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  1. I used PE sets for details, but added a lot of wiring, tubes, maps, gun shells a many other little details all around
  2. it's not an Italian tradition, but I'm not so good at painting the faces of the figures, so I put a mustache to mask the mouth and lips, sometimes I even add sunglasses.
  3. The original parts are made that way, but I used little strips of sand paper to better fit the nose and the top in place, otherwise they would have been "slimy" slipping away from their place
  4. After six month I have really finished the HKG b-17 1/32. I used aftermarket add-ons and a lot of scrathbuild details to render the interior of this very large plane. I had a lot fun (and sweat) building this, but it is less funny find a place for this at home. I used books, pics and a virtual tour to render this plane as real as possible, expecially in the interior parts. It was a real adventure but I liked it a lot and I hope you all will enjoy this too. Wingspan= 1 m
  5. Just bought a commercial background, then scanned and modified adding & deleting details and changing colors to best fit my needs.
  6. I Made this 1/32 italian Air Force F-104s maintenance diorama starting from the Italeri model, I added a lot of detail using commercial add-ons but also a lot of scratchbuilt ones, expecially inside the plane. All was made using real pictures and books as reference. You will find the RAT, and the fuel pipes on the back of the plane and many other all around the plane you can find in the detail pic. I've made new carts and ladders and other details around the diorama. The scenery was made using photo-paint and printer.
  7. Kit Trumpeter 1975 (waterline and full hull, hangar deck floor only)
  8. One year of work is about to finish, I hope you like this preview of my new 1/350 NIMITZ Feel free to ask anything . PLEASE CLICK HERE if you like to see a movie of the spinning radar https://www.flickr.com/photos/angelomoneta/38588210595/in/photostream/
  9. Tamiya 1/48 Lanc Removable Canopy / English Channel map inside
  10. Just using LED stripes painted with transparent colors like tamiya clear X-24
  11. About 4 months, 1 hour during weekdays, more during WE. Regards
  12. Final pictures for my last flattop. See WIP section for other pics Full view Working on engines Radar & Briefing room Engine room Decks
  13. Quite finished, I think next time will be ready for "Ready for inspection" section Just one pic with the final stand and buttons to operate the chopper and the lights.
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