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  1. They haven't changed the decals in the kit; however Hannants have reissued two sets of their 1/48 Javelin decals 1) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48125?result-token=QkbsF 2) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48126?result-token=QkbsF So there's another 10 reasons!
  2. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201624 According to this page - the Ipad 2 is now classified as vintage/obsolete worldwide and as such would receive no further updates (apart from security updates). Sadly, software developers have to draw a line and decide when to stop supporting older pieces of hardware/software - as harsh as it may seem. Whilst the hardware may still seem functional for what you need it for, in the more demanding media related web browsers, apps, etc, they just don't "cut the mustard". This will be partly why Apple decided not to allow further upg
  3. There has been a recent Forum software update, this may be what is affecting your layout on Safari. Have you tried an alternative browser to see if that is the issue? I am afraid I cannot suggest anything else to help you as I have no experience of Safari or Mac OS software, however, the forum update is the most likely candidate to your issue. If this is indeed the case, sadly there is no way of returning to the older version of the forum software. I would assume (as not being a site admin) that the upgrade has had to be carried out, in order to receive ongoing support
  4. Also frustrating is the lack of any sound.... Would kind of liked to have heard that big boom!
  5. I ordered my copies of MA & SAMI direct from the publishers on 02/10/2020 and got emails to confirm dispatch. As of yesterday I had still not received them. On contacting them, their comment to me was that they had sold out and had to print more, and that my copies should now be on their way! Nothing about this on their website nor on their facebook page to advise customers of any delays in their orders. Turns out the dispatch confirmation was an automatic response... If it's not gone out do not send out a dispatched email until it has actually left the premises! (
  6. Sounds more like a PC or Laptop that's having a bit of a problem - IT support general answer "Have you tried rebooting the computer to see if that solves the problem?" I know where my wife works that's the first answer their outsourced IT generally gives! Or in this case.... Have you tried re-booting the car????
  7. treker_ed

    Builders block

    I was like that before we moved back in 2013. I was using our dining table in the living room to build and paint! Not very conducive to a harmonious relationship.... But it worked (sort of) but having to take it all out of boxes, and pack it all down every day was a pain in the ......... I started building again after a near 20 year hiatus in 2011 and didn't have a dedicated room, neither did we have room in the garden to have a shed - so hence the need to use the table in the living room. When we decided to move, one of my requests was that there was a room that could be taken ove
  8. Thanks for the heads up Julian! As This isn't one of the types that I would normally be interested in, the replacement brass undercarriage passed me by completely: if I'd known about it I would have linked to it as well as having made the comment about the plastic being a bit spindly!
  9. There is a build article in this months SAM (Scale Aviation Modeler October 2020). one problem to be aware of is the lack of strength in the undercarriage. In the article, as the builder got to the end of the build, the under carriage collapsed due to the weight o the model, and the spindly nature of the main undercarriage! They obviously kept that in as a warning to anyone wanting to build this kit.
  10. That's the way I've always built up the radiators on Eduard Spitfires. Less fiddly, and you can use the wing structure as a template to guide.
  11. As I have Microsoft 365, I automatically get 1TB of online storage with One Drive. Doesnt seem a lot I know, but as I don't post a lot of pictures (no WIPS) it's more than enough for me. And yes, you can use One Drive for hosting pictures - there are actually instructions in the FAQs, and the pinned thread talking about Hot Linking Photo hosts (and if you have Windows 10, you get 5GB of space anyway with one drive automatically!) Microsoft OneDrive https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-US/ The free plan allows up to 5GB which should be enough for most people.
  12. This months issue has definitely made my mind up with regards a subscription (provided they keep the step by step builds they are doing now). @Jon Kunac-Tabinor I really liked your build of the VLR Mustang from Eduard - I have the same kit in the stash. Picked one up from Hannants by the RAF Museum back in July. They had just received their delivery from Lowestoft, and had not been put away yet! Grabbed one to go with my order! (and also my Chattanooga Choo Choo edition, and now my Royal Class edition... and my 4 or 5 Airfix Mustangs as well Okay I confess, I have mustang problem
  13. The woman in the video has already been arrested for the offences. This happened back in May, the Co-Op has just released this CCTV footage in relation to the proposed legislation before Parliament as an example of the sort of abusive behaviour their staff has to put up with. This is part of the report from The Independent Online that explains what happened to her, and and accompanying male. A spokesperson for Surrey Police said in a statement: “A 41-year-old woman from Lingfield was arrested and given three conditional cautions for criminal damage and publ
  14. @2996 Victor Mark, the drawers under the paint stands are designed for the Tamiya 10ml bottles, The main paints I use are Tamiya, with some Humbrol, Revell, Vallejo (Model Air & Metallics) and K-Colour metals. I only keep the Tamiya out to hand as these are the ones that are used the most. Here's the link: https://www.ebmahobby.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=62_64&product_id=59
  15. @Jon Kunac-Tabinor Personally I am considering a subscription to SAM around Christmas (trying to persuade the better half as a Christmas present....) For myself, I like the "step-by-step" approach that some of the articles take to a kit build, as opposed to a "this is the completed kit" and "these are the painting steps I did " approach that some other magazines are now taking. It helps to identify any problems in a build, and what (if any) steps taken to help rectify those issues. This is what I like about AMW (which is why I've been a subscriber for about 8 years), an
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