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  1. Hi all,

    So here it is finished, lots of fun with this kit, a little painting challenge with the metal parts, in short I recommend without problem. One of the most beautiful models I have had in my hands.

















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  2. On 10/26/2020 at 9:27 PM, binbrook87 said:

    Wow! I love that. 👍 Superb paint and weathering. Very unusual scheme for an AV-8B. Makes a nice change from the norm. I've got one in the stash but not with this scheme in the box. Were they kit decals or aftermarket?

    Sorry for the delay of response. It's the kit decals, it's the box titled "AV8B Desert harrier", but you can found it in aftermarket at Air graphic decals "desert storm part 1".

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  3. Hi everyone,


    Here are the final photos of the IL2 Tamiya, a super nice model to assemble and which allows you to quickly go to painting.
    For the patina it's traditional, from aluminum to foam pads and watercolor pencil, earth pigments for walking areas and trains. The exhaust traces are made with a first pass of a brown / black mixture, a trace of beige in the middle and dark brown on the edges. Antenna cables in elastic wire glued to the cyano and canopy in vac form from Rob Taurus history that everything remains visible.
    I finally replaced all the barrels with Albion Alloy metal tubes, they are painted black and brushed with gun metal pigments like the rear machine gun.

    You can found the WIP here:
























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  4. 5 hours ago, reini said:

    You don't happen to have build thread about this, do you? I have the same kit in the stash and I'm not very familiar with the possible corrections needed

    hi Reini,


    I'm sorry but actually i didn't do a build thread about this kit. The corrections are not numerous, it is necessary to change the handle of the pilot who does not have the good form and removed that on the back, the radarist don't have it. If you can replace the seat of the kit by the Neomega Resin KT1M and the nozzles, for my kit i take the RES-IM it's a good thing but not necessary for make a nice model.

    Like the kit is not a M we have to put a long antenna on the side of the fuselage on the left and there are no missile guide rails on the pylons luckily we find all the elements on the Eduard Photoetched set.

    These are the most visible elements to replace.


    Thank you all for your comments.





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  5. Hi guys,


    Thank's to all for your comments, very happy that you like it.


    For Johnny : yes it's some armour piercing rocket under the cokpit, just to punch some Uboot. After the launcher was installed in the bombs bay.


    For Mike: you are right, the Bullochs Liberator does not have the Leigh Light but i loved so much that i put it.

    For the paint sheme i use the MRP4 White of Mister Paint.


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