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  1. treker_ed

    Covid Jab

    I believe the policy is not to mix and match vaccinations. If you had AZ the first time you get AZ the second, if you had Pfizer for first, you get the same second time round. There were some articles late last year/early this year where it was reported by some overseas press that the NHS was going to mix-and-match the doses you received. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) then got involved and requested a retraction and a corrective statement to be issued ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55519042 ) as this was not the policy at all and that only in the rarest of situations would t
  2. Going to be very grumpy all day...... Having a lovely sleep and then at 02:50hrs was awakened by a loud thumping sound from the street - what the hell is that my mind was saying... Looked out the windows to find 3 young people (couldn't tell the ages exactly, dark street and about 100 ft away or so) casually walking out of one road, crossing my street and heading into one of the other side streets which leads to a open park area with a lake, with some sort of speaker system turned up to full volume cranking out bloody Abba music! Yelled at the top of my voice (which is
  3. I joined the DofE scheme shortly before my 15th birthday back in 1985, and it was one of the best things I did. It was a brilliant scheme for Teenagers and young people. I then joined the ATC, which made the expeditions a lot easier. If I remember correctly cost me all of £6.50 to join the scheme and this was for all three stages. I still have my record book somewhere I was unable to complete my Gold DofE due to joining the RAF (but because I had started it, I could have continued and completed it whilst serving). I still regret to this day not having completed my Gold, but managed
  4. What about the Airframe & Miniature book on the Merlin engine spitfires? https://www.valiant-wings.co.uk/airframe--miniature-no12-second-edition-2802-p.asp
  5. That's the problem when doing a google search and specify (using the tools options) country as UK only - these popped up as being UK based with having .co.uk domains. Google views them as being UK websites!
  6. @Avgas Just done a quick google search for Tamiya 23ml uk resellers and a few have come up that stock the larger bottles (including amazon) https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/catalog/Acrylic-paints-23ml-Series.html https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-paints-spray-acrylic-xf-c-4472_146_4382_292.html?applyFilter=1&currency=GBP&pfrom=0.00&pto=4.92&plskw=23ml Hope this info helps
  7. If they are asking you to update your details and link to a website, and also state about payments treat as a scam. Easy way to check, hover over the email address, of nota true eBay.com, eBay.co.uk then definitely scam. Either way, instead of clicking the link, open a browser and manually type eBay web address and log in to your account. Never log in through a link in an email.
  8. Just been looking at the website for Hataka, and the tech info for the red line of paints. According to Hataka, Red Line is specifically designed for airbrushing, and not brush painting and needs thinning before use (30/70 to 50/50 thinner to paint). They also state that ideally, red line should be painted onto a primed surface. Did you prime first or paint directly onto the plastic surface? Also how long did you wait between coats? It's always possible that if the previous coat had not fully dried/cured, when applying the next coat, it "wetted" the previous coat and "dragged" the paint a
  9. Spent the Easter weekend listening to the Classic FM Hall Of Fame top 300 pieces of classical music. Not just traditional classical music, but also includes film music, and games music as well.
  10. There is a thread in the Rumoumonger about the Wellington including the Mk II
  11. The Hobby Company, based in Milton Keynes, are the UK importers of tamiya products. You could always drop them a line and ask if there are any UK suppliers. www.hobbyco.net
  12. I've recently decided that unless it's not available from anywhere else, I'm not buying from Amazon. I've had too many problems with delivery drivers, and when you start digging down into where a lot of the goods are actually coming from, most of it is supplied from Chinese manufacturers. Nothing wrong with that, but it anything goes wrong, there is no UK warranty other than amazon. And with the apparent way they have been treating their workers, no thanks. I prefer to get brands I recognise and trust, and have used in the past, and from suppliers I recognise and trust. Most of my comput
  13. treker_ed

    Covid Jab

    Had my first Jab (Oxford AZ) on Sunday, no reaction for about 14 hours - then as I was going to bed on Sunday evening WHAM! Started to get fever like symptoms. Hot flush, Shivering (literally shaking), feverish, and a very sore arm. Unlike most people, I couldn't sleep at all - kept me awake almost all night. I think I got 4 or so hours sleep between 23:30 and 06:00 on Monday morning, at which point I got up. Pounding headache - which I suffer from anyway (cluster headaches). I seem to have the opposite effect most of the time - what is supposed to make me drowsy, doesn't...even ov
  14. And now the masking that I was waiting on has now come into stock: 2 x EX756 Kinetic Harrier 1 x CX556 Airfix Buccaneer (new mould) 1 x Airfix Vickers Wellington GR Mk VIII And that is definitely it for now. This month I must have spent the best part of £350 on stuff from Hannants , all of which the boss lady knows about (she has to work from home and there is no where else I can get this delivered to!) But she is very accepting of my hobby. I totted up the other day just how much I had spent at Hannants since getting back into the addiction in 2011 £5000+,
  15. From the Hannants home page (towards the bottom) "Currently we are not taking telephone calls at Lowestoft. This is because we have so many orders to process and fewer staff to do them. Please bear with us and place your order at the website. Please email any questions. Staff who are working from home can answer emails but they cannot answer the phone." Many companies are still remote working in the UK, and things have not returned to normal due to the pandemic - not having received a response within a week, whilst disappointing in the current climate is not unheard of
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