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  1. MR.2 According to the description.
  2. Okay - due to asthma, I now have to be a bit more cautious about using aerosol primers (ideally a paint both, but cost and lack of space means that I am currently unable to do so). So fellow BMers, what would you recommend for acrylic primers that can be used through an airbrush (I will be using a face mask to reduce the inhalation of particles). I tend to use Tamiya (thinned using their own thinner), Revell Aqua, and Humbrol acrylic paints - and now and again xtracrylix. I appreciate that I could decant, but would prefer not to (partly due to lack of suitable containers at this point in time
  3. Ok, as the RAF are finally getting their aircraft delivered, does anyone know of any decal suppliers doing any for the Revell 1/72 kits? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/first-uk-a400m-atlas-delivered-to-the-raf
  4. would love to get - but not working so have to try and persuade SWMBO to buy it for Christmas. Looking at the marking options, I know which one I would build. 627 sqn at Woodhall Spa. During my short time in the RAF I was stationed at RAF Coningsby, which is not a million miles away and nowadays is a satellite station of Coningsby.
  5. treker_ed


    Hi Guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong section - but as it's painting I thought that here would be as good as anywhere! Okay, due to the amount of paint dust being generated when spraying my kits, I have had to take a slightly enforced break from modelling for the time being. The room I model in also has a rather expensive and high powered gaming PC, which due to the very nature needs to be kept cool and clean of dust. I recently had to spend the best part f 3 hours, taking the thing apart right down to taking the motherboard out, and removing the extremely large cooling assembly for the CPU
  6. It's not an easy thing to do - but i managed to get the undercarriage to fit afterwards. However, i managed to damage one of the stubs on the undercarriage part, so had to resort to a little CA to ensure it stayed in the right place. But it can be done with a little perseverance and a few choice words that you may not want others hearing!
  7. there are quite specific rules laid out in the ready for inspection section, but to summerise, constructive comments are welcome, but dont criticise the build.
  8. its overly negative comments like those above that have stopped me from posting any of my builds on here. its a beatifully built example of the aircraft type. and above all, its the builders interpretation of the subject.
  9. Does anyone have any idea what the above rattle can colour is the same as in the acrylic paints? I'm in the middle of a Lockheed T-33a and have ran out - unfortunately, I am unable to get any more of this locally (was bought from MZ before their demise and no other local shops stock Tamiya sprays!). However, I do have the majority of the Revell & Tamiya acrylic paint ranges and need to do the undercarriage doors - it ran it in the middle of doing these!!!!!!!! Many, many, many thanks for your wonderful assistance in advance.
  10. i will be keeping an eye on this from time t time - i too have the b24d in my stash - been there a couple of years - but lack of space has thus far prevented me from building the beast. i have the revell released matchbox pb4-y which is the navalised b24 (albeit in 1/72) and the winspan on that must be nearly 2ft - dread to think what the 1/48th would be!!!!!
  11. Sorry have to disagree with that.... taking the measurements shown for actual as 572 (h) x 437 (w) - the hobby boss is 11 (h) x 7 (w) out. The old heller is 42 (h) x 33 (w). So using this as the basis, the hobbyboss is much nearer in dimensions.
  12. Well done indeed. I cant remember what age I started building, but I certainly didnt have the same level of skill at that age. I can certainly remember the old tubes of polystyrene cement (which got everywhere except where you wanted it), and gluey fingerprints on the canopy. But I certainly never had an airbrush or access to one, all hairy brush and smelly old enamel paints with turps to clean the brushes. My old room smelled a little bit back then from the fumes.
  13. Very tidy builds - may I ask how many other kits she has built previously?
  14. I've built this as well - it's huge - nearly 1mtre from wing-tip to wing-tip. I've got everything buttoned up and this took me nearly 2 months to do (wasn't working at the time and was working solely on this kit and nothing else!)
  15. its a radar assembly. I have the same kit built, and another in the stash.
  16. I'm in the middle of building this - and i'm hating the white plastic - so damn hard to see where you've already primed and where you haven't!!!! Anyway, I've got the main fuselage built, primed and painted, my problem now are all the ordinance and wheel bay doors etc. What did you use as your primer? I'm using Halfords white primer at the moment, and Humbrol acrylic spray for the white but getting horrible results (only done the main centreline tank at the moment and that's just terrible - I need to sand it back and start again.) Your guidance and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  17. treker_ed


    Sorry Pin, cant get hold of Mr Surfacer local to where I live and would need to send off to Hannants or MDC or someone similar. I appreciate that I could get some this weekend at SMW but due to lack of funds and not working, cant afford to get up there. With the demise of MZ, all I have locally is Hobbycraft or Als hobbies (who specialise in RC).
  18. treker_ed


    This might seem a daft question, but bear with me please. I have recently moved house into a brand new build, and have finally managed to get around to doing some modelling at last..(yay!!!!!) Anyway, the better half is not happy about me using aerosols in the house (no where outside to do the spraying either and considering what the weather has been like, I wouldn't want to be doing it outside anyway!) I do have a couple of airbrushes that I use, and was wondering what would people recommend using as a primer instead of the likes of Halfords plastic primers, Tamiya fine primers etc that can
  19. I tend to use halfords primer or tamiya fine primer. The halfords grey plastic primer is ideal for large areas and darker colours. The tamiya fine primers are good for when you want a flawlessly smooth primer surface.
  20. treker_ed

    FAA Hellcat 1

    Quick question - which may have been answered already! What would be the interior cockpit colour of FAA Hellcats? Would it be American yellow -green or british grey-green? I have recently got the bobbyboss FAA Hellcat but it doesnt give any colour callouts for the cockpit area. Many thanks in advance
  21. Thanks for the comments guys. Unfortunately I no longer have the instructions and the props are handed so all 4 will need to be replaced. Besides, I want to build another as it's such a great kit!
  22. Thanks Andrew - i've been looking all bloody night for that on-line!!!!!!! I complained to the estate agents , who had been told quite specifically that they were to be careful of the kits in the house, and that no-one was to touch them, and they weren't really bothered, apologised, and that was it. Doesnt really matter that the kit cost me £50, and that i had spent the best part of 4 weeks building, painting, decals etc. I've now had to buy another kit (any excuse i know!) to fix it. I picked it up the other day to move it, and one of the dammned wheels fell off as well, and these had been a
  23. Does anyone have, by any chance, the paints guide for the A400m to hand that they can scan as a PDF? I have a second on order, to facilitate the repair to my first one that was broken by inconsiderate house viewers when selling my current property. I no longer have the instructions to hand and need to check, before i collect it, that i have the various paints to hand and what i would need to pick up, if any. Many thanks in advance if you are able to help.
  24. Italeri have now brought out the Mk IIc Hurricane. Does any one know if the masking & PE that eduard produce will fit the MK. IIc as welll?
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