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  1. In the latest Info Eduard - they comment that the Mustang project is proceeding and "entering the mould production phase" So definitely not a project that has been dropped.
  2. Latest workbench - schemes have changed! No longer have the schemes as originally planned, but now have: XE597/A - 63 Squadron - CO's aircraft specially marked for Battle of Britain display 1958 XF509/73 - 4 FTS , Anglesey Wales. 1968 N-209 - 324 Sqn - Royal Dutch Air Force 1964. The comment from workbench for the change " In some cases, the development team can come across certain issues with the originally intended scheme options which necessitate a change, or simply find a scheme which they feel would be more appealing to modellers" link: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/amphibious-workhorse-of-the-fleet
  3. If you think it's too light - you could always use a black primer which would darken the overlying paint... I did that recently using Tamiya XF-17, and if I didn't know otherwise, I would have said it was almost black in colour, but it definitely blue, just a very, very dark glossy blue! Cant post any pics as not at home at the moment. regards
  4. just rang and spoke to the publishers. They are stating that they have received the copies from the printers yesterday and should be in the shops in the next couple of days!
  5. Wellington 1c in 1/72 is a new tool as well (this was announced in workbench last year - 50th edition on 23/6/17) along with the Hunter, Blenheim (announced in workbench 13/10/17) the Fury is a hangover from 2017. Personally, I'm looking forward to the F.22/24 Spitfire - if they do the markings as noted. I was in the Air Training Corps in my youthful days and my squadron was 80 (Bolton) Sqn ATC and we adopted as our squadron crest, the bell crest from 80 Squadron RAF so we had a long association with the squadron (my squadron was form in 1940, and was one of the oldest squadrons in the country).
  6. I reported this issue some time ago - back at the beginning of august link here: The response at the time was....Use another browser! :-( I actually like using IE11, and not have to faff around downloading and installing other browsers just because one site doesn't quite work properly! So thank you for exterminating the bug
  7. I forgot to mention - Edge is fine - Explorer is wonky! To be honest, never really had any problems with IE until now!
  8. Admins - have we got a solution yet to the "stretched" forums view on the britmodeller skin, rather than having to use the default blue skin where the forum view works properly? This is how each forum looks with the britmodeller skin : And this is what it looks like with the default blue skin: This has been happening since the upgrade. Sorry for being a PITA. Sadly none of the suggested fixes work apart from switching to the default forum software theme. Thanks
  9. Using the BM Theme instead of the default blue theme I also have the "wide screen" issue with the topic on the left hand side of the forum with the poster details on the far extreme right. This goes away and is okay if I swap to the default theme.
  10. Was in Brecon about a month ago - definitely nothing there.
  11. Does anyone know or has anyone noticed recently (within the last few days) why when watching between devices, we are being logged out. So for example, I use BM on my phone, PC, tablet, Linux PC, and laptop (depending on where I am, and what I am doing). In the last few says, I have noticed that when logging into my phone, I will be logged out of all other instances of BM. So has anyone else noticed, or anyone any idea what s going on? thanks john
  12. I use two types of syringe depending on the quantity being mixed. I have larger 5ml syringes for making up large amounts for when I know I will be using a lot of the same colour in one go. I also have some 1ml for smaller amounts. I find these are more accurate than using pippettes.
  13. Ideally you need to leave it 12 to 24 hours to cure properly. Whilst it says that it is dry in 30 to 60 minutes, it has not cured properly so this may be why it is lifting after masking. I have recently finished an Airfix Shackleton using Vallejo primers. Having researched the problems other have had with this, and also needing to thin it a bit before airbrushing, I left it almost 24 hours before spraying the next coat. And then another 24 hours before the first coat of paint. By doing this I did not have any issues with the primer lifting. The paint I used on top of the primer was Tamiya acrylics thinned with their own thinner. The Vallejo was thinned with Ultimate thinners at a ratio of 25% thinner 75% primer. I used Tamiya masking tape throughout, and didn't have any paint or primer lifting at all at any stage (and believe me it's a substantial kit even at 1/72). I sprayed 2 thin coats of white primer, 3 thin coats of gloss white paint, (masked) and then 2 coats of XF24 to act as dark sea grey. with about 12-24 hours between each coat. When the masking was removed, no paint lifted. Hope this helps.
  14. My apologies - I misread the date on the issue - think I need new glasses - I am slightly myopic.... (shortsighted)
  15. Most monthly magazines are printed for the month ahead - so we are talking about the issue published end of April 2017/beginning May 2017 and dated for June 2017 - to be exact Volume 39, issue 03. There is no irony in the title of the thread - the op is quite correct in the title - we are indeed talking about the June issue.
  16. That's exactly what I think has happened.
  17. Sadly not a rogue copy. Just picked my copy up and has the same problem. Bought mine from the branch of WH Smight in Bletchley this afternoon.
  18. There is but one Wonderland models sub forum on this forum - I posted my comment in the correct area - therefore I can only be making my comments about the physical store and location in Edinburgh about Wonderland Models. I cannot magically make another sub-forum up out of thin air. All the devices I have to access this forum - phone, tablet, PC, laptop clearly show that this is the correct area. No other topic within this area mentions Wonderland models by name, they don't reference Wonderland by name because they are all in the Wonderland models sub forum! I personally do not see any reason to amend the subject title - It was a visit on 15-014-17 - and it is in the correct area of the forum to which it relates.
  19. Yes Wonderland Models, why? I know exactly what I was saying when I made my post, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the actual store, not enough money and too much choice. Would have bought more if I could, only issue I had was that I was visiting by train and not in the car so I could only buy what I could carry and not any more. If I had more funds available, I would certainly have bought more than I did.
  20. Whilst on a Easter break to Edinburgh, I was allowed to call into the store by SWMBO. What a treasure trove! It was a delight to find such a wonderful selection of kits and such a wide variety of manufacturers along with a wide selection of ancillary items from paint to filler to varnish and everything in between (or so it seemed!) I was thoroughly spoilt for choice. In the end I decided to get the Airfix 1/48 Meteor (which I had been after for a while), the new revel 1/32 Mk IX Spitfire, and an Airfix 1/72 Martlet. Anyone visiting Edinburgh - GO AND VISIT THE STORE!!!!!!!! You won't be disappointed! Even SWMBO enjoyed going in! Edit - Forgot to mention this - the better half turned round to me and asked "do these guys go to Telford - I recognise the signage above the door?".... Seems my little trips to telford are starting to rub off on her - sadly no sign of her picking up pieces of plastic or tubes of glue yet.......
  21. No limits. I've had masks on for a few months, when I've had to leave a kit and then come back to it to finish off. They are designed to be low tack and leave no residue behind. You can do the whole canopy in one go and you shouldn't have any problems.
  22. Over 5 years later - I've still got the majority of the lead flashing left! I think I was right back in 2012 when I said that this was the most cost effective solution, £26.00 over 5 years (so far) £5.20 per year, probably in excess of 30kits that needed the lead so far. I think the lead flashing purchased back in 2012 was a very good bargain! (ps way to go with thread resurrection I thought this one had ceased long ago )
  23. I believe that Ultimate products primer is repackaged Stynylrez primer - and believe me I would like to get hold of some but low funds at the moment mean that I have to work with what I have available. I was trying to get hold of some at the Cosford show yesterday, but there were no traders selling the stuff so came away without it. Sadly cost of ordering online and shipping at the moment is beyond my funds so I work with what I have. But that is what I want to get at some point (I have a small bottle of the black and works great but as it is such a small bottle, I need to conserve what I have until I have more of it.)
  24. I have, and as I stated I followed the recommended instructions. Sadly it still clogged my brush hence the question about thinning it.
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