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  1. less really - as i said the Arado only took a day to do from start to finish - but it is such a lovely kit to build and so easy! the Bearcat 1.5 days - so the other two only took 7.5 days to complete!!!! I will be taking a few days off from any kit building and restart next week sometime with a HobbyBoss Hellcat!
  2. I will only use acrylic paints - there are no enamels used at all - plus with the externals being airbrushed - it's dry very very quickly the only thing i have to wait around for is the klear drying ready to put the decals on and the another coat to seal them and to try and prevent any silvering from occurring (so far so good!)
  3. Revell 1/72 Arado E555 Airfix 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 E1 Hobby Boss 1/48 F8F-1 Bearcat Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 Bearcat As i am not working - i am spending about 8 hrs a day just building models at the moment!!! hence my rather prodigious output at the moment. The Bearcat only took about 1.5 days to complete from start to finish and decaling!! Similarly the Arado only took a day to do and that incudes masking up and doing the splinter pattern!!!!!! All models brush painted internally and Airbrushed on the outside. The Hellcat originally had a 3 way split camo but the intermediate blue that was sugested turned out to be almost grey in colour so this was scrapped and i went with two tone instead - i know this is not entirely correct - but it looks good and i decided to keep it like this! Good bye and thanks for all the fish!
  4. Herr General........you may be correct - i have got some Eduard kits which have them!!! so i may use one of them - they are 1/48 but considering the size of the plane - i dont think that they will look too out of place or oversized
  5. at the end of the day - it's only for my pleasure that i build these models anyway - they are not shown for competitions or in shows etc and as i am the only aviation geek in my family - no else would appreciate it i did any weathering etc as they would only think the model was dirty!
  6. It will left asit is. Weathering is not something i have ever tried and is not a technique i think i could do! I like them looking factory fresh! In regards to the glossy look - it was photographed this afternoon in the sunshine so did pick up a certain amount of reflection
  7. i know!!!! only realised my mistake after about an hour or so and it was well & truly stuck down by this point! would have got shredded if i had removed it!
  8. Hope you all like! Built and painted in just under 5 days from start to finish - however - i was spending at least 5 or 6 hours a day on it! All airbrushed!
  9. Grahame, i have bought some mr muscle and want to strip back the Valiant that i have - but unfortunately, some of the bits are well and truly welded in (the undercarriage wont budge and i dont want to damage it!) - i also have (and this was definately ambition over skill - and because i liked the design) an Italeri 1/72 XB-70 which was painted with rattle cans and looks bloody awful!!!
  10. All these where built between Early August 2011 And end Dec 2011. they used no Masking Kits, Photo Etch, no Klear etc (basically because i didnt know they existed at the time!) And they where all hand brushed - The larger kits were certainly built with a certain amount of over ambition coupled with a lack of skills. The Venom was one of the first i built along with the Vulcan - I also have a Valiant - but this is painted so badly there is no way this is getting a picture on here! The last ones built before Christmas 2011 would be the P47 - then we go onto the Lighnting started in Jan 2012. See i told you my early ones were pretty bad!
  11. Thanks for all the comments - i may have had a lay over for 20 years but belive me - these are the best of the ones i have been building. Part of the reason they look so good is as a result of looking at all your WIP and RFI on here and picking up verious ideas on how to do things as i go along. Mind you - i do also read several of the modeling magazines available (Airfix Model world, Scale Aviation Modeller International & Scale MOdel World). The early ones i bulit are not exactly what i would class as palatable! I'll try and post the rest of them in the next few days and you will see quite a progression as i picked up the old skills and gained new ones. Gareth, glad you liked the Arado - it's very unusual for me to build more than one of any type of aircraft - however, as this one went together so well, and i have to admit, it has been one of my mose pleasurable quick builds (built & painted in something like 3 days!) i have gone and bought another two!
  12. Here is my 2012 so far - There are another two that i have completed - 1/72 Catalina & Aifix Sunderland - but these are in PLymouth and i forgot to get pictures when i finshed them! The Lightning was brush painted and is built OOB (no aftermarket parts at all) - this was built before i acquired an airbrush and has not had a coating of Klear as i could not find any at the time! The Canberra is also hand brushed, but has had a Klear coat brushed on afterwards. The arado and Corsairs are both airbrushed and Klear coated - the Arado was actually a practice kit i bought just to try out my airbrush - and was very happy about the way it came out. The joint was a lot better than you can see - but i had to prise it apart part way through the build as i forgot to put the damn nose weight in before closing it up (doh!). The Victor (and yes i know it's the wrong colour for Hemp - but i had finished painting it when the other half happened to mention that the colour seemed a little muddy!!!! ah well - never mind - it's my interpretation and none of the kits have been built for competitions or display other than for my pleasure in the house!!! Believe it or not - this is an original Matchbox kit and was in the original Matchbox box when purchased with a price tag of £2.95 on it! I dont scratch build, or super-detail these in any way - i just dont have the skills. I will cheat now and again with some Photo etch stuff (which i did use on the canberra - but internally only) or i will use masking kits for the glazing. So these kits may take up to 2 weeks to complete - However, as i am currently not working, i have more time to spend doing them so some of the less complicated builds will only take a week or so to do. Thank you and please do comment - but bear in mind i have only just (last august) re-started building after about 20 years off!
  13. Sorry Acky190 - i only do 1/72 in Bombers! all my fighters are 1/48! I do however have 4 exceptions to that rule (my rules i can bend them at will!!!!) 1/32 - Revel He111 1/32 - Revel Typhoon 1/32 - Revel Mig29 gt/ub 1/24 - Aifix Mossie! I find 1/72 for bombers is just about the right sort of size - and i can display them reasonably ok at the moment.
  14. i am currently working on an airfix 1/48 - which is good but could be better - i was rather hoping to push my self a little bit with it - i'm not into super detailing and scratch building etc - i just do it for pleasure and not to be entered into any shows. If it's not 100% accurate down to the last rivet i'm the only one who will know as the rest of the people that see them are not really interested in planes! I will however, use photo-etch stuff and am getting reasonable with bending and folding it. I have also just started using an airbrush so getting used to that as well. So basically what is better that the airfix?
  15. With a budget of £40 - and pending the release of the Eduard profipack - what would the reccommendation be for a version of the above kit (preferably one of the later marks)? No display space for anything bigger than 1/48 and 1/72 is too small for my sausage sized fingers!!!!
  16. i had this problem as well - eventually managed to get it together only to realise that i had missed the fact that you needed to fit the horizontal stabilisers before joining the rear halves together - by this point i got really fed up with it and it went in the bin!
  17. treker_ed

    Humbrol Acrylics

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a Humbrol supplier in the vicinity of Milton Keynes? I need to get several humbrol acrylic paints but several of the ones i need are currently out of stock from humbrol directly! Unfortunately close to me are only Modelzone (who only stock Tamiya & Revell paints), Hobbycraft (who only stock humbrol enamel) and an independent shop Als Hobbies (who only stock Revell enamel). I need to pick them up soon to allow me to continue with the models i have planned to build. Many thanks in advance
  18. treker_ed

    Paint blow

    Modelzone in Nottingham has a FULL display of revell, tamiya & Vallejo and in the last week or so MZ seem to have started to stock Humbroll acryllic rattle cans! I honestly do believe that it is just the local branch to the OP that is running their stocks down
  19. I've just got myself a "cheap" (£110) compressor and airbrush (EXPO AB602). So far happy with it - only my own skills (or lack of) holding me back. However, as it is a fixed gravity feed cup, i am thinking of getting a second AB to allow myself the luxury of being able to swab to a second colour (especially when doing WW2 camo patterns - either RAF of Luftwaffe!) First question - are most compressor leads/AB connectors fairly standard sizes? Second - if so what would be a recommendation for a second AB in the £50 or so range. Unforttunately recently lost job (compensation paid by employer so not too badly out of pocket by not working) so cant really go too much over that budget. And believe it or not - the wife has agreed i can get a scond AB.....................
  20. I have only recently (last august) come back to modelling after a near 20 yr break. After a lot of debate - i went for this starter kit from Modelzone. So far i have found it ok - just my lack of skills holding me back! I'm still trying to get the ratios right for the paints to flow through the AB smoothly
  21. I am using gods own nectar - but using it as per the revell instructions 4:1 (4 parts thinner to 1 part paint) it seems awfully thin and runny - also i am getting a slight "mottelling" effect as it dries - it's going on evenly but drying out awfully! Jenko - any ideas where i am able to get the flow improver from? i am planning on going to cosford this weekend - i would assume i would be able to pick some up from one of the traders there. Unfortunately here in MK we are very short on local modeling stores - ModelZone, Hobbycraft and one indie (Als Hobbies). The supplies from them are rather on the low side - No-one does Airfix Acryllics - i have to travel much further afield if i want them or i have to order direct from Humbrol. And unfortunately none of them really stock much in the way of modelloing supplies other than from the major manufacturers - so i can forget stuff like Mr Surfacer etc.
  22. Okay, time to ask a question that has probaly be asked and answerd hundreds of times before so i will apologise now (and before any comments - i have doen a search but cannot seem to find a definitive answer!) I have recently acquired a compressor and airbrush (from Modelzone http://www.modelzone.co.uk/airbrush-and-compressor-kit.html) seems to be working okay - however i seem to have an issue tryingh to get the paints to the correct consistancy. I have tried revells recommendations for their Aqua acryllic range - 4:1 - but this seems to be a touch too thin. Also tried 1:1 which is way too thick (using water as thining agent) Can anyone suggest firstly, what would be the best ration to use, and also what wolud be the best thinning agent to use. This also applied to Humbrol Acryllics as i use both brands at the moment. Many thanks in advance!
  23. treker_ed

    Paint blow

    never been available in the Milton Keynes MZ - however they are still doing rattle cans for tamiya!
  24. in the ever immortal words of that great orator H J Simpson......................Doh!
  25. daft question time - how do i upload piccies to the site? thanks......... here's my stash Not a big one as only got back into this last july/August time! Since then built 22 kits (all aircraft) ranging from 1/32 Venom to 1/72 Airfix club Sabre/Mig15 - although i am most happy with my last 2 kist - Catalina & Sunderland which have been built for my father in law as he lives in Plymouth on the site of the old RAF Mountbatten. These will be going on display in his house. No Pics of these i'm afraid as he hasnt seen them yet and yes - i have a very accommodating wife who allows me to build them in the living room on the dining table as i dont have a room where i can build them (yet!!!!)
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