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  1. Sadly not Modelling bits - but more computer bits (my other vice as SWMBO would put it!) Samsung Evo 960 1TB SSD https://www.ebuyer.com/824750-samsung-860-evo-1tb-ssd-mz-76e1t0b-eu Crucilal 500GB P1 M2 NVME SSD https://www.ebuyer.com/863788-crucial-p1-500gb-3d-nand-nvme-pcie-m-2-ssd-ct500p1ssd8 More upgrades to feed my geek and gamer side!
  2. Subscribe to SAMi and not received my copy yet. But... Its normally late, and usually a good week over the on street sale date before I tend to get it.
  3. I'll echo part of what was said above, but also say as well to have a dedicated area away from the hustle and bustle of the day to day "normal" family activities. I personally do not work due to health issues, but my wife does, and she is having to work from home. When we moved to our new home over 6 years ago, I snagged the room that was allocated on the plans as being the home office/study/Bedroom 2 for my man cave/Study, so technically we did not have another room for her to work from; however, with our house being a 3 story semi-detached, we have an area at the bottom of the stairs leading to our "attic" bedroom that I have converted to a workspace for her. It's not a big space, but big enough for a computer workstation, chair etc. If she needs to make any calls, or have Skype video chats (meetings), she can close the bedroom door, that's her hint to me to say to not to disturb her as she's having a meeting, she does also tell me that she's "shutting me out". But, if I don't hear her, and I come upstairs and see the door closed, I know that she's having a meeting (either that or I'm in deep, deep trouble! )! Have breaks, go for walks, H&S rules (in a normal office) say that for each hour in front of a screen, you need to have 15 minutes away doing other things, now that doesn't mean a 15 minute break, it just means, for example, 5 minutes making a drink, couple of mins getting something from a printer, photocopying a document, etc. Working from home, could make this a bit easier, chat to your partner about something insignificant, make lots of drinks, play with the kids for a few minutes. The gist is to take breaks during the day. Also Make sure you have a proper lunch break away from your computer, and your work. Hope these help. Regards John
  4. Another upgrade to the PC. This time the Graphics card - replacing the old (in computing terms) Nvidia GTX970 card that's been in the old & new PC since Sept 2015 (that's positively prehistoric in PC terms!) This time to be replaced with an Nvidia RTX2070. Double the amount of onboard memory, and a massive step up in terms of gaming grunt for the new PC that was built back in late Jan / early Feb this year. Thought I'd get it now whilst I could still place online orders from my regular hardware suppliers! https://www.zotac.com/product/graphics_card/zotac-gaming-geforce-rtx-2070-mini#overview
  5. National.... Stated on their facebook page, and also there is a statement on their website. for the health of their staff and customers in order to be able to comply with the "social distancing rules" Military Illustrated Modeller (Aircraft edition) Air Modeller Model Aircraft Model Airplane International Scale Aircraft Modelling These I buy from Smiths - I managed to buy SAM & MIM before smiths closed, MA & MAI I have now bought direct from the publishers. Air Modeller - is a bi-monthly publication, and I think that's due sometime in April. AMW & SAMI I have on subscription, so should come through the post any day soon I hope!
  6. I worked out last night (this is based on the figures released yesterday, so may have changed since.....) Based on the UK population of 66.44 million people, there has been (so far) a recorded 1,372 infected cases, and 35 deaths. By my calculation that is 0.0021% of the UK population infected, and 0.00005% that has died so far. And the majority of those that have died have been those that have had serious underlying medical conditions (ie so serious, they probably would have been in hospital anyway due to their condition). I appreciate that breaking it down into pure statistics seems rather cold, but... the way that people are starting to panic and behave you would think that 10's of thousands in the country had died and 100's of thousands were infected. Similarly of a world population of some 7 billion, the numbers infected are even smaller. So why the hell are we all panicking the way we are, and going in to total meltdown? Going back to @Beardie comment, we just need to get on with life until told otherwise, that's what I'm personally going to do - go about my normal daily routine, and normal patterns. Why change at the moment? Sorry for the rant, but it's been really getting on my nerves the way people have been behaving over the last few weeks since details of this contagion emerged, and everyone seems to have lost all sense of reality or perspective. Yes, at some point necessary measures will need to be taken, but not at the moment. We are not at that stage! In the words of the poster..... KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! (or as modellers... Keep Calm And Keep on Building Models )
  7. What's annoyed me personally is the fact that as a subscriber, I have received no information at all regarding this... I have had to contact SAMI via the facebook page to get the information previously posted, and then the info posted by @WarthogMKL in this thread. Why have subscribers not been advised of these changes to their subscription? And as we have paid in advance, will we get an extension to our subscription to take into account the loss(!) of an issue. I do appreciate that there is a combined Mar/Apr 2020 issue being created, but we have still lost part of our pre paid and agreed subscription copies. As I have said, it's the lack of direct communication from the publishers that has really annoyed me the most.
  8. I sent them a PM through their FB page on Saturday. This was my message "I understand, following comments on other facebook pages that there have been problems with getting the March 2020 issues of SAMi printed. As a subscriber why has no notification been made of any problems getting the magazines that we have paid for out to us?" Their response: "Thank you for messaging us. Yes there has been a printer issues affecting the March Issues. We are working with them to get them out as soon as we can buy realistically it will be a week to 10 days. We can only apologise for this" (slightly more - but only applicable to subscribers) Whilst they have acknowledged the problem, they have not acknowledged the fact that they should have made subscribers at least aware of the problem.... it's this part that I am annoyed with. My sub was a gift from the wife for my birthday last year, so it's even more annoying from that perspective!
  9. This was posted in the IPMS Workbench Facebook page on 4th March that there was a 2 week delay in printing due to a problem at the printers. it was followed up bay a reply from David Francis, one of the editors of SAMI "David Charles Francis Also effects Model Aircraft Monthly and Scale Military Modeller International as all printed at same time under new ownership. As has been said this effects print issue only as the magazine was ready to print on time it is just an issue at printers." I'm a subscriber and have not received any official notification of a delay in my issue being sent out, I have to say I'm a little bit annoyed about that, and feel that subscribers at least, should have been notified of this!
  10. Now on Feet of clay (about 2/3rds of the way through it) - I am somewhat of a speed reader, and can get through each of the books in 4 or 5 days depending on my mindset, and how tired I am feeling when I get to the time of day I have set aside for reading. But most of the books are definite "cant put downs", and you cant say I'll read 'x' number of chapters as good old Terry didn't write in chapters...…...
  11. Re-reading the whole of the Discworld series by the most wonderful, but sadly missed Sir Terry Pratchett. Started with The Colour Of Magic, which introduced us to the inept Rincewind, and through Guards, Guards - with Carrot Ironfounderson and Captain Samuel Vimes. Now on Interesting Times, which has the Silver Hoarde (a group of 70 & 80 year old warrior barbarians) invading the Agatian empire, with help (or is that distraction) from the Wizzard Rincewind (yes he has returned yet again, like the proverbial bad penny)! Brilliant writing, fantastic humour, and very sadly missed as a series of books. Sir Terry, taken too early by the ravages of a dreadful disease Extremely recommended to anyone.
  12. You know full well that there probably wont be - they'll have given you only just enough to do the job in hand.....
  13. I'm going to add my thoughts - but only as an aside. Whilst I appreciate that Airfix can be annoying in that they only quote Humbrol, many others (as noted) only quote their preferred brand of paint - Tamiya quote theirs, Revell their own brand , and a lot of others only quote Gunze Aqueous / Mr Colour - And a lot of times the names given along side those references are wrong and don't relate to the correct colours at all. Consequently, you can spend ages tracking down references to that item you are dealing with whether it be an aircraft, AFV, car etc. My own sphere of modelling is WWII onwards, and yes I know that's a can of worms in its own right. From the right shade of green in the cockpit, to wheel wells, to the right grey/green combinations of camouflage. No single manufacturer can get it 100% perfect, we all have our own preferred paint supplier, type of paint (enamel, acrylic, lacquer) etc. My approach, is to take the paint refs supplied by the kit in question, read through the information supplied, and if anything jumps out as being wrong, look it up. I've recent worked on a Hobby Boss F84-F Thunderstreak, and it identified the cockpit colour as Gunze/Mr Colour H58/C27 Interior Green which is more of a Zinc Chromate Yellow sort of colour. Whilst not a expert, this didn't seem right, so off I went to check references, and lo and behold, not right should be Gull Grey for aircraft built after 1953, and Bronze Green for prior to that. So due to the aircraft code being 51-9484, it has a bronze green interior. My point being, I don't take the information being presented wholly at face value, I look at it, write it down, and convert to my favoured paint supplier. I have done this with all my kits. It helps me to know what I have in my meagre stash (about 100 unbuilt) and also due to my personality traits, I remember what the majority of those numbers mean when I look at them - eg humbrol 74 is linen, 33 is matt black, 22 gloss white, Tamiya XF-21 is sky, XF 63 is German Grey. Revell 88 is Ochre, 99 is aluminium. The one brand I detest is Revell, I hate having to mix colours to get the shade I need. I will look up other references for that model, to find the correct colours, and then look at the paints I have to find equivalents. Mixing colours is not good - trying to get the shame shade in two batches - unless you are doing this with computer controlled precision, it's impossible! (that's my view on that issue...) Sorry for rambling, those are my thought - I personally like Airfix/humbrol - I don't use a lot of their paint, because of the previous problems with the acrylics, however, the newer designed bottles, seem to have a new formulation of paint in them and spray much nicer. So may start to get them again going forward - but only when required for the kit being built and only if available in the new style container. TTFN (oh yes forgot to mention, that on the main painting diagrams, it does state if a paint falls within a specific paint system - eg Swift FR5 - humbrol 164 Dark Sea Grey BS381C 638 which I do like as it points me in the right direction to find a number of matches in other manufacturers paints)
  14. Nothing modelling related but having to update the computer. Finally! The guts of the current PC are coming up to 9 years old this year - Originally built as a state of the art gaming PC in July 2011, with an AMD FX8150 8 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 2 optical drives, a small SSD, a 2TB HDD for games and data, and a 750 GB HDD for Linux. Also had a discrete soundcard (which had to be replaced as the original was not compatible with the version of Linux I was running at the time). I've definitely had my moneys worth out of the old rig, which (I think) cost me about £800 to build - everything was replaced at the time, case, psu, MB, CPU, etc. So I think at a rate of around £94 / PA it has been a good investment . The new rig will still be an AMD based gaming rig. Here are the specs : CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Max Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVOLN Motherboard - Asus Crosshair VIII Hero Memory - Corsair Vengeance 16GB Case - Corsair Obsidian 750D PSU - EVGA 750BQ (hybrid) O/S - Windows 10 Pro (OEM) Soundcard As Now - Keep what I Have - SoundBlaster X-fi PCi X Soundcard Storage As Now - Keep What I Have - 250GB SSD, 2TBHDD, 750GB HDD GPU As Now - Keep What I Have - Nvidia GTX 970 4GB If this lot last as long as my original rig, I will be a happy bunny (I already know that at some point in the next 12-18 months I will have to replace the GPU as this will be 5 years old this year - not replaced now as on a tight budget and that would have been an added extra expense). Due to arrive on Monday at some point. Hopefully intact Last time, the motherboard arrive DOA with bits broken off and floating round the box..... Rapid return and replacement as I was in the middle of building the new rig! TTFN
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