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  1. An amazing Tomcat, very nice 72° kit.
  2. Hi everyone, When the model of the AMK kfir came out, I did not resist to start it. The decoration is a mixture of AMK decals and Isradecal. I paint it with the IAF colors of Mrpaint at free hand, exept for the identification mark of course. It's a very nice kit, for me the best Kfir in 72° scale. See you soon for the C7 Cheers Joel
  3. Thank you very much For the interior unfortunately not as much as I would like
  4. Hi, Thank you very much for your comments. They reflect well all the pleasure that I had to mount this model
  5. Hi, Some view of my second build of 2017. I choose the Airfix Shackleton for start the year. It's a great kit but i can resist adding some photetchef from Eduard and a pair of Brassin resin wheels. There are many pictures but it is a large plane
  6. Hi Mr Happy, For the paint of the FAA Hellcat i use the Mr Paint series. http://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/RAF Very easy to use Cheers
  7. Hi, So here are the last two models of this year. These are superb models, very easy assembly and suddenly we get to the paint quickly merry christmas Joel
  8. Thank you very much to all Glad you like this little trilogy
  9. Hi, Another IAF planes, after the Spitifire the mustang was a good idea with is two tones camo. The Airfix Stang is a great and easy kit and i take pleasure to build it. The paint comes to Ataka and they requires many tests before using it easily. Hope you like Regards Joel
  10. Hi Wolwe82, I used the AK interactive ultra mat varnish, I use it without dilution direct in the cup with a nozzle of 0.2. It's this one: http://ak-interactive.com/v2/product/ultra-matte-varnish/ Joel
  11. A fantastisc build, the paint is very nice.
  12. Many thank's for your comments. For Doc: i'm not a fan of pre-shading technique, i prefer work on the basic color and faded or lightener after. Since the real in fact. Cheers Joel
  13. Hi Doc, I'll try to explain my technique, I do not promise anything with my English. I paint in first the three tone basic color, ocean grey and dark green. Then I rework my basic colors. Green is highlighted with light green H422 RLM82 gunze with light gray passages F-15 H306. The gray was cleared to him in H306 and a final clarification but light with matt white XF-2 Tam. Whenever it is fairly diluted paint, I filled the cup to 3/4 thinner tam and I stir with a brush dipped in the color I want to paint. I think it has to do two to three drops wholesale.
  14. Hi, Here is my latest finished model today, it's the new eduard Spitfire of the "quatro combo" box. It's very easy to build suddenly we can quickly focus on painting. Hope you like Cheers Joel
  15. Hi, This is one of my last build, it's the new KP Avia S199 kit. Quite easy to build, I'll add some resin parts originaly intended for the AML like the bomb-rack. Joel
  16. Hi, Here is a simple assembly of the F-102 Meng. Quite simple to build, I just had trouble finding the right color for the ADC gray. I chose with one only for the Bulldog which is the dog house. Regards Joel
  17. Hi, Thank's for your comments. Just for prove it's realy 72 :
  18. Hi everybody, I continue my series of modern armored. Here is a Revell M60 used by the Marines during the first Gulf War. Every comments welcome Joel
  19. Hi thank you for all your comments. Very glad you like it this pair. Joel
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