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  1. Hi, I finished this kit today, the first Soviet aircraft to exceed Mach 1. it's a resin kit of prop and jet, very easy to build, paint with gunze super metallic. For the next it will be a British plane
  2. Hi, This is my last build, a FAA Corsair, it's the Tamiya kit easy to build. The WIP (in french sorry) can be found here: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=81104 By
  3. Hi Patrick, Nice build for this future of the aviation. like you I expected the naval version. And i'm for the Viggen!
  4. Hi, This is my last build, it's a nice kit except for the propeller replaced by one from a heller MkIIC kit. The interior is in photoetched by Eduard It is painted with the colors in Akhan paint dedicated to the FAA. Stay tuned for the next which will also a FAA plane. Docjojo
  5. Hi, Thank's for the comments, for the black i use H77 Tire black of Gunze with some light sails brown (H47red brown) and dark gray colors.
  6. Hi, The second build of this new year. It's the little Re2000 supermodel mould updated by Italeri. These Italian camouflage are always a challenge painting. I'm not too unhappy with the result even if the paintings Italeri were not easy to use the airbrush. And ready to go: docjojo
  7. Hi everyone, This is my last build, it's the X47B of platz, very easy to build kit, no need to use putty. May be too weathered? See you for the next one.
  8. Hi, This is my last built of this year, a very nice kit, easy to build. Hope you like. See you for the next one
  9. Hi, Nice one, hope make the same a day. A very nice paint sheme.
  10. Hi, A very nice build, i'm fan of this color sheme.
  11. Hi, This is my last built, it's a resin kit of Anigrand. Not to bad to build. joe
  12. Hi, This is my first model in 48°, it's the superb Eduard kit, very easy to build. Hope you like Docjojo
  13. Hi guys, Here is my last model, it's the Sword models of the Spitfire PrIV Trop. For once I built a British plane I hoped you like it.
  14. Hi, My last build in this rainy day's. Painted with Akhan acrylics. All comments are welcome
  15. Hi, My last built whith Pavla resin cokpit. Painted with gunze acrylics. Hope you like it Cheers
  16. Hi, It's been a while since I had to build a helicopter. My choice is the one at Italeri. Too bad the model is not fine enough, it's like a matchbox hope you like Every comments are welcome
  17. A very nice buil I hope to see the same kit in 1/72°
  18. Hi, This is my last build, two boxes of ProfiPack seriesof eduard, the F6-F3 and F6-F5. These models are a real pleasure to build, there are a lot of details and there is no need to putty. Suddenly you can spend time on painting. By, For the next you should be happy because it will be a English plane.
  19. Hi, This is my last two builds. Absolutely no problem during the build, These models are fabulous, details and very easy to build.
  20. Outstanding, top class modelling! Congratulations for you build
  21. A very nice job on this kit. Good work for the scratch of the gun bay
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