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  1. Thank's a lot Guys For Mike, i use this kit of Airfix with some Xtradecals and Eduard photoetched. Unfortunaly i don't know any kit of hawk with the flaps extended in 72° scale. For the extended flaps i use resin parts from CMK, the flaps cut out on the model and a rectangle of plasticard. You can read the wip here (in french sorry): http://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=107921
  2. Hi everybody, Here are the final pictures of this little Hawk Airfix. A simple kit to assemble but which requires some improvements if you want to detail to a minimum, Eduard is very useful at this level even if all the parts are not useful. The finishes are made with some oil paint stains and some watercolor pencils, I remain pretty soft anyway. See what the Revell kit will look like in comparison. Hope you like. Cheers Joel
  3. Hi Dago, I just used the Tamiya masking tape, but i painted the air inlets before gluing them, same thing with the fuselage. I had taken some landmarks before to see the boundaries. Joel
  4. Hi, So, here my last build model, a very nice kit, i just improve it with a Pavla resin cokpit and the GBU comes from the Brassin range by Eduard. I used too some Photoetched from an old set for an Hasegawa Harrier. The fans of the plane note that I made a big mistake by sticking a coin upside down. I'll let you find where...I hope you will like it anyway. Cheers Joel
  5. Hi everyone, Certainly the last kit of the year, this is my F-105G by Trumpeter. This kit can be a little uncomfortable to build because of the options offered that require closing all traps. I use the MRP paints for the SEA camo et decals from Wolfpack. Cheers et happy new year at all. Joel
  6. Thank's for the link Mike. I know this stunning site and i using it when i build my 106. When i choose the marking i hesitate with the famous cornfield Bomber but the nose-art of the 87° win the goal. joel
  7. Hi, This is the easy to build F106 Trumpeter. I use the MR Paint ADC Grey for painting and the marking comes from Xtradecals. The WIP (in french) can be found here: http://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=104851 hope you like and every comments are welcome With his predecessor the F102 of Meng Cheers Joel
  8. Hi, For the Wheels bay i take the Yellow Green XF4 from Tamiya color acrylic paint.
  9. Hi, The decals comes from Freightdog models, Brits abroad, FSD72-002S.
  10. Hi, everyone Here's the build of P-47 Tamiya at the 72° scale. A very fun and easy build without difficulties, I chose an English marking of an OTU in Egypt in 1946. Hope you like it. Cheers Joel
  11. Wow, this is a very nive builds. Hope do the same with mine.
  12. A big thank you to everyone for your comments. Regards joel
  13. Mach 2 is always a huge challenge to build. And here it's done with great success
  14. Who, a very nice build for this resin kit, more than ever a fan of your builds
  15. Many thanks to all for your comments Hi Sandros, i use the AMK decals for this kit, only the numbers comes from Isradecal. The AMK's are great, with some microsol they put themselves in place without problem. regards Joel
  16. A very nice build, I hope mine will look like that when I build it.
  17. Hi everybody, After the C2 and waiting to finish my Ki-100 of Aoshima I started on the C7. Not too many squadron choices because only one had it in the IAF, but my Wife choose the name, so it's the 514 nickname "titan" With it's little brother the C2 Will finish my Ki-100 now By Joel
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