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  1. - Hi Mike,

    - As you may have seen on WIP, I'm in the process of bulding my second PAK-FA with the prospect of building an up-dated version corresponding to one of the preserie machine. I've discovered your former un finished WIP project and I 'm desapointed to find  you've stopped your post. Your WIP are always inspiring. I remember your post about your Foxhound.

    -With this one, my first main problem is to determine the shape of the main gear doors , as the ones of the kit are adapted to one of the first protoype, I even have  some doubt about their actual shape. 

    - Second problem is the length of the intakes. Eximining photos it seems they are too short by 2,5 m/m by comparison of the position of the side small grid in regard of the gear well and with the trailing edge of the canard

    -I will be happy to have your advice about these problems. Thank you for your answer.

    - With regards  ----J.M/ C  - AKA   IPMS19

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