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  1. Up to recently I have been using Tamiya fine primer rattle cans for priming - sadly with asthma and a heavy cold this is proving problematic (plus all the over-spray and fine particulates that they leave behind!) I am trying to move over to acrylic primers such as the ultimate primers or the Vallejo primers. Sadly I was unable to pick up any ultimate primers at Cosford yesterday, but I do have in my possession some Vallejo primer. Now I have tried using these previously but didn't get on with them following the recommended instructions (clogging etc). Now would anyone recommend thinning these primers at all? At the moment all I have is some ultimate thinner, but there is a place locally I can get some Vallejo thinner (not much else from there but at least I can get the thinner and cleaner!) At what ratio would most people generally thin at? I have found when using my airbrush, and what acrylic paint I'm using (Tamiya, xtracrylic, humbrol) my starting point is a 50/50 mix, but have no idea with the primers so any help would be appreciated. Thanks john.
  2. Just had a quick look on the Eduard website - these are the wrong fuselage sprues! Here's a copy of the picture straight from the Eduard site : This ties in with the description that Mike has also given in the text. Regards John
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. The base was purchased from Coastal Kits. I was initially going for a bomber base dispersal point, but then thought the WWII RAF roundel worked so much better. I managed to find a company that made vinyl stickers of the 106 sqn crest, so that was another no brainer for me to get (besides it was only £1 inc postage....!) I have to say that this build was probably the most nerve wracking ever! at times my hands were shaking so much with nerves cause I just wanted to get it "just right" that I had to stop and come back to it. But over a period of about 3.5 weeks and getting on for a good 50+ man hours, I didn't ignore the inside either, but whilst it's not detailed, I did not skimp out on masking up and painting the detail where I could. Partly because, I know it's done!
  4. Hi all! Just wanted to share these pics of a build that I have recently completed. This was a rather unusual build for myself as it wasn't for me; it was sort of a commission build for a friend of mine who was retiring. She was the Office Manager of the church that my wife and I attend, and where I volunteer in the office one day a week. Last year, during a conversation that we had about my RAF service, she happened to tell me about her uncle that had served in the RAF during the 2nd World War. Sadly she had never met him as he was lost on ops on 27/28 July 1943 during Operation Gomorrah, the bombing of Hamburg. With the information she was able to give me, and with a little more research, a plan started to form as to how I would be able to say thank you to this lady for the 12 years of service she had given the church. So fast forward to the beginning of January this year, I acquire all the bits and bobs I need - including the latest Airfix 1/72 BI(FE)/BIII Lancaster and make a start. My target date - 5th Feb which is her last official date as a member of staff of our church. I took my time (a little too much I think) and it was finished on the Thursday before hand! so here you go. I am aware there maybe a couple of flaws, but then again, who isn't critical of their own builds! So here you are: Well I hope you like the pictures - I dont have this in my possession any more but the lady who it was built for, and her husband adore it, and as a representation of the aircraft that her uncle was aboard when he was lost I think I works very well. In this case, it doesn't need heavy weathering, or for it to look like it has been on dozens of ops. It is a memorial and a thank you. Regards John B
  5. I bought a strip of lead flashing from the local builders merchants about 5 years ago. I just cut a strip off when I need it. It's still going strong and will probably last for several years yet. Just use CA to stick it in where I can, as far forward as possible.
  6. You might be better off posting this question in the "Tools & Tips" section which has sub-forums for Air-brushes and compressors. Paul from Little Cars frequents them regularly and is quite an expert in this field. Regards
  7. just looked up on the USAF national museum and got this pic http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Upcoming/Photos.aspx?igphoto=2000541926 followed this with a google search https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=lockheed+xf-104+starfighter+prototype&biw=1920&bih=911&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiVv-iu4sfRAhVMIsAKHZKDAL4Q_AUIBigB Lots of images of the XF104 based on the search parameters and which tie in with the image from the USAF museum. Regards John
  8. Thread resurrection time!!!! I will be starting the build in the new year - the person for whom this will be built retires at the end of jan/ beginning of Feb. I need to pick up a display case/cover - I have found a base that I can use which replicates the dispersal point on a WWII bomber airfield, I just need a cover! The display base I have found is 420mmx297mm so the case needs to be tall enough to accommodate the newest Airfix Lancaster B.I/III kit (at a rough guess 120mm high) but just a little smaller than the base. As I have never bought one of these before where would anyone suggest buying one from? I do have a very tight budget and time frame so an off the shelf would be great! Thanks
  9. found the following on Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MXK48297 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MXMM48014 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PK48010 I appreciate that the montex masks have markings as well - but they are the only ones I could find (along with the pmask) that had Malcolm hood masks - you will also need some liquid masking fluid. Which you use to fill in, in-between the lines of the mask. Regards
  10. I was there in May this year. Literally 2 weeks before the x-planes and presidential hanger opened! I was gutted. But spent two whole days there, and a third in the general area. Could have spent longer, but didnt realise when planning just what there was to do in the area. Managed to take about 1100 pictures! Lets just say i have a lot of reference pictures for any USAF builds I have planned.
  11. I spent 2 full days there earlier in May this year. Unfortunately I missed the opening of the Presidential and X-plane hanger by about 2.5 weeks!!!!!!!! 1100 pictures later managed to get round everything - and included a lot of walkround shots!
  12. The main undercarriage doors are always closed when on the ground.; They only open when cycling through on takeoff for the gear being raised. I found this out a bit late in my build and then had to retrospectively fill and sand to blend them in. Hopefully these pics taken of the F4J Fury on-board the USS Intrepid will show what I mean
  13. The customer in question is the customer who ordered the mould, and the kit is the test pressing from the initial run from the first batch. Many magazines will have a build review based on a "test kit" - with caveats stating that the production kit may differ based on feedback from the test build. The "customer" may be Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, Eduard etc. They will also build copies of the test pressing and feed back to the mould manufacturer if there are any faults, and if any corrections need to be made.
  14. Whilst most of the aircraft on the USS intrepid are behind wires, you can still get a lot of great shots - I was in New York in May of this year and visited the Intrepid whilst there - personally I took 195 pictures - and could have taken a lot more - the weather that day was awful (raining all day and when on the flight deck trying to take pics.......!) Not only do you have the Intrepid, you also have the USS Growler, a Missile equipped submarine that you can go aboard, and a Concorde. There is also one of the Space Shuttles on the flight deck (however, you have to pay an additional fee for this if you wish to see it). A great thing to visit is the High Line Park - this is a converted high level railway which is now a public park. It is a great way to see a large chunk of the west side of the city, and ends at the Hudson Railway Yard - which is about a 20 minute walk south of the Intrepid. I would advise strongly to buy the weekly subway ticket though. It was about $31 each (plus $1 cost of a new metro card). it was certainly worth it as this is the easiest way of getting round the City. Another thing we did was to visit the Rockerfeller Centre, and take a trip to the "top of the rock". 69 floors up - and the views are just fantastic - better than from the empire state! We also walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, visited Central Park, Times Square (but be warned - currently they are making this a pedestrian area so there may still be construction work going on when you visit). We also paid a remembrance visit to the site of the Twin Towers (which is my avatar picture at the moment). Whilst it was designed as a place of remembrance, it has turned into a tourist attraction, and there were so many people taking selfies and what I would term inappropriate pictures (mainly Asian tourist doing this though!!!!!!!). We really enjoyed our trip and would visit again. But maybe stay further out and use the subway/LIRR to travel in.
  15. Received yesterday - and boy was it nicely protected! The sprue was wrapped in about 5 layers of bubble wrap, this was then protected in between two layers of air wrap, and then in a box. I have to say this has been a fantastic service from Hannants - many, many thanks to their sales team for their after sales care!
  16. I had a quick look as well - talk about a "victim" culture....... I also had a quick look at their actual forums and even in their forum rules, without mentioning BM they seem to have a victim mentality. Mind you, one or two of them admit that even after being banned, they still visit BM and use the resources and research that fellow BM members have collated for their own builds!!!!!!!! I for one am grateful of all the hard work that the moderators put in to keep the forums working and in line. There is nothing worse than when threads get nasty and malicious - we all know the rules and we shouldn't get shirty when we break them. One big cheer for Mike et al for the work they do in keeping us rabble in good order!!!!
  17. This has now been sorted out and a replacement sprue is on its way.
  18. Good Morning. Sorry to bother you through the BM forums (I have also sent an email to the Colindale store in regards to this issue). Last Thursday afternoon, I drove down to Hannants' Colindale to buy a few airplane kits and a few accessories, the items purchased where as follows: Tamiya flexible curve masking tape - 2, 3, & 5mm Eduard EX214 masking for Trumpeter F9F-2P 1/48 Airfix 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter TF.10 Hobby Boss 1/48 ME262 A-2a/U2 Hobby Boss 1/48 J-29B Trumpeter 1/48 F9F-2 Panther Unfortunately on opening the box to the panther this morning, there is a sprue missing, and an additional sprue which on closer inspection states "Wyvern S.4". The missing sprue is sprue D, the clear parts. Obviously without this part, the kit is unable to be built. Obviously, as the retailer, my initial point of contact to resolve this issue is with yourselves. Therefore I am asking that you provide the replacement sprue as soon as possible please. (please respond by PM for my address) Many thanks John Brooks
  19. treker_ed

    RAF Beret

    I joined about the same time (feb 91) - however - I was a discip and worked for the SWO - so no 1 hat or SD hat was actually standard dress all the time for me. I was told to go and get a second one - there were some ructions at strore when I went to get one. However, a quick word from the SWO and I was quickly issued a second!
  20. C17's and lots of them - but then again I am currently sat in a hotel in Dayton OH. Which happens to be the home of Wright-Patterson AFB......
  21. Just flown to USA. Middle name is shown on passport, but was not shown on ticket, same for the wife. This has not been queried at all. And we have also just flown on an internal flight as well.
  22. Thanks Simon. My colleague has been researching her family tree and was estranged from her father and has only recently found out about her uncle. Because she has done so much for our church, and that she is also retiring fully (she is retired from her original job with a high street bank!!!!) I thought building this (a) as a remembrance of her uncle, and ( as a thank you, would be quite a fitting way of doing both at the same time.
  23. A quick plea for assistance. I have a friend who's uncle was in 106 Squadron during the war. He was a W/Op/Air/Gnr on ED708 - ZN-O of 106 Squadron shot down on Operation Gomorrah. Unfortunately, the aircraft seems to have come down either on ingress to target or egress from target and is believed to be somewhere in the North Sea. The aircraft was lost with all hands. In order to say thank you for all the hard work that my friend has given our church over the years, I would like to build a representation of this aircraft for her. I already know that it is a Lancaster B.III, but an accurate representation would not be to necessary as the lady and her family are not avid aviation enthusiasts so would not pick out any discrepancies between a generic B.III and the specific airframe in question. Getting the main decals is no issue - getting the serial and Squadron details is the issue however. I have done a fair bit of searching for any images of ED708, but have so far not found anything. So I pass it to the BM collective. Does anyone know if ED708 had any nose art? Or where I can get the appropriate sized and coloured "ZN-O". I know Hannants do the correct lettering for the serial number. I wont be building this for several weeks as I will be on sabbatical with SWMBO for the next 8 weeks, but I will be able to check in from time to time. Many thanks in advance for any help given Treker_ed
  24. Just right when I'll be in the middle of my nice long holiday on the East coast of the US! No modelling for 8 weeks solid!!!!!!!! The wife has been working for her company (a charity) for 10 years, so they get given a 6 week sabbatical. We have added 2 weeks of her annual leave - 8 weeks of vacation! As a "gift" I get to go to Dayton, OH, for a few days, and the National Museum of the USAF. Lets just say that 3x32Gb SD memory cards, and 1x16GB may not be enough. Then after 4 weeks in the US it's back to Blighty for a few days and off to France. So, what's going to keep me sane for the BM downtime?
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