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  1. The 219 UHU is here http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/160-he-219/page-160-revell-he-219-.html
  2. I have a set of shots and they look OK to me but been busy on He 219 model so have not started it yet it is a Mk 88 and there are plenty of pictures on the web to help out
  3. I have done a build review on my site if you want to look http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/160-he-219/page-160-revell-he-219-.html Ted
  4. tedtaylor

    Vosper MTB 1/35th

    It's a doddle no problems to speak of , all the brass makes up easy and the fit of the parts is excellent. I have built mine OOB so not worried about extras. am just writing a review now to go on my site and hyperscale soon. Ted
  5. Thought this might fit in here, I liked The Liberty Belle when she landed at Duxford and was sad to see her go. I did a few pics of her and I had a chat with the pilot who brought her in.hope you like Great Model by the way. Cheers Ted
  6. You don't need to spend all that money try the Badger 200 I have been using them for the last 40 years and they are no trouble and no nonsense brushes get the medium set for all modelling and if you want to do fine artwork use the fine set. Ted
  7. Try PVA glue cause that is all Kristal Klear is Ted
  8. I have an article on these buccs on my site , some of it may be helpful to you, http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/34-airfix-...er/page-34.html Ted
  9. I have done an article for truck model world which should be out soon I hope, so look there I will also make a page up for my web site later. The paint was Humbrol 19 gloss redbut I believe that the correct colour is available from precision paints. Ted
  10. Jim when I was there the road to Khobar was a dirt road and the town was just a small settlement I used to deliver there when I was trucking. there were F-5 on the runway and all the sediki was in every villa out there. I used to fill up with 90 gallons of diesel and buy 200 Bensons and give the guy £3.00 and get change so not much changes does it, Hey I just saw your mirror aircraft and they look great mate, they had lightnigs when I was there so one on a mirror might be a good Idea Ted
  11. This is an easy build providing you follow the instructions no filler or bad joins and I have not added anything extra what you see is what you get in the box Ted
  12. Hi Jim How is Dahran these days, have not been there since 1976. The manufacturer would not supply me with wings for only one project and they wanted government approval etc etc.
  13. sorry about this being in "Aircraft" but I cold not find another spot for it it certainly isn't armoured and it won't float
  14. I built this from test shots from Revell and no instruction sheets until it was nearly finished. It won't fly I know but what a smashing model to build, it is based on a restored vehicle so there are one or two tiny discrepancies but they are minor. well worth it for the trip down memory lane. and BTW they used to take you to the airport at Heathrow. note, all the seat covers are decals saving a lot of time painting all those stripes of colour. Ted
  15. I built this from test shots that Revell sent me before release of the kit, I am not a Halifax expert so would not know of the problems about the accuracy, until I read some comments on here, but to my tired old eyes it looks like a Halifax to me so thank you Revell for making such a lovely moulded kit even if it is the "worst in the world". Ted
  16. there are Raf roundels on the sheet in the box but on a Canadian ship. Ted
  17. Hi Tony, been not too well lately but you are right it is the Revell Ventura in 1/48th, seems to be OK and I must admit it goes together like a dream, the octopuss is a bit tricky to get on right cheers Ted
  18. just finished this hope you like it very easy build
  19. You can purchase a proper paint filter from a badger supplier, Part No 50-2016, just thin the paint first in one jar then pour through the filter into the fresh clean jar and screw onto the brush. Then plenty of practice. Ted
  20. The Badger 200 is one of the best airbrushes for modellers even with 14 inch cars. Your big problem is learning to spray gloss paint, first you need the paint very thin and as you will need the needle fairly wide open for a model that size you will need a mask and good ventilation. you need to mount the body shell on an old wire coat hanger so you can handle the model while spraying, lay on very thin layers in a room with a temperature of 65-75 degrees and by the time you have the first coat on, where you started will be ready for a second coat. You will need to practice a lot to get it right so don't be dissappointed at your first try. PS keep your air pressure down to 20-25 PSI max Ted
  21. The F-111-F had different exhausts and I think Neil made them in his range of Paragon stuff I used them on my model when they first came out. http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/75-academy...11/page-75.html Ted
  22. Spence it is one of the easiest airplanes to paint if you have a grey over white scheme then everything underneath is white including the legs et al so assemble all them first then spray tops of control surfaces and then underside then flop the grey over the top areas, nose cones may be different depending on which machine you choose. on the other hand you may use an allover grey scheme, again easy peasy. Ted
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