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  1. Very nice, even a model that makes you want to buy the box
  2. A superb editing, bravo for painting that I love.
  3. Beautiful, it makes you want to back up the box at the top of the pile. Even if mine is 72°.
  4. A superb montage painting. The photos are really worth the plane.
  5. A great job. It is unfortunate that we do not see more in France because it is a great plane
  6. A very nice collection. A good quality of assembly and paint for all aircraft
  7. A very very nice cambera. I really like the rendering of aluminum
  8. A very good work. rarely seen bravo for originality.
  9. Color in the window. A nice montage
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and introduce myself so I present a few models mounted in recent years. Being French I hope you will forgive me my spelling mistakes. All the model are in 1/72 scale.
  11. Thank you for you comment, the color of the hinomarue comes to lights of my photos and uncontrolled use of photoshop. The next will be a RAF plane.
  12. Hi, For my first topic here, this is my last build. The F86D sabredog of Hasegawa, platz stencils decals and Eduard photoetched color. I hope you like it.
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