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  1. A very attractive work, the paint is magnificent. Cheers Docjojo
  2. Thank's for you reply. You can found the decals for the VF111 on Ebay.
  3. Hello to everybody, Here is my Panther Hobby boss, that of the happiness with this kit which amounts almost alone, nothing to say above. The only element to be quoted is the difficulty that I had " to make live " it dark blue, it was for me a good experience for the next ones. Now the next one after the Holidays
  4. Hello, This is my last built, a Gloster Meteor F3 of Cyber hobby. Altogether I am very satisfied with this kit, some litigious points when same: - air-brakes slightly too big Eduard. - the cut of the legs of train which creates joints not practises to fill (as for myself I was lazy) - needs to plan a big big ballast, I thought of being quiet but it is limit tail seater, pay attention on that. Otherwise a pure pleasure. I hope you understand my english
  5. Hello all Here is my vision of the Airfix Spitfire. I've just added a Eduard harness in photoetched parts I took a lot of fun with this kit, I like the new kit of Airfix Docjojo
  6. Good evening, Here is the result of this wonderful painting Airfix kit. The paintings come from the range gunze. See you soon for further
  7. Here is the beginning of the painting
  8. Hello Martin, Thank's for you comment, the paints are acrylics, the brand is Akhan is Ukrainian. They are some sets specific for Su33, Su27 and Su34 and other russian plane like migs. You can found it here:http://armory.in.ua/index.php?cPath=41_259&osCsid=51467d0aeaae95addeb1d66888c5fa9c
  9. Hello all. For my first WIP in the forum so I suggest mounting the Airfix Spitfire new model. It's a very good kit and it will be virtually mounted OOB. Here are the first pictures: The interior has a few details that will be well sufisant seen that the canopy is closed. The cockpit is more comprehensive than that found in the Hasegawa kit, good point already. So start with painting the interior. Provided that Airfix is ​​more than enough I think. Harness the memory remains just a board for Skyray, purists will forgive me but I think in the end through the glass we'll see just ther
  10. Thank you all for your comments. Difficulty was to represent the curves of the three-tone camouflage. Paints Akhan going very well with an airbrush, dilution is like the tamiya or the gunze.
  11. good morning everyone. This is my last build, it is the superb hasegawa Flanker at 1/72°. This was the painting that was the hardest I use the Akhan paints that are specially made for the Russian naval aviation. For the decals are those of the boxes filled in by a board Begemot. Promised will be the next English
  12. A very very nice build, congratulations.
  13. Thank's for your comment, and yes the kit it's stictly OOB.
  14. Here is my last realisation. It is a very good model, no difficulty indicating. Goodbye for the next one.
  15. A very nice build. An original decoration that changes what we usually see.
  16. Hello, This is my last build, it's the AIrfix sabre at 72 ° with Pavla resin kit for wheels and cockpit. Hope you like it. Docjojo
  17. A very nice build, congatulations for the black color.
  18. Superb. I do not have the courage to tackle the mounting of such a plane.
  19. Good morning. This is my last mount, it's a resin kit but with some patience it's not very difficult to do. The paint is specific to Israel in Gunze. A family photo with another PJ kit
  20. Very pretty. A beautiful end result with originality, I think this is the first I see.
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