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  1. 85 squadron (1960s) target facilities @ RAF Binbrook were known as 'Sunshine Airways' because they never flew at night.
  2. Nose wheel extended on the cat only, wings unfolded, stabilators angled forward//downward, leading edge slats and flaps open/drooped. cat straps attached....and the crew of course. As a static at an airshow offers artistic licence, drop the flaps if you can though. Might be a darn sight easier! Good luck with the build.
  3. Sentence 1 : HDEW offer a 3 year insurance policy, Ah, that well known company called Panamoz.....who??????? Sentence 2 : You think? Since when do goods from Europe have a UK VAT receipt? Canon UK WILL NOT look at it in the first year under warranty, they know each and every serial number that has been imported legally into the UK and will not undertake warranty repairs on any others. The same applies to Nikon UK. Sentence 3 : Canon UK would really like to close the likes of HDEW down. I don' t know what you mean by 'Canon stuff'. but I DO know the stance of both Canon UK and Nikon UK. My comments are based on fact, I work for a company who are a Canon UK PRO dealer and a Nikon UK Premier dealer, so there are no suppositions or guesses here on my part, I just know from my vast experience over many years dating back to 1978. The price may be sweet in the early stages, but it could well leave a bitter taste in your mouth in the years to follow...or even the days to follow when the postie comes knocking for the VAT!
  4. Wrong my friend! I could tell you so many stories about 'grey' experiences told to me by customers......being caught for VAT...losing their cameras fro weeks and weeks when they go Tango Uniform,..... nobody to talk to for advice.....to name but a few. BTW, Nikon UK offer a 2 Year Warranty. Your camera WILL NOT be handled by Nikon UK if it needs to be repaired under warranty. Quite frankly, your third sentence is nothing short of hogwash and has no substance whatsoever, please consider what you are saying before you type. I know these things.
  5. Just to confuse the issue a bit, the US Navy did operate a squadron of F-4Gs off a carrier during the Vietnam war!
  6. Sending out the positive vibes eh Trev? Got to be done!
  7. Is it a Beaufighter or is it a Meteor?
  8. I really want to have a go at this but am irked by the lack of drop tanks.....thanks GWH. Does anybody know of any after-market tanks that I could use? My searches have been in vain. TIA Rich
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