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  1. Hi patrick, Three very nice Cobra, it makes me really want to build my own. A+
  2. Hi, So here is my last model built. It builds very easily and can quickly blow past painting. The building is located in French here: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=84594 unfortunately my English is too bad to write a whole post mounting Hope you like and all comments are welcome.
  3. Hi, So here are my lastest models. Since I could not choose the decorations I finally build both. If you see any errors or omissions please leave a comment.
  4. Very very nice build, can't believe it's 1/72
  5. A rally nice work on this Tomcat, i like in the wolfpack color. Great model.
  6. Salut, Effectivement je poste aussi mes montages ici, je me suis inscrit car j'avais des questions à poser sur le montage d'un F86 Sabre Anglais il y à quelques années. En plus il y à vraiment de superbes montages à regarder. Pas de WIP par contre car mon niveau en Anglais est vraiment trop mauvais. A+
  7. Hi, Here is my last plastic model built. . Just a mounting for the sake of sticking plastic and have a airbrush stroke. I just replaced the cockpit italeri very ugly by falling photoetched parts and a resin seat. See you for the next one.
  8. Thank you for the comments, For the pitts pens you can found at the end of this link, two photos before/after and the result obtained(sorry is in french) http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=74951&start=125 I draw a little line I then wiped off with my finger. Suddenly it made ​​little trails. You can see for example in machine guns on my build. I hope to make me understand Joel
  9. Hi, This is my last completed model, it's the very simple but beautiful kit of the Spitfire MkII by Airfix: And the final photos: Stay tuned for the next which will also English roundels All comments are welcome Joel
  10. Thank you for your comments I'll try to explain what I think of the two models with my little English levels and google translation, I hope that I'll be able to make myself understood The resin model is clearly much easier to build. AZ model had to different size fuselages which requires large sanding making disappear the panel lines especially on the underside. But the biggest flaw in my eyes is the junction of the wings to the fuselage that does not meet all the dihedral feature of this plane. But I still think with hard work it must be able to mount.
  11. Hi, My new build, a Supermarine Attacker in resin by CMR. Not so bad to build, in any case easier than the AZ Model for me. Paint with Gunze Sky and Extra Dark Sea grey. By Docjojo
  12. Hi, I finished this kit today, the first Soviet aircraft to exceed Mach 1. it's a resin kit of prop and jet, very easy to build, paint with gunze super metallic. For the next it will be a British plane
  13. Hi, This is my last build, a FAA Corsair, it's the Tamiya kit easy to build. The WIP (in french sorry) can be found here: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=81104 By
  14. Hi Patrick, Nice build for this future of the aviation. like you I expected the naval version. And i'm for the Viggen!
  15. Hi, This is my last build, it's a nice kit except for the propeller replaced by one from a heller MkIIC kit. The interior is in photoetched by Eduard It is painted with the colors in Akhan paint dedicated to the FAA. Stay tuned for the next which will also a FAA plane. Docjojo
  16. Hi, Thank's for the comments, for the black i use H77 Tire black of Gunze with some light sails brown (H47red brown) and dark gray colors.
  17. Hi, The second build of this new year. It's the little Re2000 supermodel mould updated by Italeri. These Italian camouflage are always a challenge painting. I'm not too unhappy with the result even if the paintings Italeri were not easy to use the airbrush. And ready to go: docjojo
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