled as to availability. Original deliv
  23. Not Modelling related! For a while now we have been looking at replacing our speaker system in our living room - it's a second hand Sony Surround Sound system - 5.1 speaker system, that has co-axial & optical inputs. We've had it about 5 years, and bought it 2nd hand for about £50. Sadly it is now starting to show it's age. I've had my eyes on a set of speakers from a company called Logitech who produce some very nice PC speakers (very pleased with the set-up I have attached to my PC). They also make a very nice Surround system with multiple inputs, and really designed for medi
  24. https://www.facebook.com/ICM.Models/posts/1508778282648438 Not sure (and tried to do a search and nothing came up) if this has been notied - ICM seem to be teasing a silhouette of a Tiger Moth on their Facebook feed at the moment asking people to guess the plane in 1/32nd scale! Possible incoming announcement of a large scale Tiger Moth?
  25. Just realised that despite several purchases, I've not posted any of them on here since early September... How very remiss of me! So without further ado, my recent purchases all in one...... (It's not so much the Great Wall of China but The Great Wall Of Models!) That's all of my purchases since Mid Sept! (Now let's see if I can remember where all of it came from!) In no particular order - : 2 x B-25 Mitchells - shop in Dorchester - very nice place in the middle of town. reduced in price from £24.99 ea to £14.99 ea! Spitfire
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