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    Hello chaps and ladies. Thank you for many very kind messages. I'll reply to all, really lovely messages, very soon. We're fortunate to have such a dignified and kind forum. Mike's ethos . All the best (OB) TT
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    I feel the need to tell you all I actually built something today, in fact that’s not accurate! Somethings! they are nothing special but I got them buttoned up... not my finest work but fun! I’m back in the game!!
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    Happy Christmas to all of Britmodeller! My life is greatly enriched by all of you and our wonderful shared hobby of buying kits, putting them safely away, and idly speculating about building them.
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    My greatest achievement as a father so far: I've taught my twenty-one-month-old to exclaim "By Jove!" Next: introducing him to pink gins.
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    Yay it worked!! Thanks for the hint @modelglue
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    What a lucky guy I am, my lovely girlfriend surprised me with an airfix b-17 for my birthday! Now I just need space and time to build it!
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    I'm not dead. Just very sleepy.
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    It's 4.31 am on ANZAC day. I'm at the Australian War Memorial. The Reading of letters from those at Gallipoli has just begun. It's extremely moving. Of course these men volunteered for service, to aid the wider empire. Many travelled for weeks, a couple of months, just to be mown down by machine gun fire in their first few steps of the landing. I thought it an appropriate time to leave a note here on Britmodeller. Best regards TonyT
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    Hello everyone and a belated happy new year! I hope to be lurking around on fantastic BM again. A mere 505 notifications to catch up on ! Yours truly still a bit 'blurgh' so if I'm type slow with replies, my apologies . Thoroughly looking forward to catching up. All my 'thread WIP's' are packed in boxes, so I may have to start something new. I only have three resin kits with me, so it looks like being one of those. I've not completed a resin one yet (he said, as if he has actually completed any I/m in the last decade ), so it'll be fun trying (I hope). Happy modelling and here's to 2017 thoroughly kicking 2016 into oblivion for good! All the best The Frostie Muncher (thanks for that Miggers )
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    I last won the day in January.... nearly a year ago! Wow I better pull my finger out.... merry christmas everyone, I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and you get lots of models under the tree! Rob
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    Not dead, just devoid of mojo and overworked.
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    Introducing the latest member of the Biggles87 family. This is Blanche who we adopted about 10 days ago, when her previous owner had to move to an apartment and so did not have a garden for her. She's eight years old, is very affectionate and is getting on well with our other two girls, although she's not sure about the horses and thinks they should be barked at regularly. John
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    "But now it begins to appear that a number of things which were supposed to have been finished are coming to life again, as such things do, on occasion: good and evil, the gods and the evil spirits of greed and bestiality. I do not know if the end of the world is at hand, as Dostoyevsky said. But this I do know, that these are years of a turning in human affairs…" —Friedrich Percyval Reck-Malleczewen, c. September 1941
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    Hello all, This public post function is useful My second attempt at this post as I can't find an 'edit' button. Thanks for the nice messages following the last message folks , makes a big difference. Just a quickie; after a few weeks of being a 'day patient' for various clinics, right now I'm an 'in patient'. I have to say that this Canberra hospital is very good. I could probably write a bit of a guide on 'hospitals of the world' albeit limited to Europe, Scandinavia, the U.K. and the Commonwealth. I'll give this one a food rating tomorrow. It's 3.18am and I have sampled their 'pesticide free' tea, and can vouch for it. I personally gave up on 'Anthrax Blend' long ago, it was making my hair a little brittle . I just wanted to apologise for the lack of comments on the Group Build and threads I follow. I'm allowed a mobile phone in here, and there's not a lot to do, so I may be able to catch up now. If it goes quiet, please send me a PM, as they appear in email, and I'll scribble something back. My Spitfire and Jak 23 are more advanced than the threads suggest, I've just been too tired to tackle the photos and text, but it will happen. The Jak has suffered with Alclad black gloss coat 'crazing'. I'm sure that I put it on too thick. That product takes patience (and a good respirator ). The Spitfire is in camouflage now. Many difficulties with spraying acrylics, and big differences in shade for the sane colour, from different manufacturers. Not good if one forgets with which manufacturer's paint one sprayed on e.g. the first coat of 'Medium Sea Grey' . I also resorted to a hybrid 'spray, then hairy stick' approach, to try to get a bit of depth, make it look realistic. I didn't resort to that because my airbrush work was abysmal. At all. Cough. Happy muddling folks and I hope to be around more soon to watch people making satellite catching aircraft, record breakers, lightnings, unusual early submarines, Spitfires, all manner of Glosters, De-Havilands and more. Apologies again for the absence. All best regards TonyT
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    Apologies to all; I'm a little absent from BM at the moment due to a glut of routine but time consuming hospital clinic appointments at the moment. None for a while, then many all at once, reminds me of South West Trains when I lived in the U.K. Different clinics; rheumatology, haematology, maxillofacial etc. At least things are getting done, but it leaves me a little worn out; affects the old modelling mojo. Neverthless, I do like to share the odd internet find. I have been looking for a sturdy old Volvo. I've had many, it's an affliction. They are very good tools, nonetheless. This advert for one at quarter of a million dollars caught my eye, then gave me a very good chortle. I think the picture with the Smörgåsbord and Martini is my favourite. The full description is rather marvellous too. I feel the seller may be as tired of the usual Evilbay fare as many of us are: http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/272642208302 Best regards TonyT
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    Hello all, In the absence of other 'Social' networks that I would feel happy using, I think this BM personal activity feed suits me just fine . "Suits you sir"! This week I have been mostly unpacking boxes. My aim has been to try to establish a new modelling/study/Mancave area. As of this evening, it looks diabolically bad, but at least all the boxes are unpacked: I've put these pictures here as, for my own sanity, I need to build something. If I focus on that, I'll clear the bench (self psychology going on here). The thing is, understandably, I'm overwhelmed by all the kits. I had alluded to this a little before. I have a few ideas but; looking at this pile of sh... , sorry, kits, does anyone have a request for any of them? I'll go along with it and do a WIP. My brain hurts just trying to decide. All the best TonyT
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    Hello people, I wasn't sure if, or where to write this, but I thought; "Be sociable, why not?" . After two months of hiatus, Mrs. T and I finally moved into our new home two weeks ago. We were sleeping on the lounge floor until two days ago, when a very comfortable mattress was finally purchased from a certain Swedish outlet, also well known for splendid low cost meatballs with lingonberry jam and gravy . I normally don't like the stuff from this outlet, but my opinion is changing. Rapidly. Sleeping on the floor with sunburn and no furniture can do things to a man's psyche (and his lumbar 2/3 ). I have been extensively testing the mattress (behave, you at the back), for the last 48 hours, mainly studying the back of my eyelids at the same time. It is a wonderful thing, the 'Hyllestad'. Both firm and springy at the same time, it is only for use on one side, with no unexpected lumps and a 25 year warranty (just how I like my women, in fact ). I send my wholehearted thanks to Sweden, above all to Ingvar Kamprad . "Kompakt leeving" indeed . Nice . Modelling should soon recommence after a very long break. Here are some pictures of the current state of the 'second bedroom' aka 'The New Mancave'. I'm very pleased with this space. The iMac will be on the same desk/bench, so spray painting will have to be tackled mindfully. Polite suggestions regarding organising this set up are very welcome . This is not "dim", the other way up it's "WIP" : Glad the Starsky and Hutch mirror didn't get broken, priceless it is, priceless (and tasteful): There's s nasal hair trimmer in there somewhere. Very important . Here it is again,near a book with a pertinent title and a cover that may bring back memories for many of us: Here's hoping I can dream up some half decent models in this room, and get all these boxes empty asap. Happy modelling in whatever is your cave or space, feel free to share pictures of it here . All the best TonyT
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    Spitfire builds really are a powerful force for good in this world.
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    You know how sometimes a kit yells " build me! " when you open the box, well that happened to me a few days ago with the Airfix 1/48 Folland Gnat. I think this will be the one to get me started again, I have already built several of the sub-assemblies, and am looking forward to painting the cockpit soon. I probably won't do a WIP because apart from the fact that there have been a couple of others here recently, I still can't post any photos on Photobucket and am having trouble getting onto Flickr, due to a problem at my end I suspect. I will post an RFI when I get the problem sorted ( I must admit I havn't really tried yet ) hopefully in the near future. John
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    Miami-bound in February for work. Zika ahoy!
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    Wishing all fellow BritModellers a very happy Christmas ! I didn't compete a model this year, but got quite close with four; two LaGG 3 an I-16 and a UTI-4. It was fun trying and great BM friends made the year very special, a lot more fun and really helped with modelling encouragement and advice . Everything is packed now ready for a change in location South, to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. The move happens on the 27th. Happy Christmas, eat, drink, be merry and I hope Santa has put something special in your sock! All the best TonyT
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    Merry Christmas to all my model buddies. I wish you all the best, may you have the smiles you have brought me this past year.
  26. 4 points
    Just won a 1/72 B-24H, hard to find! More importantly, it will enable me to build one of the 734th BS's Liberators in which my great-uncle flew and present it to his children. I won't be correcting the kit's many shape errors, but man am I gonna have a rough time with the markings.
  27. 4 points
    Miss Bennett meets the North Gloucestershire Regiment (28mm work in progress). Not yet convinced they merit a thread of their own. Miss Austen and the North Glos regiment by jongwinnett, on Flickr Miss Austen and the North Glos regiment by jongwinnett, on Flickr Miss Austen and the North Glos regiment by jongwinnett, on Flickr Miss Austen and the North Glos regiment by jongwinnett, on Flickr Miss Austen and the North Glos regiment by jongwinnett, on Flickr
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    At this point, I don't even think 2016 deserves a Spitfire build from me. I'll build them in 2017, as top cover for all the good things that are gonna need to break on through.
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    I no longer feel anything when I cut parts off a kit. What monster have I become Oh Lord?
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    My daughter has just recited a story about Winkie the wonder pigeon.... She even gave me the date the Beaufort bomber crashed in February and the miles that the poor bird flew! She said she knew I would love it so has been saying it in her head until I got home! What a great thing after a crap day! I have only just come back and she stayed awake just to tell me... Legend
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    I have been debating with myself whether to post this or not as it might be considered political, if so I will remove it. However, I could not resist it!
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    That was a nice suprise,just had the BBMF Dakota over at just a couple of hundred feet beautiful!
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    Tony we hope you are OK Please come and tell us Bill
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    It's been a busy but enjoyable Chrismas here, eight people to lunch on 25th ( with all the preparation which that entails ) but has been completely overshadowed by the present from my dear wife. She gave me a piece of paper pulled from a cracker! I was a littles bemused, then I saw the words Spitfire and Duxford and realised that it was a voucher. Believe me I'm not often lost for words but that did it, and the huge lump in my throat would have made it difficult to speak anyway. I now have to practise my ' Spitfire Smile ' although I think it will probably come naturally on the day. Please don't think that this is gloating but I just have to share the news. I hope you've all had a great Christmas in Britmodeller land. cheers John
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    Currently on a coach to Edinburgh to see my mate and just had a low fly over by two typhoons (at a stop around the Peak District) they must have known I was here
  39. 3 points
    3 days of model making in the company of similar guys. Awesome! Some thing got done too
  40. 3 points
    So I have taken a small break and will be back to my castle Bromwich production line soon! Reason for break: Peaky Blinders series 1-3, I got utterly hooked! I'm currently rocking in a corner waiting for series 4 to come out.... work will I'll hopefully recommence this weekend now that I have a new pot of HU 78.... on to possibly 4 vb's and a vc (made from a ix that's getting chopped up... why not) followed by an Eduard mk ix Rob
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    A Vote! What to build! I know now I have unfinished work I should really just finish, but my head is not in that place right now.... so here are some options for a quick build. - airfix spitfire mk XXII (race scheme as I like it more than the silver) - airfix dauntless - hase p-38 - airfix mustang p-51d (RAF option off the med fighters sheet) - academy p-40, (either with the tiger on or cresswell's AC) the choice is yyyyyyyoooouuuuurrrss.... Rob
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    Will one of you take a note and remember to remind me in about November of 2017 that no matter how sweet Mrs P has been, I DO NOT LIKE Michigan (or her mother, at all, but best not to mention that bit) and I do not want to go, and definitely not for ten days?
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    I know a few of my BM compadres are Moon spotters, Eclipse people and skygazers, astronomers. The Super Moon is here tonight in the Southern Hemisphere already. I only have the iPhone and the moon really is ludicroudly bright. Here is a rough picture so those a few hours behind me know what they're looking forward to: Any advice on how I could have taken a better pic with the phone is welcome, but I hope it gives an idea of how bright it is . Best regards TonyT
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    I managed to get out this evening. I went with Mrs. T. to see a production of 'Wind in the Willows' at Redlands College. http://jhibberd2.wixsite.com/thewindinthewillows My stepdaughter, Bella, plays 'Otter'. I was surprised by how professional the performance was. I know there are some BM people in the area; There are two performances tomorrow (Saturday). I would strongly recommend it as a very pleasurable way to spend an afternoon or evening All best regards TonyT
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    2016, do what you want to me, but leave the girl out of this.
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    Cyberman! Cyberman! Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size. Catches thieves - primarily by dropping a heavy metal mesh on them.
  47. 3 points
    My first attempt at raising a GB! 'In the navy' GB has a a buoyant ( ) reception so far. basically you get to build ANYTHING Navy... What's not to like!
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    If you push the 'Home' button on the forum three times at 5 second intervals, you are transported to a secret part of the site.
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    Deep breaths, Just got back from the builder, deep breaths, pending bank approval we are doing this. Phewwwww.
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    Models are packed in preparation for choosing a new home plan this Friday. Yes, Gentleman, I have made sure there is room for an elaborate hobby room.
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