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    Postage rates

    If your order included any paints, they must be delivered by courier - they CANNOT be sent by normal mail! They are classified as dangerous items and therefore must not be sent through the post. There was a change in the postal regulations a few years ago, which reclassified ALL hobby paints (enamel, acrylic & lacquer) and subsequently this has increased delivery charges on orders where paint is included. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies would be able to explain this a lot better than I can as he has to deal with this on a regular basis. John B
  2. Classic FM this evening at 8pm have a special concert to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Starting with the RAF March Past, Spitfire Prelude & Fugue, Battle of Britain Suite, and will include 633 Squadron, Nimrod (Elgar), Beethoven's 5th, and finish with the Evening Hymn, Last post & Sunset. I think it will be a highly emotional evening for very many of us! I for one will be listening from 8pm onwards.
  3. Bought one, but I'll be going for aftermarket decals - movie tie ins are not my thing. Only got one cause I'd been looking for one of these kits for a while, and not been re-issued - now re-done but with tie in only!!!!
  4. (Bought by the wife as a birthday present - Sadly, the button to release the pop-up flash broke after only a few days so has to be returned to the retailer (John Lewis), but as we have the receipt it should not be a problem to get it exchanged (purchased mid August). ) ****(update 14/09/2020) Sadly as suspected, the camera has had to be returned for replacement. Initially for some reason John Lewis seemed intent on some 30 day rule, as the camera was purchased by my wife on 1st August. However, I pointed out that as the fault with the flash has occurred within 6 months, under the
  5. Picked up these at a couple of LHS whilst on holiday in Dorset: The two Mitchell II's I bought from Dorchester from a shop in the town centre. Wasn't immediately obvious they sold any kits, except they had a small display of Warhammer and a small poster in the window, quick pop in and asked if they had any other model kits, and yes upstairs. Nice selection of Airfix & Revell models, with the two Mitchells on offer at £14.99 each! Couldn't really say no to that, so I had both of them! The Revell kits all came from Setchfields in Poole. Thanks to my gorgeous wife who bought them f
  6. I think I managed to find it - digits have been transposed. @neil5208 is this the sheet : http://www.printscale.org/product_798.html ? If so - I'm struggling to find any images of these aircraft. I have found an illustration of the 3rd aircraft - i think it is actually NMF with a painted underside - not a light blue fuselage at all. It's the 7th illustration down the page, and when you click on the image, a large picture of the nose appears, and would appear to be NMF ; https://www.markstyling.com/b24s.05.htm
  7. @sinnerboy - Hope this info helps you a little bit. Model Innovations - http://www.modelinovations.co.uk/ These guys are the UK importers (recent email to them as I'm looking at buying some k-color metals - they are low on stocks and not sure when new supplies arriving...) Frome Model Centre - https://fromemodelcentre.com/ Bought my first lot of k-color metals from these guys. Paints are brilliant! They do take a bit of practice at first, but once you get the hang of them, they are great! (here's a video link of the K-Colours Chrome -
  8. No internet/FB presence that I can tell - but their hours are currently 10:30 till 16:00, and they are limiting numbers in shop to (I think) 5 customers. (from 27/09 for about 2 weeks they will be changing their hours for holidays - 10:30 until 15:00 most days - sign in window advising, so if wanting to visit, might be worth contacting in advance to check their hours - 01202 673300) Contrary to some of the comments, they couldn't have been more friendly or more helpful today on my visit. Thoroughly pleasant and productive visit (purchases to go in acquisitions once i ge
  9. Popped there yesterday (09/09/2020). They have changed their hours but had missed it on the website - arrived at 4:20 and had closed at 4pm. However, they allowed myself and my wife in. Now comes the rub... They started to insist on face masks (fair enough) however both me and my wife are exempt from wearing due to medical issues, and we have cards explaining why. Then they insisted on us using their hand sanitiser - we have our own. The person in the shop became very "narky" and turned round and said that because she didn't know where ours came from, we were NOT allowed to touch a
  10. It also states on the box for the later versions. I have the version 3 boxing which I have only recently bought. v.1 of the kit only has 3 decal options - USS Wasp trials, VMFAT-501 trial aircraft & the f-35 S/TOVL trial Aircraft. Does not appear to have any etch v.2 Added weapons set, etch (don't know about the decal options) v3. Added etch, and more decal options, including international operators (inc RAF/FAA) also hardpoints for beast mode but not enough weapons to allow all hardpoint to be filled though!
  11. They don't have one as far as I am aware - nor do they have a Facebook page. I don't think they go in for internet sales. But.. They are still open based on some recent comments online. I'm going to visit this Friday (11/09/70) so can double check.
  12. treker_ed

    Haze Paint?

    Does this help @Julien? No idea myself, just doing a quick google search as never heard of the colours.... https://www.google.co.uk/search?ei=4xpVX8jzI-S78gK1zr74Ag&q=haze+dark+blue+WWII+f-5a&oq=haze+dark+blue+WWII+f-5a&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzoICCEQFhAdEB5Q-UxY0nhgkXxoAHAAeACAAV2IAZAGkgECMTGYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6wAEB&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiI8azMhdXrAhXknVwKHTWnDy8Q4dUDCA0&uact=5 this was my google search.
  13. 1/72 for WWII Heavies (Lancaster, Stirling etc) or other such large aircraft 1/48 for Fighters But... I do have some 1/32 scale mixed in there as well - I have the Revell 1/32 Eurofighter Typhoon, FW190, Spitfire IX, Spitfire IIa, and in the middle of building the P-51D (early) from a couple of years ago. In the stash I also have the 1/32 Hunter, He-219, JU-88 A1, FW-190 A8/A8 R11, Me-262 B1/U1, Hawk T1a, 1/48 Ventura, Catalina, Liberator, Invader, Beaufighter, Do-217, and a few others. So I don't always stick too rigidly to my scale. If I see something I lik
  14. Forgot this one - reminded about it when reading the AMW August issue Setchfields Models 21-25 High Street Poole Dorset BH15 1AB Been in there a few times when down in Dorset on holiday. They have a fantastic range of kits and a large range of manufacturers (I usually make a habit of calling in when down there and will be calling again when down there over the next week). Highly recommended.
  15. I have the magazine in front of me. The box art matches the advert, the box code matches the advert. A mistake has been made with the advert, it happens. It could be two different people have done the advert - Graphic artist designing the profiles based on the original artwork, and a copy designer designing the advert based on what they have been told the new markings are! They may not have been combined until sent to the magazine for actual final copy setting. I managed to find it simply by going to the drop down menus, selecting shop, Aircraft, Military Aircraft, and then organi
  16. here's the link https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/aircraft/military-aircraft/supermarine-spitfire-mk1a.html
  17. I'm not an admin - nor do I have any connection to the running of the board; however... If I read this correctly, the board is technically privately owned, it's not a publicly listed or limited company, therefore there is no obligation on the owner of the site to publish or state what they pay the hosting company to provide their services, or publish annual accounts unlike public companies or even charities. We are here at their "request", we apply to become members, they do not have to agree to anyone who applies to be a member. I personally am happy with the way this
  18. I've always dipped clear parts into Klear or it's equivalents. I've only ever airbrushed gloss varnish that is designed for that purpose (Tamiya X22, X35, XF86 for example). I never risked putting Pledge (never got hold of any actual Johnsons Klear) through the airbrush. Never knew what to use to clean the AB out with after use. Currently using the Airfix stuff they came out with a couple of years ago. Decanted into a glass jar with screw lid, and wide mouth big enough to be able to put in canopies of various sizes and any other clear parts that need dipping - turrets, side windows, etc.
  19. Somehow we've turned Britmodeller into Brit-PC-builder! (A long way from bits of plastic, metal and glue. Although, now thinking about it )
  20. Definitely! One of my lockdown projects was to build a new Media PC for the living room due to all the streaming services we utilise. I tried to use as much as I could from the gaming PC rebuild; but i still had to buy a new Motherboard, AMD Ryzen processor (with built in graphics), 8 Gigabytes of memory, and a separate sound card with an optical output. I have a surround sound system in the living room that i wanted to hook into that had an optical input that I wanted to utilise. The final thing I had to buy was a damn Windows 10 Licence. But only found this out when trying to ins
  21. Just in case anyone asks the questions: NVMe - Non Volatile Memory - you don't lose the information stored in it when computer is switched off as opposed to volatile memory in which you do lose everything. MoBo - MOtherBOard - not the music awards - but what everything else in your PC (or laptop) is connected to to allow the computer to actually work (add in cards used to be known as daughter boards or cards hence Motherboard) PICe Ver 4- Peripheral Component Interface - Express Version 4 - the type of slot that things like a graphics card, or sound card are put in that t
  22. The new Microsoft Edge internet browser is built on Google Chrome. They are the same browser technology. IE11 has been phased out - Websites sadly no longer support the technology that this browser was built on, and the version of Edge that shipped with Windows 10 kept getting blocked by google changing their background coding thus stopping their websites from working correctly with Microsoft browsers. MS therefore decided that it was better for them (sadly in some ways) to go with a competitors browser technology - however, Google have still played dirty at times, and
  23. Quite a fair amount... Masks, Decals, & 1/48 F-35B are from Hannants Royal Class Mustang from Scale Model Shop (www.scalemodelshop.co.uk) in Halifax. Been looking for one for a while, and found this, inc postage for £65 (which is about what it was retailing for when it came out I think) Airfix Mustang, Italeri F-35B & Tamiya A6M Zero from The Model Box, over at Barton-Le-Clay. Lysander from MJ Models in Westhoughton, Bolton (another I'd been after, but always a bit pricy - about £25 inc postage) Paints from the local Hobbycraft (sadly apart from Als Hobbies in
  24. Finally managed to pick one of these up myself - it's winging it's way to me as we speak (or rather type...) (Royal Mail track & trace says it will arrive sometime on 17/08/2020 )
  25. Popped over there today - great little place. Bought a few kits - completely forgot the paint that I needed though - half way home before I realised. Most definitely worth a visit. Word of warning though - due to C-19 restrictions, they can only have one customer in the store at a time. But still a worthwhile visit.
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