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    Just thought I'd post a few pics. Am still experimenting with weathering and panel washes etc. after not bothering since I got back into the hobby. This was my first attempt at individual track links as well which is far from perfect. I do love the Tiger, it's iconic and looks so, so menacing. All the best, Martin
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    The decisive battle of Mary Queen of Scots personal reign took place on 13 May 1568 at the village of Langside, two miles south of Glasgow. The Queen’s army was destroyed in less than an hour. This diorama depicts the closing stages of the battle. Royalist forces have been pushed back to a large stream called the White Cart Water, a tributary of the River Clyde. With the remnants of Mary’s army on the point of a full-scale route, Lords Claud Hamilton and Maxwell Herries report that all is lost and counsel the Queen to return to France and await better times. Mary Stuart, who was still only twenty-six, chose to ignore the advice of her loyal Lords. The figures include several converted white metal castings from FL & KP, plus white metal kits from Art Girona and Masterclass. The animals are either from the toy shop round the corner, or were picked up at duty free in Hong Kong airport -- can't remember which it was. Flags and nameplate were done in Microsoft Excel. The base is a miniature display table and groundwork is instant papier mâché with added static grass and various other details. The stream is a one-part clear resin product from Deluxe Materials. The bridge is a resin kit by Reality in Scale, and I've no idea where the trees came from. The mounted Mary Stuart figure was cobbled together from various bits and pieces. For details, please refer to my "Mary Queen of Scots" thread in the Figures WIP Section. TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT POST....
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    Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is RS Models 1/72 F-5A Lightning, the recce version of the P-38G. I added Brengun photo-etch and painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, weathering with artists oils. I found this kit pretty challenging, with fit issues galore. It can only be recommended to experienced modelers. According to the kit instructions, this particular aircraft belonged to 12th PRS, based in Florennes, Belgium in October 1944. This information cannot be confirmed, as the 12th PRS flew F-6 Mustangs at that time (not Lightnings) and was never based in Belgium: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12th_Reconnaissance_Squadron If anyone can provide further details about this aircraft, infos are most welcome. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thanks for your interest, best greetings from Vienna! Roman
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    And... done! There are numerous other things I could do, but I’m calling it done for now because I’m away tomorrow morning for two weeks of work. When I get back I may weather it some. Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    And this is my USS Bogue, with thanks to those who helped me build it and paint its planes. I didn't get nearly as many done as I would have liked but there's a few here at least. It's Tamiya in 1/700.
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    This is the JMSDF Izumo, nominally a DDH (helicopter destroyer) but actually an aircraft carrier larger than the HMS Ark Royal (both of them). Nice Hasegawa kit.
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    FROG 1/72 Barracuda Mk.II 829 Squadron , Fleet Air Arm, HMS Victorious Flew on the mission to Attack the German Battleship Tirpitz, 1944 This was an ancient kit, that's been in the stash longer than I can remember. Thanks for all the encouragement to get this one finished, photos below cheers Pat
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    Inspired by Bandsaw Steve's Avro 504K scratchbuild, I've decided to try hacking a plane out of a lump of wood. The subject is a Spitfire mk1, because Spitfires are awesome and the mk1 because when I'm out mountain biking in the south downs I pass the occasional poignant memorial to young pilots from the battle of Britain. Lumps of wood:
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    Got one in - the Westland Whirlwind 1978 edition. Build thread is here: I may do some weathering when I get back because this airframe was photographed in a state of extreme shabbiness. Thanks for a great GB! Adrian
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    "TAKE OFF" EA-18G GROWLER on CVN Deck Dragon 1/144 This small diorama is my last entry for this group build. Whilst the title says that this aircraft is a -18G, research shows the BuNo 165166 to be an F/A-18F and in this scheme represents one of the Growler development airframes. From the few photos that I have found of the aircraft the -18G specific wingtip pods were not carried and so I have chosen not to fit those. Further study of -18 carrier launch videos showed that pre-launch the control surfaces were at all angles, and so I dropped the flaps and wing leading edges, angled the rudders inwards and the tailplanes were deflected to represent this. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
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    Thanks Martian. With the steady amount of brass I seem to be getting through these days I'm beginning to regret not trolling over your direction and stopping in at Albion Alloys in Bournemouth to do a supermarket sweepstake.... Thanks Giorgio. I must confess that it's a relief to be moving forward in the water again... Ta Bill. It is - as I believe Confucius once said - nice to be nice ....or was it the Crankies? I'm not good on philosophy... Those Edward Ardizzone illustrations were just perfectly suggestive weren't they? Leaving enough room for your own imagination to generate the required detail. As it stopped raining earlier I took the chicken and nest outside to run a surface integrity check with some primer: Some messy bits still to tidy up as expected around the added brasswork but nothing serious: The flaps will need a little scrape in places to remove any remaining traces of overfill at you can see on the topmost parts of the middle one: DF gear, pitots and hinges: Predictably the plastic I'd glued to the tips of those DF antennae earlier dropped off when handling so I simply melted some 70° solder onto the tip of the iron and dabbed that on to form the pointed ends. I can see though from the above shot that I need to go back and add some more solder to make the ends more conic. These bits look ok too, though that hole in the top of the 'winged' antenna will need a fill - dab of solder whilst it's out doing the DF ones will do for that I reckon: Now to the Iron Chicken itself: I have to say that I'm very pleased with the way that the added foil panels and fairings are now performing visually (though pretend you can't see where I forgot to tidy up the PPP on the lower part of the tail fin above). A closer look round the other side: The tailplane too now looks acceptable with a unfying colour applied: Still some residual messiness to get rid of around those nosewheel doors however: The canopy frame-working has come up nicely as well: Who forgot to mask the transparency in the centre of the nose then? Never mind - a cotton bud and some solvent will sort that out. The ducted-in wing intakes have actually worked-out better than I'd hoped they might (I think the uber-shininess of the foil in the raw state always makes me dubious when seen against the surrounding plastic), plus I'm optimistic that those circular masks for the engines will keep out any zealous overspray in the coming weeks: Some tidying-up then - which I'll take my time over during the week - but not as much as I'd feared on a beast of this size. Certainly the use of epoxy as an adhesive/filler combination on wing joins has resulted in a practically invisible result. On the visual evidence here I can recommend as well the use of adhesive foil at 1/72 for those areas of raised detail; the one and only drawback of course having to be soooo careful to avoid rough handling as the paint will come off more easily than from the surrounding plastic. A small price to pay though imho. That's as much as I feel can be usefully achieved today but honour restored a little I feel. Not sure at what pace the painting will proceed as the coming weeks will get progressively busier - I've been given a lot more leeway to develop ideas that interest me at work, however, the corollary to this is the need to carry out intensive writing and research. Bit like a day on Britmodeller in fact! Eh what? I hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekends and thanks for looking in - as always much appreciated. Tony
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    1/72 Airfix Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero, Carrier Div. 1, IJN Carrier Akagi Lt. Saburo Shindo Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235035415-172-airfix-mitsubishi-zero-ijn-carrier-akagi/
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    Hawker Osprey, 803 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Eagle, 1933. 1:72 Amodel kit which did present some challenges, some created by me. Out of the box apart from seat belts, brush painted with Tamiya Aluminium and Xtracrylix Light Aircraft Grey for the Cerrux grey.
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    Hi, I built this for the 'Carrier' GB so thought I'd post it here too. Build is here if you are interested Cheers
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    Hello guys First model finished this year. Please let me know what do you think. Cheers. Pierre.
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    G'day all, This the latest off the bench, my quick down and dirty Tamiya Spitfire Mk1a OOB, brush painted with Humbrol and Tamiya enamel paints. Another one to hang from the ceiling. Cheers, Devo
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    Well, just to show that I really do build bits and pieces, here is a gathering of recent builds (easier than starting separate threads for each). Mainly Out of The Box. The main aftermarket stuff is added bang-seats, paint and tamiya tape! The MPM X15-A2. (pocket money scale). Not my preferred scale but this is a lovely little kit. First attempt at foiling on the tanks. 20161102_113443-1 20161102_113943-1 20161102_114118-1 Hasegawa He-162. (1:48) This was a lovely little build which added to my interest in German WW2 jets. 20161103_201838-1 20161103_201921-1 The old Tamiya SHAR FRS1. (1:48). Nothing like XDSG! A small wrestling match was entered into here, but overall the kit goes together well. Not the nicest cockpit, so a bang seat was added. 20161018_092424-1 20161017_221613-1 20161017_221424 Revell SEPECAT Jag. (1:48). Inspiration for this came from the old Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft (80's) and the loadout reflects this. 20160714_172044 20160714_172006 Another old Tamiya kit, the A-10! (1:48). After reading about the activities out of "Cajun West" in GW1, the AC were massively loaded for the journey out to the op area, and on the way they'd drop dumb bombs on "Home Depot" before carrying on with the rest of the ord. I was tempted to do the RFOA-10G variant, which is still tempting... The lizard scheme was too tempting though. 20161103_201548-1 20161103_201629-1 20161103_201709-1 Tamiya F-117. (1:48) 20161103_203344-1 Airfix Hawk. (1:48) As a re-introduction to the new AFX kits, these have come as a pleasant surprise! Followed by the Spit, Bf-109 & Hurricane. 20161103_202254 20161103_202308-1 20161103_202413-1 20161103_202447-1 20161103_202843-1 20161103_202920-1 The FW-190 is the Italeri boxing and had some shocking issues between fuselage/front of wing. 20161103_202123-1 20161103_202101-1 Righto! Added another. The Italeri Sled in 1:72nd. 20161104_141117-1 20161104_141125-1 20161104_141155-1 A more recent P-61 build. 20170219_113443-1 20170219_113157-1 20170701_190635-1 20170701_190723-1 Gnat-1b Gnat-1c 20171115_184558-1 20171115_184638 20171115_184800-1-1 "And now for something completely different" 20171122_220918-1 20171128_142408-1 20171129_094711-1 A mojo restorer! Hope you have enjoyed this little journey through part of the display case.
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    I always think of Monty Python's "It's the Bishop!" skits where this particular AFV is concerned. This is the old Esci/Italeri Bishop 1/72 scale kit (based on their Valentine tank kit), along with the limber and some figures I stole from my Esci/Italeri 25 Pounder & Quad kit. It proved to be an enjoyable 10-day build, and represents a Royal Devon Yeomanry vehicle in Sicily, 1943. I did a lot of scratch-building, including the interior, fighting compartment doors, driver's hatches, tow-hitch, tarpaulins, stowage boxes, roof hatch, limber draw-bar details etc. I also added wire handles, rivets, and opened up the sighting aperture. I used OKB Grigorov resin tracks. Aside from the figure with the binoculars, all the others have been hacked and/or mixed and matched to get the poses I wanted. I replaced the ends of the tack-guards with scratch-built examples from brass sheet so I could mangle and dent them, likewise the exhaust guard on the left-side of the fighting compartment. I Dremeled out the insides of the Limber's mudguards for added realism and gave them a good denting as well. My build log can be found over on Missing Lynx's Braille Scale forum... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/it-s-the-bishop-t315713.html
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    Sneak peek. Just popping out, I’ll get the rest off laterzzzzz. shiny not shiny. But looking great!
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    Mornin’ chaps. Just before we set off to see “Matilda” it was very good by the way. I started blu-tac masking and filling with Tamiya islands. This morning saw the task done. Was singing the praises of Mr Colour but to be fair the Tamiya RAF Green was going down well too. First light coat going well. I was tempted to leave it like this but it was too much sooooo. Coat two. not as much as the brown as it’s a darker colour but I’m happy with the look. and in natural light is lovely. I’ll leave it there and de mask later on. Thanks for popping in. Hopefully more later. I can see a lot of masking in my future. I can see why these birds rarely get gompleted or stall. They are beasts. This part however is a real joy. Hope you’re all having a sunny funny weekend. Johnny colour match .
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    The templates are the fuselage profiles at various points along the centreline Prop blades With Spinner More tomorrow...
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    Love the weathering. A struggle to build anything with that tired old mould, let alone turn out a really nice model. Loved the prop weathering too the first time round but if it's wood, it's wood Regards, Adrian
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    CONTINUED FROM MY PREVIOUS POST Along with a small group of adherents, and intent on gaining an army and financial aid from her cousin Elizabeth I, the Scottish Queen crossed the Solway Firth and into England on 16 May 1568. Almost immediately placed into “protective custody” she would endure protracted and increasingly severe imprisonment, and be complicit in numerous failed plots and intrigues. Nineteen long years after Langside, Mary Stuart was put on trial for involvement in the Babbington Plot. The somewhat hair-brained plan was to assassinate Elizabeth and replace her with the Scottish Queen. Despite Mary’s spirited defense, the verdict was never in doubt and she was executed at Fotheringhay Castle on 8 February 1587. Mary Stuart’s half-brother, James Stewart the Earl of Moray and leader of the rebel forces at the Battle of Langside, was shot dead in 1570 by a Marian supporter. It was the first recorded assassination of a head of state by a firearm. Her third husband, James Hepburn the Earl of Bothwell was imprisoned in Denmark and kept in a dungeon under unspeakable conditions for ten years. Still in chains and probably completely insane, he died in 1578. Elizabeth I died in 1603 and was succeeded by James VI, son of Mary Queen of Scots, who now became James I of the United Kingdom. In 1612 James had his mother’s remains exhumed and re-interred in Westminster Abbey. Her final resting place lies at the opposite end of the aisle from Elizabeth’s tomb in the Henry VII Chapel, and one can’t help but wonder if, wherever they are now, both ladies find such close proximity to be somewhat……awkward.
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    The Tamiya Mossie was finished a month or so back. All OOB. 20180611_111652-1 20180611_111616-1 20180611_111541-1 20180611_111516-1 Too flamin' cold to venture anywhere near the workbench currently. Nothing underway, even though the B-58 was pulled out for a week - then immediately put away again!
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