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    Hi all! I consider this model, a classic, already....these new tooling from Airfix are really, great! Hope you enjoy it! Regards! Luiz.
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    I found this particular kit on a Swiss auction platform for a very cheap price. The plane is actually quite ugly,but I very much liked the old boxart of this Airfix kit and just had to have it. I wanted to recreate the image from the box and planned it as a diorama build with the original British United markings. But,not surprisingly though,the decals were totally worn out and beyond use. The only decals I found after a long search on the internet was the MAC version,so I got this set and started the build. As I wanted to keep the character of the kit,I sticked stricktly to the parts provided in the box and no changes were made to the kit. The only thing I added was a cabinfloor because I wanted to place some cars inside and I wanted to prevent them for just "falling" into the fuselage. The build was ,as expected with such an ancient kit,not without some issues and some amount of filler and sandpaper was needed to get the parts together. Nonetheless,it was a fun build and the finished model is surprisingly big,bigger as I expected. Paints are my usual Revell enamels,the decals come from S&M decals. The cars and figures come from the train market.Just need to find some groundworkers now to add to the scene. Enjoy Here's the boxart that inspired me to do this project The result
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    Some years ago(25~30 years), when the only game in town was the Matchbox Victor (and the aircraft was a long way off retirement) a friend of mine, Keith, asked me to build his kit. Life, work, kids, house moves etc all conspired to get in the way of finishing it off. Well, I have been going through a few "shelf queens" as another friend of mine refers to them and I have finally I got to finish her off. As most of you know, the Matchbox kit has a few issues and I have tried to address a few of them. The kit has mainly raised panel lines and some quirk in the mould design resulted in features on the left side being replicated on the right including the outline of the crew door and "Annie's hatch" down in the rear fuselage. Matchbox also chose to create the impression of recessed panel lines on the inner wing panels with two raised lines! Odd! So all of this was removed and re-scribed. I also scribed the RAT outlet grills, reprofiled the intake at the base of the fin, moved the positiion of the AEO's window and added the fuel dump in the tail-cone The intakes as moulded are horrendous and although it is perfectly possible to rectify with plastic card and epoxy filler, I managed to get hold of and use a set of DB resin intakes - these are now produced by David J Parkins together with a load of fret and extra resin details and are highly recommended. I added a representaion of the Artouste AAPP in the starboard wing route, conspicuous by its absence in the kit. The wing is OK in layout but lacks completely any of the subtle dihedral and incidence changes along it's length. This was corrected with a few careful cuts and twists of the wing sections to try to emulate the rigging diagram I have in my possession. I'm not sure if it's a result of or the cause of the wildly tail-high stance of the model but it results in the main gear being too long and excessively deep fairings for the underwing tanks but at least it would keep the FR pods horizontal. The famous Whitcomb Bodies on the trailing edge also droop (maybe to make them parallel to the ground?) The artificial feel intake and (redundant) TFR antenna fairing on the nose have been rebuilt to slim them down and the tailplane bullet fairing has been slimmed and refined. I also took the opportunity to add the RWR antenna and add the relocated air outlet on the rear of the tailplane faring, blocked when the RWR was installed - the original outlet also incorporated the rear navigation light (white) so a new location was found on the tailplane trailing edge - in fact two as one would be shielded by the bullet when viewed from more than a few degrees off centreline. A few airframe strengthening plates were added to starboard side of the cabin and along the tops of the wings with 5 thou card and bits of strip. The main gears need to be shortened so that the main gear doors run along the top of the tyres - This was achieved by shortening the jury strut and also by removing approx 1.1/2 mm from the top of the gear bogies. The end result is to have the fuselage more or less horizontal though with various fuel loads the stance would change. Whatever though, it was only tail high when braking on the landing run - maybe that's the source? A few things I didn't do include no omega aerial under the tail cone or HDU flood lights either side of the tail bumper. I also added no comms aerials as this model had to make it unscathed to France! Keith was on the Sim Flight at Marham and had a couple of trips (lucky so and so!) so asked for one of "his" aircraft to be modelled. As it turns out it was XM715, now known as Teasin' Tina (and we all know how she has teased!), he asked for hemp finish, door open, HDU and flaps dropped. All this was incorporated and the Xtradecal sheet for the Gulf Subjects was used along with certain kit markings. Anyway, enough waffle, there are other smaller details missing but I was pretty much drained with this one so enough waffle, here're the pics. Hope you enjoy them. I love the Victor and hope I have done it's glorious shape some justice. Comments and criticism welcomed in equal measure. An Airfix one waits for me but maybe a little break first! Thanks for looking! ATB Rick
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    It's been almost exactly three months since I began this project: and I'm finally ready to post this RFI For details on this build, the WIP can be found here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235053675-convair-b-58-hustler-172/ I've got lots to show, so grab your candy &popcorn from the lobby and settle into your seat! Aftermarket items include Caracel's excellent B-58 decal set; Aires afterburner cans and nozzles; photoetch sets from Airwaves and Eduard; and Master Model's B-58 nose probe & F-16 static discharge wicks. Paint is AK Interactive's "Xtreme Metal". I selected markings from the Caracel set for "Rapid Rabbit": Let's go! *** New photos added 14 July 2019 *** *** End of New Photos *** Selected details: Crew compartments were almost entirely scratchbuilt: Pilot's cockpit Navigator/Bombardier and Defensive Systems Operator stations: Unfortunately, not much is visible once installed: Extra detailing added to the kit's escape capsules: Hatch interior details: Panel shading on engine pods: Engine air intakes scratchbuilt: Aires provided the afterburner cans and nozzles: Nose landing gear details: Main landing gear details: Scratchbuilt Vulcan minigun: Position lights added to vertical stabilizer and wing leading edges: Astro-tracker dome added to top of fuselage: Static discharge wicks on wing trailing edge and vertical fin: Pigment powders were used to recreate the "striping" effect seen in photos of the B-58 upper fuselage: The Hustler's unique exhaust staining beneath the wing modeled using pigment powders and Tamiya smoke: That's it! A challenging build to be sure. But I learned a lot, not only about Convair's B-58, but also some new modeling techniques. Thanks to everyone who followed my build (nearly 14,000 views!!!) and for the many comments and suggestions received. Now, I must decide what my next project will be. Maybe an XB-35 flying wing? Forgot to put the nose weight in again, didn't you?
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    Hi mates, During the height (depth?) of my chemotherapy back in 2015, a very fine gentleman from Australia sent me the fantastic 1:32 scale kit from Tamiya of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc. The generosity of this man was unbelievable and at the same time a beautiful gesture to someone going through a difficult time. I will forever be grateful to him. It took me a long time to start and finish the model, but at last she is finished. Although the Tamiya kit is amazing right out of the box, old Navy Bird never misses an opportunity to spend some of his children's inheritance on aftermarket goodies. These are detailed in my summary below. Project: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc BS152 AE-W, 402 Squadron RCAF, flown by Lorne Cameron, DFC early 1943 Kit: Tamiya Kit No. 60319 Scale: 1:32, a major departure from the norm in Navy Birdland Decals: EagleCals 32-116; stencils and other miscellaneous decals from kit Resin: Barracuda - Spitfire Seat 32001, Cockpit Upgrade Set 32003, Rocker Covers 32004, Five Slot Main Wheels 32005, Starboard Cockpit Sidewall 32008, Cockpit Upgrade Part II 32011; Quickboost Fishtail Exhaust QB32-143 Photoetch: Frets included with kit; Eduard - Mk.IX Exterior 32249, Mk.IX Interior 32670, Seat Harnesses from LooK set 634005; Yahu Instrument Panel 3220 Turned Brass: Master Model Hispano Cannons AM32016 Masks: Eduard JX103; Montex 32105 Paint: Colourcoats - ACRN07 Ocean Grey, ACRN11 Dark Green, ACRN04 Medium Sea Grey, C03 White; Gunze H3 Red, H4 Yellow, H74 Sky, H77 Tire Black, H90 Clear Red, H94 Clear Green, H95 Smoke Gray, Interior Grey Green (mix), Gold MC217, Brass MC219; Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black; Alclad ALC314 Klear Kote Flat Weathering: Some colour modulation and a light panel line wash, a bit of pastels on the main tyres Improvements/Corrections Detailed the cockpit with Barracuda resin bits and Eduard photoetch, added hydraulic and pneumatic lines Drilled out lightening holes in bulkheads and seat frame Added canopy lock mechanism Detailed the engine with ignition harnesses, oil lines, coolant lines, hydraulic lines, etc. Added chafing strips to cowling framework with Eduard PE Added spout/breather to the oil tank below the engine Added scratchbuilt wing gun heater duct-work to rear of radiators Added "cheese cutter" IFF antennae from 0.008" Nitinol wire Probably something else that I forgot - hey, I'm old! Elapsed Time: Only two years and four months! Yikes. The build thread can be found here. I know, you want the pictures. OK, here they be. An in-process photo of the wing gun heaters: To get a better view of the cockpit, we need to see it before the fuselage was closed up: Really a great kit, and a pleasure to build. highly recommended. Cheers, Bill PS. And a really big Thank You to the gentleman from Australia!
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    Airfix 1/72 Victor B.2 I finished this one a back at the start of the year however I have only got around to photographing it, the sheer size of it made it a bit difficult. It was a great kit to build, nice detail and good engineering. Thanks for looking and please leave any comments of questions you may have.
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    My second RAN Airfix Sea Fury. This one is a commission job. The aircraft depicted is that flown by LEUT (P) Keith Clarkson who was the first RAN FAA pilot lost in the Korean War (5 Nov 1951). As an aside the hockey field at HMAS Albatross, is named after him. Full build details at my blogbut here's some photos
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    Hi all. The 3rd build I'd like to show today Is Kinetic's fantastic Harrier twoseater. I added extra rivets and used Eduard's Big Ed photo-etch set for this build. Also'some scratch building was done to the cockpit and canopy. As usual, Gunze Aquous paints were used over Alclad black primer. Thank you for watching. If interested, you can visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/René-van-der-Hart-Scale-Models-250725525692334/
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    Hi all. It's been a while since I posted one of my builds on this forum. Today I'd like to show my 1/48 Italeri (ex Esci) S-3 Viking. This is a fantastic kit, probably one of the best Esci ever produced. Years ago I managed to buy a Paragon wingfold set. Unfortunately these are getting pretty hard to come by these days. The overall fit of the kit and resin wingfold parts is very good. Some exact cutting has to be done to get the resin parts in place correctly. A black primer from Alclad was used as a base for the paintjob. I used multiple mixes of Gunze Aqeous grey to make a basic weathered effect. I used photos of the real plane as refference to replicate the many shades and touch ups. All was done freehand airbrushing. The decals are a mix of kit decals and an aftermarket set from Super Scale. Several grey washes and pastel powders were used for some additional weathering. Thanks for watching. If interested, you can visit my scale modeling Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/René-van-der-Hart-Scale-Models-250725525692334/
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    Hello from Russia! The model from Trumpeter is crossed with a resin set SBS Model. Also use photoetched set Eduard, the brass parts of Master, and the vacuum parts of Pavla Models. Trumpeter kit is very complex and requires cardinal processing to make it look like a prototype MiG-19PM. Alex.
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    Here is my first posting of one of my models. It took about 4 months to completion,, most of that was spent on the spots. The viewing cupola in place of the dorsal turret was cut of from the top of a spare Hasegawa B-24 turret. Enjoy the pictures. Regards Toby
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    This is my 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18 depicting one of VFC-12's well known splinter jets. My first and probably only build for the year.. I used Furball decals, an AIM-9 from a Kinetic kit, the seeker head cover was made with a cotton bud and some plasticard and the AN/ALQ-167 is from Wolfpack, generously donated by @Stephen - once again, thank you! The seat is from the kit, made a bit busier by adding belts made from foil off a wine bottle. Paints used were Tamiya and Mr.Hobby Aqueous for the main scheme and Mr.Hobby buffables for the metalwork. Weathering is a mix of oils and make up (matt eye shadow from the high street). Overall an enjoyable build, though I had to rescribe the kit due to shallow panel lines. A product of the kits age perhaps. It didn't give me much hassle beyond that so I'll forgive it.. I hope you enjoy the pics - comments and constructive crits welcome as always. Thanks for stopping by!
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    Good evening. Here is my take on the beautiful C-47 sky train, specifically the "Camel Caravan to Berlin", a good story and based in Neubiberg, a stones throw away from where I live. The kit is Revell, 1/48, with various mods and a few table spoons of putty. Enjoy and thanks for looking. CF
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    Airfix Phantom FGR.2 1:72 Hi everyone! Some of you might remember my Airfix Phantom FG.1 build from over a year ago. Well, since I enjoyed that one so much, it was a no-brainer to build an RAF jet when Airfix unveiled their FGR.2 kit. As always with newer Airfix kits, it's generally a really enjoyable build; great quality (and numerous!) decals, great mould quality and a novel construction! However the kit is not without its flaws: the nose should really be moulded as a single part (as seen with Revell's 1:72 Tornado, for example) to avoid seam lines, the canopy mid-section should really have a spare part with the periscope "orifice" already pre-cut (I kept making a pig's breakfast of it, as the periscope would mean that the canopy wouldn't sit flush in-line with the cockpit walls. Those instrument panel decals that are included should ideally be made less "basic" or a moulded instrument panel should be provided (again, see the Revell Tornado kit for how it could be done). I had a set of decals (Xtradecal "The history of RAF 19 Squadron") with a particular blue-tailed scheme for an FGR2 which really appealed to me. For this build I used my trusty supply of Vallejo Model Air paints, along with a brown weathering wash from Flory Models (my first attempt at using a brown wash instead of my normal black wash. I just couldn't resist taking a few snaps alongside the Phantom FG.1 As always, thank you ever so much for dropping by and having a look! Best wishes, Sam
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    I think this may be my first completed aircraft of 2019! 1/48th Grumman Avenger from Hobby Boss and markings courtesy of Montex Masks
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    Dear modellers, I somehow have a soft spot for special aircraft. Years ago I read an article in : was it Air Enthusiast or Quarterly ? about the development of the Welkin. Making a model out of plastic, was a bit difficult with all roundings of the fuselage and enginecowlings. So I decided it was the right moment some timehonoured woodworking. Only the elevators, stabilo and the smaller details are plastic. And as often later I learned that there was a model kit of Planet in 1/48. Never mind, I learned a lot tabout woodworking. Enjoy the photographs. With kind greetings, JohnHaa for
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    Another one off the bench. The venerable Airifix 1/48 Lightning. Still good for it's age. Decals are by Cutting Edge and the nose ring has been wrapped in Bare metal foil. To be honest not my best effort but looks ok from a distance. On to the pic's. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
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    Hi all! Not so good as the another Dornier from Airfix that I showed before, but I enjoyed veyr much the final results. All panel lines were scribbed, and I did some improvments in the interior. Hope you like this my model...and I enjoyed the base/ grroundwork too... let´s see the pictures : Till the next! Luiz.
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    I'd best get this inspected before dan gets his very detailed and exellent 1/72 airfix HU5 SEA KING finished, I've built it as part of "the specialist" group build ,its an AEW.2 SEA KING in 72nd scale by dragon ,cyberhobby, i used some of the eduard aew.2 equipment ,cockpit,and exterior pe sets, and made a few little alterations to the base kit , to represent an 849 squadron helicopter, I've made a base to resemble a section of HMS illustrious deck ( unfortunately US carrier tie downs included) ,the wooden part of the base is yet to be fixed as it needs varnishing, Hope you like it
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    Another straight OOB build for "production" - as per my earlier Spit for presents , fleabay etc. I'm curious what will fetch more a Spit or a 109E? Thats the trader in me I suppose but I wonder if patriotic zeal will win out? Oh and yes the props all spin now... WIP here Thanks for tuning in Anil EDIT: Updated images, processed with the right settings
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    I have now completed my Heller 1/48 Mirage IV A, depicting the exhibit seen at the Yorkshire Air Museum. Quite a testing build, a real fighter, and my first attempt at a complete re-scribe (and depicting bird droppings!) A bit annoyed with some silvering, on some of the decals. It didn't come to light, until after they were dry. More a case of operator error, than the decals themselves, I think. Resin cockpit set, and wheels. Metal refuelling probe, and decals from 3 different decals sets, to get the correct markings. Painted with Hataka Orange Line lacquer paints. Ian G-4078 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4083 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4085 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4087 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4089 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4090 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4092 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4094 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4095 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4097 by ian gaskell, on Flickr Ian G-4100 by ian gaskell, on Flickr
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    AZModel kit (CA) with many upgrades (PE, resin, Armycast set and decals) Camo - 102 squadron "Flying Tigers" - 2012
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    Howdy everyone, Managed to finish this one before I start back work in a day or so, so I thought I`d show some pic`s Hasegawa`s 1/48 Warhawk kit finished to represent `Cleopatra`, an aircraft flown by Flg Off Geoff Atherton, 75 Sqn, Mine Bay, New Guinea, 1942 Copied from Osprey`s `Tomahawk and Kittyhawk Aces of the RAF and Commonwealth` book Got `some` of the decals from Italeri`s latest reissue of AMT`s P-40E kit....... ......which I bought to make a `K` version from. Unfortunately the more pictures I found of the aircraft the more differences I found with the kits instructions and decals. So I had to raid the stash for quite a few to get as near to photo`s as I could. The red dots on the underside roundels are as the photo`s Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
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    Well, in spite of life doing its best to get in the way, I still managed to finish something ! A bit different from my usual civvie stuff, this is my rendition of Special Hobby's 1/48 SAAB SK-37E Viggen finished OOB and painted with Hataka's Red Line Paint Set (Modern Swedish AF Paint Set Vol 1) The kit was a bit tricky in places and I made a few mistakes.....but hey.....I just did it my way. Thanks for looking. Mike
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    Lightning F.6 Lightning Training Flight, Binbrook, 1982 Over many years of building Lightnings I had never bothered with camouflaged machines, but for some reason I thought it was time to try one out. I had an old Frog / Hasegawa F.6 to use so it had to have a belly tank without guns fitted, and this is the one I chose: I decided to do a limited re-scribe, and also I had a spare undercarriage from an Airfix F.6 that made a huge difference. I’m running short of Aeroclub white metal undercarriages so this was really helpful. Decals were my usual mixture of Modeldecal and Xtradecal. The finless Red Tops were from a long deceased Matchbox F.6 Looks OK overall, but I still prefer the natural metal look:
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    This is my latest kit finished. This is the Tamiya kit (60766). Built mostly straight out of the box with the following improvements: Eduard pre-painted photo etched seat belts Replace the wing cannons by 1mm metal tubes Replace the pitot tube using syringe needle Added IFF antena from metal metal wire Painting using Gunze (RLM02, RLM66, RLM70, RLM 76, RLM74, RLM75 and RLM04) and Tamiya (XF-85, XF-64, X-10, X-18). Kit decals to represent an aircraft flown by Hptm. Hans Hahn Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG2, Beaumont le Roger,France May 1942. Hans "Assi" Hahn (Source: https://www.luftwaffe.cz/hahn.html) Hans “Assi” Hahn was born on 14 April 1914 at Gotha in Thüringen. A gifted athlete, Hahn was selected to participate in the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin to compete in the Pentathlon. Unfortunately, he had to withdraw due to illness. Hahn enlisted in the army on 1 April 1934 as an officer candidate in the Infanterie-Regiment 14. He received promotion to the rank of Unteroffizier on 1 December. He attended the Kriegsschule at München from January to October 1935. On 1 October, Hahn was promoted to the rank of Oberfähnrich. In November, Hahn transferred from the infantry to the Luftwaffe. He underwent pilot training at Celle. On 1 April 1936, Hahn was promoted to the rank of Leutnant. Following pilot training, he was posted to 4./JG 134, based at Werl near Dortmund, on 15 April. On 1 November 1937, Hahn was transferred to a new Jagdfliegerschule at Werneuchen as a flight instructor and Staffelführer of 1. Staffel. He received promotion to the rank of Oberleutnant on 1 February 1939 and was transferred to the Stabstaffel of I./JG 3, based at Meseburg. Oberleutnant Hahn transferred to JG 2 on 11 October 1939. He was assigned to newly formed II./JG 2, based at Zerbst, which was formed using the nucleus of personnel from I./JG 3 and I./JG 2. On 15 December, he was appointed Staffelkapitän of 4./JG 2. Moving West, Hahn claimed his first two victories on 14 May 1940, during the Battle of France, over RAF Hurricane fighters in his first engagement with enemy aircraft. However, only one of his claims was confirmed. Hahn would claim a total of five confirmed victories during the Battle of France. Hahn was particularly successful during the Battle of Britain. He claimed three RAF Spitfire fighters shot down on 31 August 1940, to record his eighth through 10th victories. After claiming his 20th victory on 20 September 1940, Hahn was awarded the Ritterkreuz. On 29 October 1940, Hahn was promoted to the rank of Hauptmann and appointed Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG 2. By the end of 1940, his victory total had reached 22. Hauptmann Hahn was awarded the Eichenlaub (Nr 32) on 14 August 1941 for 41 victories. He recorded his 50th victory on 13 October 1941 and his 60th on 4 May 1942. Hahn shot down a RAF Spitfire fighter on 16 September 1942 to record his 66th, and last, victory over the Western front. Hahn was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 54 “Grünherz”, based on the Eastern front, on 1 November 1942. In the space of three months, he claimed a further 42 victories. He shot down five Russian aircraft on 30 December (75-79). On 1 January, Hahn was promoted to the rank of Major. His best day occurred on 14 January 1943, when he downed seven Russian La-5 fighters (80-86). He recorded his 100th victory on 27 January 1943. This photo clearly shows how thew aerial is clearly tight to the canopy Leading III./JG54 on 21 February 1943, Hahn encountered Russian fighters near Staraya Russa. In the ensuing combat, he shot down a Russian La-5 fighter for his 108th, and last, victory. In the course of the combat, his aircraft received hits in the left wing. Disengaging from further combat, Hahn headed west but his engine soon began overheating and he had to land his Bf 109 G-2/R6 (W.Nr. 13 949) “Black <<” in enemy-held territory. Soviet sources claim Hahn was shot down by Russian ace Starshiiy Leytenant Pavel Grazhdanikov (13 victories, killed in action 5 April 1943) of 169 IAP, VVS. Hahn was captured and subsequently made a prisoner of war. Hahn was held captive and was not released by the Soviet Union until 1950. Hahn gained employment at the International Corporation of Bayer Leverkeusen, fulfilling a position dealing in trade with France and England. He later became a director of the Wano Schwarzpulver Company, which manufactured gunpowder, at Kunigunde near Goslar. He retired from this company in 1977 and lived in southern France with his family. Hahn died on 18 December 1982 at München from cancer. “Assi” Hahn was credited with 108 victories in 560 missions. He recorded 66 victories over the Western Front, of them 53 were Spitfires. Of the 42 victories he recorded over the Eastern front at least seven were Il-2 Sturmovik ground-attack aircraft. Victories : 108 Awards : Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (16 July 1942) Ritterkreuz (24 September 1940) Eichenlaub (14 August 1941) Units : JG 2, JG 54 The model: Cheers!
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    Recently completed this F.2b with flat wire rigging! 5395C0AE-B0E7-42C0-B5FD-4190573B239E by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr EF64AA1F-75BF-4A5F-86DA-59C1FF7299B5 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr 2A92D521-F1DD-474F-AB6E-67BC54C0FEF3 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr 838F9494-888B-441C-8270-5FD221CBCBF8 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr A6B34EC8-8E3A-4F09-BF85-35F5B83B70E5 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr 5317461D-8621-4458-825E-46039C49F932 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr 121757C7-D7DA-42FF-B2CE-F17566DDC1A3 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr
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    Hi folks, this is latest addition to my collection of Iraqi AF. Built with few goodies like Quickboost air scoops, Master pitot and New Ware Advanced masks, which helped to airbrush the canopy sealing. Panted with Gunze H, Alclad II and Mr.Color SM for metallic areas. This was kinda test built as I plan to follow soon on with another versions with Soviet/Russian markings. Cheers Libor
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    Howdy everyone, Just put the finishing touches on my latest effort: HobbyBoss`s 1/48 FM-1 Wildcat kit, masquerading as a Martlet Mk V Finished to represent an aircraft with 733 NAS, Trincomalee, Ceylon, 1945 Built pretty much from the box contents, with only seat belts, engine wiring, brake pipes and aerials added Decals from Xtradecals set X48104 `Yanks with Roundels Part 2` Had to copy the camo` from pictures on the internet as the image on the instruction sheet was too dark to make out...... ...but I couldn`t find a photo of the actual aircraft. Apparently it was a non operational unit so didn`t weather it too much. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
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    This is the Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind fighter that I finished earlier this year. The Whirlwind is fairly well known despite the small number built (114) and equipping only two squadrons and it was an aircraft that potentially could have been more successful but seemed to suffer from a number of 'misfortunes' that were out of the hands of Westlands. the kit is from 2010 and is a mix of injection moulded plastic, resin and photo etch. Mine was built out of the box and seemed to go together reasonably well, although the wings needed some thinning down at the trailing edge and some filler was used on the wing roots and tailplanes. There is good cockpit detail, but the canopy comes in one piece, not that bothered me as I usually build with closed canopies anyway. The aircraft is from 263 Sqn in the early part of 1941. Paints are Xtracrlyix except for the spinners and fuselage band which are from Vallejo. The decals are from the kit and went on with few problems. The surface detail is quite good, but I photographed the model in bright sunshine and some detail has been lost I hope you like the model.
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    Hi all, Here's my latest finished kit: GWH's 1/48 Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star with Caracal decals and Eduard seat belts. It's finished in Kcolors 60 Steel. It's a nice straightforward build and I have many more photos and an extensive article here: https://jonbryon.com/great-wall-hobby-1-48-lockheed-t-33a-shooting-star/ Comments welcome and thanks for looking. Jon
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    Revell Scale: 1/48 Type: Dassault Rafale M Extras used: Eduard GBU-12 bombs, Renaissance MICA EM missiles. Paints and colours used: Mainly Vallejo with AK Xtreme metals where appropriate. Flory Dark Dirt Wash, various oils, Alclad II Aqua Gloss, Tamiya Matt varnish and Flory weathering sponge. Hi again! I'm spamming today, got a few finished off and photographed... So, this is another one I finished a little while ago but only just had a chance to photograph. A lovely kit, only issue is really is around the air intakes. Also the missiles aren't great due to an awkward to clean join, which is why I used resin. Other than that, nicely detailed and relatively straight forward build. If I was to build another one, I'd probably got for an after market seat too. Decals were nice as well/ So here she is: That's it! Thanks for looking! Val
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    Hi folks, I finished lately this predecessor of the famous Zero fighter, which flown in 1938 in China. An easy build, although the extras in the kit as resin engine, etched or brass are perhaps redundant as the plastic is simply fabulous. I only added scratch built open canopy hood. Cheers Libor
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    Hi all. This is my second build I'd like to show you today. It's the 1/48 Accurate Miniatures Vindicator. The kit is quite well detailed for the scale but has a couple of snall sinkholes on the rear fuselage that are a bit tricky to fill without damaging the surface detail. The kit was built straight from the box and Alclad metal paints were used over a black primer from the same brand. The yellow and green parts were airbrushed with Gunze Aquous paints over a grey primer. The kit decals were used and setteled down pretty good, with the help of some setting solution. Thank you for watching. If you are interested, you can visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/René-van-der-Hart-Scale-Models-250725525692334/
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    Hi everyone, This is John-the-lazy-modeler, a frequent travelling financial consultant from Chicago and who from time to time remembers he has a forgotten hobby of building aircraft kits. Below for your all-welcome comments is my latest work after a long time, an F-4J Phantom of my favorite squadron, the Jolly Rogers, in 1:32nd scale. Hope you enjoy how it all looks. John
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    Hello; Latest piece is ready for its inspection. I am prepared for a thorough review, please don't hold back if I've done something that could be improved, especially in terms of accuracy. Almost all the markings are painted, Tamiya and Vallejo for the paints. Airbrush and silver pencil for the weathering. A full description of the build, lots more pics and why I chose this subject (and its context) can be found on my site, Making-History.ca Cheers; Mark.
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    This is my recently completed Fairey Seafox 'H9A', 713 Catapult Flight, HMS Arethusa, Kalafrana, Malta, 1939. Work in progress here: Life started using the dated Matchbox kit and was updated some what to include more detail: Cockpit deck added and seating positions corrected. The observers pit was updated with black boxes, MG replaced and mounted on a corrected mount. Molded-on landing lights removed and scratch clear options fitted. Oil cooler replaced by scratch option. Engine intakes hollowed out and scratch engines added. Molded-on exhausts removed and scratch options fitted. Molded-on venturi removed and resin option fitted. Home brewed vacuformed glazing for rear pit fitted. Control horns and lines added to float rudders. Flaps removed and fitted for 'landing'. Painted overall with Tamiya AS12 rattle-can. Kit decals were used except for the black wing markings that were painted. Rigging was Uschi line. All mounted on a sea base. Stuart
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    Using the superlative 1/48 Tamiya kit, but leaving the gimmicks aside, here is my artistic view of the final plane of Wolf-Udo Ettel, when hit by AA fire he crashed to his death in Italy, July 1943. At the time he was an ace with 124 victories. Hope you like it
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    These are Hobby Boss 1/48 kits. Scale 1/48. Me 262 Recon and Bomber planes. I did these for the Specialist group build. There's some excellent builds in it go have a look. The builds weren't all that easy for me. There were several bad moments. The first was the nose not fitting correctly, next came the flat coat disaster and finally I have major issues getting the landing gear on. Here is the link to the build thread. However, in the end it all worked out Ok and both made it to the cabinet thanks to the help from the guys. Both were started at the end of March. The first is the Recon. The second is the Bomber The two planes together. This was taken earlier than the others so the lighting wasn't as good. Thanks to Rich of the Specialist Group Build that made this possible.
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    Kit from Eduard. Added photoetched parts and resin parts. Decal from H-Models depicts the exhibition aircraft. Regards from St. Petersburg, Russia.
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    Here`s new model for my "Falklands War collection" - 1/72 A-4Q Skyhawk of Argentine Naval Aviation, code 3-A-305 (ex-US Navy A4D-2 serial 144929), Rio Grande air base, Falklands War, May 1982. Built of Airfix` kit A03029, which seems to be a quite nice kit, but requires a lot of work because of terrible and stupid errors (worst of them is bad nose angle). I think that old Fujimi from 1980`s is still much better than Airfix from 2012. I`ve used PE parts from Eduard, resin fuel tanks from Brengun, resin ejection seat from Pavla and decals from Condor Decals and DP Casper. Some scratch building was required (like Argentine antennas, guns etc.). Four Mk. 82 Snakeye bombs and MER are from Hasegawa`s 35001 set. You can see whole proccess of building here (in Polish): https://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=851&t=87504
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    Hello to all! I present to you my next job. And this is again a model from the Ukrainian manufacturer - Dora Wings. The model is quite difficult to build and requires some modelling skills. Painted with Tamiya TS-8 "Italian Red". Pre-polished plastic. For rigging I used a special thread UvdR-3 "Rig that thing" Elastic Rigging.
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    75 years ago In November 1944, the 53rd Hiko Sentai of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force was ordered to form a Shinten Seikutai flight of Kawasaki Type 2 Two-Seat Fighters for air-to-air ramming attacks. Aircraft # 98 was one of them. Embellished with the conspicious Karimata arrow, this Ki-45 KAI Tei was modified by removing armament, abandoning the rear cockpit and trimming the antenna mast. It is doubtful, however, if it was ever used for this purpose since the 53rd Sentai was relegated as a night fighter unit in January 1945. 40 years ago I saw Nichimo's Nick for the first time and was thrilled. Unfortunately, with only limited funds I couldn’t satisfy my desire. Then it was gone. Fifteen years later it re-appeared on the shelf of a remote hobby shop. It was my quickest purchase ever! But job priorities prevailed and the treasure was neglected for another 15 years. 10 years ago I finally started. Meanwhile a young contender, the Hasegawa kit, had conquered the market. I didn't forsake Nichimo, though. Firstly, because I was attached to it after such a long quest, and secondly, because I consider some aspects of this kit, like the riveted surface, much superior. Aftermarket items and scratch-building did the rest (more here). Now I hope that you enjoy the pictures. For me, the Dragon Killer is the most appealing machine in Japanese military aviation and arguably the neatest two-seater of the war - much too graceful for a suicide mission! ハッピーモデル構築 - Michael References The Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu, Profile No.105, René J. Francillon, Leatherhead, 1966 Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings WWII, Donald W. Thorpe, Fallbrook, 1968 Slayer of Dragons - The Story of the Toryu, Air Enthusiast Vol.5, London, 1973 Army Type 2 Two-Seat Fighter “Toryu“, Famous Airplanes of the World No.21, Tokyo, 1990 Kawasaki Army Type 2 "Toryu" Two-Seat Fighter, Mechanic of the World Aircraft 6, Japan, 1993 B-29 Hunters of the JAAF, Osprey Aviation Elite Units 5, Koji Takai & Henry Sakaida, Botley, 2001 Unit History: 53rd Sentai, JAAF, Arawasi International Issue 11, Eleftheriou & Paul Thompson, Tokyo, 2009 Please find here another exciting Japanese fighter plane.
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    Well another week, another finish for the 11th of 2019! Another "production" plane I get asked for a lot. Used the absolute honey of a kit from Zvezda and it was finished yesterday but I needed to let the Mr Color Super UV CUT III varnish ( never get tired of typing that!) harden a bit before a trip to the photo studio. So all in 5.5 hours over 6 days with mild use marks (guns and exhaust) and very light pre-shade to pop Zvezdas delicate panel lines. Sits nicely with my Spit & 109E I think. Used Mr Color/Surfacer 1500 throughout and just did a light dusting of the matt varnish ( did get tired of typing the whole name) to get the sheen that Luftwaffe birds allegedly had. The spinner was a mask cut by my super accurate Cricut Air 2 and decals from a Skys sheet but you'll need the Eduard Royal 190 boxing for details of where to put them as Sky don't tell you despite supplying corrected blue 13s. Man I'm digging this building models thing, I actually gave up the chance to take an Extra 200 for a spin today so as to finish photography for this and for me thats something big, nothing usually gets in the way of Anil K flying! WIP here, Pretty pictures here, Thanks for tuning in Anil
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    Hi guys I used aires resin cockpit and ejector seats, and engines for this build, with majority of my new favourite paint MRP, the figures are Reed oak of corse. Just a bit about the build represents IN FEBRUARY 2015 NUMBER 12 SQUADRON CELEBRATED ITS CENTENARY AND THE MARKINGS APPLIED TO GR.4ZA405 INCLUDING A PANEL LISTING THE UNITS BATTLE HONOURS. ALSO SEEN HERE IS THE SQUADRON BADGE WHICH FEATURES OF FOXES HEAD FAMOUSLY ADOPTED WHEN THE UNIT BECAME THE ONLY RAF OPERATOR OF THE FAIRY FOX IN 1926.
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    After a gap of 6(!) years I finally finished a Frog Westland Wyvern, started in the Obselete Kits GB 2013, shelved because of a bad case of scribingophobia, and finished for the FROG Squad GB 2019. I scratched some cockpit and seat details, scribed it and used a Falcon vac canopy because I have that set and the kit was missing a canopy when I got it from Ebay. "Proper" pictures: And some phone camera pics after I remembered to paint on the wingtip nav lights! It's missing a whole lot of minor air scoops,and the tiny aerials on the fin and tailplane, but I will leave those to the Trumpeter and CMR kit builders, I have to say I prefer the WWII TSS scheme to the post war EDSG/Sky, but this one grew on me during the paint phase. Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    Hi all! The plane is a Junkers Ju 88 A4 from Hasegawa on the 1/72 scale, I chose the version used in night operations. The camouflage is a bit dark, but after all it was a plane used at night ... See the photos: Hope you enjoy it! Regards! Luiz.
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    Afternoon all, Here is my entry for the 'Specialist' Group Build, Italeri's 1/72 SR-71 Blackbird, pretty much out of the box all bar a brass/resin pitot set and the addition of some astronauts left over from a recent Airfix Lunar Module build. The paint has been weathered using oil paints. The decals aren't that bad and conformed well with set/sol the silvering is purely down to me getting the gloss coat badly wrong with my first use of Alclad II Aqua Gloss. It is not a stellar kit with some loose and ill defined fitting of the major airframe assemblies plus some well documented shape issues mainly around the nose/cheek chine profile. However, that being said I enjoyed the build and am now glad I took the opportunity to add one of my favourite looking aircraft to my collection. Cheers, Mark.
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    Hi all. Today I'd like to show my recently finished Airfix Lynx. The kit is very nice with great details and fit. Only the windscreen needs some attention to make it fit properly. Eduard's photo-etch sets were used and some scratch built details. The model was painted with Gunze Aqeous paints over Alclad black primer. Thanks for watching.
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