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    Hello friends It has been some time. I hope that you are all well, or at the very least getting along fairly tolerably well. I have missed you all. I think maybe most of my followers/friends here know that my recent almost annual attempts to get back into modelling, into regular posts, have not worked. Short spell of normality: silence. The Internet is a place where one’s data and words are harvested and used in the strangest and most mystical ways, therefore I was previously reluctant to explain a lot. However, now a person involved in what is being referred to as the largest scandal in NHS history, I have waived my rights to privacy via my lawyers, for the class action. This was my choice. I’m no spring chicken any more, there aren’t that many of us old bleeders left (I’m not swearing here), so I feel fine writing about it here. Around 40 years ago, along with around 2500 or so other Haemophiliacs, other recipients of blood based products; I copped for a couple of very nasty infections. Ones that can kill and have killed many. I’m one of the U.K. ‘survivors’. I have been sort of ‘stuck’ in Australia. Following what was intended to be a far shorter trip; my health, related to my Haemophilia and liver infection declined and I ended up stuck here. There are far worse places to be stuck. I have been very kindly looked after, especially following my move to the lovely and friendly, very civilised city of Canberra. The capital city. A couple of years ago the U.K. government finally opened an inquiry into the way so many became infected by blood products. Shortly after that I asked a U.K. lawyer to represent me in the class action currently underway. Writing a witness statement spanning almost 40 years has been a harrowing and demanding task. At over 10,000 words, thanks to the help of my kind and supportive wife, to the help and support of some members of Britmodeller past and present, to a wonderful team of lawyers and a wonderful team of Haemophilia and liver nurses, doctors, support workers, counsellors and a superb GP, the support and help of my home MP in Argyll in Scotland and more; I am almost there. Also with many thanks to the support and kind words of an old academic friend of mine; Prof. Danny Dorling, currently of Oxford University. Reading thought provoking books by Danny and others, researching all kinds of things, from conflict history to geopolitics and social geography (I’m a geographer by the way, it probably shows ), Audiobooks, encouraging emails and text messages have kept me (fairly ) sane and determined. I went on a kind of targeted chemo/anti viral medication last November and that appeared to be the point at which my get up and go for model making, for most leisure pursuits, got up and went. However, it appears to be working . Moreover, I saved enough Virgin Velocity points (92,000) make the journey to the U.K. in a few weeks time, at the end of October. This will be in time to attend a few days of Inquiry hearings in London, ponder whatever the B word throws at us on Haloween and to enjoy Guy Fawkes night too. In model making terms, I appear to have branched out into restoring old die cast and tin plate toys; trains, aeroplanes, automobiles, motorcycles and so on. My plastic modelling interests have really narrowed down to ‘Golden Age’ aviation and most things from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. I also appear to have acquired a piano, another guitar and number of classic cars in need of a little love and attention; all British or European, although my Australian built 1973 Ford Cortina Mk III with a 200 cubic inch engine and three speed manual gearbox doesn’t quite fit the classifications. The others are Audi, Rover, Mercedes. SAAB, Volvo, Peugeot, Simca and so on. I will need a few quite large shipping containers and an old barn to move this lot to the U.K., hopefully Scotland, and keep them safe, protected from the elements. Should anyone wish to meet up for a chat, cup of tea and so on; I will be in London the last week of October, Oxford the first week of November, then Birmingham, then Glasgow and Argyll. Please send a message if interested, it would be lovely to meet up with anyone. I hope to more carefully heed the advice of a friend from my last attempt, and slowly ease myself back into some model making and sharing of experiences; rejoining the good people on this great forum again. Have a great weekend TonyT
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    a step in the right direction, today i re-homed the stash. It’s just getting too damp in the cellar and a number of decal sheets have been lost. Now summer holidays are out the way and set up for Christmas is done I hope to get some modelling done.... wish me luck! Rob
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    I feel the need to tell you all I actually built something today, in fact that’s not accurate! Somethings! they are nothing special but I got them buttoned up... not my finest work but fun! I’m back in the game!!
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    Sunday tickets to Fairford booked for the kids and I, their first proper air show! Rob
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    Yay it worked!! Thanks for the hint @modelglue
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    Hello everyone, It was tricky, but I made it. Back in the U.K.. Attended the infected blood hearings in October. Persuaded SingaporeAir not to charge me £600 to bring a wheelchair over. Managed to pick up the by now ancient Volvo 940 Estate, get it through the MOT, taxed, tested. Insurance was a monumental faff. One that matched the rather Nordic long story telling name of the company I used. Now settled in a nice spot in Dunoon. A little bird told me that @Scimitar may live here too. I’m not sure if there are any other Scot or adopted Scot Britmodellers nearby? Please get in touch if so. It literally nearly had me pushing up the daisies, the relocation, but recovering now. No tools, paints, brushes nothing. My wife and family over in Oz for. Christmas. Like many of us; I will most likely be alone and mainly bedbound. The latter part may start to change in the new year; the Involuntary separation from my very loved wife; a challenge. She did send a couple of nice little Dekno resin kits over. Modern, lovely quality Dekno. I will need a razor saw, knife, cutting mat, all the essentials. So close to Christmas and after the vast expense of the move; a bit tricky. However; I will have a look in the boxes and online and consider the most economical and rapid way to get modelling. It will help beat the “missing my wife and step kids at Christmas” blues. Hello @TheBaron, @Beard, @Beardie @CedB @Procopius @perdu @Nigel Heath @Pin @Romeo Alpha Yankee @thespadgent
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    Thank you for the kind messages back in August. You’re a great bunch and BM is superb. Thank you Mike. Absolutely the best community on the Internet. Two months have flown by. Another short stay in hospital. Then my wife and stepdaughter did amazing work packing books for study, inspiration, to help my own writing, masses of medication. Clearance letters for vast quantities of very valuable clotting medication arrived just 3 days prior to departure. a380’s on the two Long hauls. Perhaps the civil aviation modellers and staff here can tell me why the older A380 was far more comfortable than the newer one? Cheap seats on both, but utterly agonising on the second one. I have a fracture in my right elbow and Spinal work that cannot be effectively addressed in my remaining practical working lifespan (unless I win the lottery or crowdfunded *a lot*) in Australia, so in many ways, this was a civilian medevac. These Osteo issues are regular NHS work here. I have never been so happy to hear British trains and be drenched by British rain, to breathe in the cool air, full of Carbon Monoxide or not. Suit and symbolic yellow tie provided for the hearings by the lovely people at Haemophilia ACT. My first new nice pair of shoes in 13 years provided by careful saving. Entire flight paid for myself by extremely mindfully collecting 90,000 Virgin Velocity points over an 8 year period and $85 in cash. Quite proud of my tenacity there ! Currently in London recovering from the long haul. Off to the hearings on Monday. Fleetwood house. I’ll be the portly chap in charcoal suit, tan Oxford style Hush puppies and a yellow toe, in a wheelchair sometimes, walking stick other times. We had to concentrate on books and medication (30Kg of books). Thetefore, sadly, not *one* single kit, paintbrush, knife, pot of paint here with me . I tried to bring some vintage Shuco clockwork cars to refurbish, but they have apparently been posted back to Australia, in the same box as my old computers. ‘Too many batteries’ apparently. All dead as dodos; I just wanted to keep the moulded shells to try and re-cell. If anyone has any ancient PowerBook 500 series batteries, please let me know. I need to get data off of those machines. Only place my Masters degree and one old book I started in 1991 (transferred from Amiga) exist. Oxford next to meet a valued good friend, then the midlands to pick up the trusty Volvo 920 Estate. The AA wouldn’t insure it as they say it’s too old and a ‘Classic’. A classic car company rep almost died Laughing when I tried to insure my life beloved brick through them as a classic. Still don’t know where to go to get it insured. Got to get it done very fast. Flew through its test after years of inactivity. Winscteen wipers, a battery, handbrake adjustment. Job done. They don’t make them like that anymore (stop sniggering you at the back, it may be ugly but I love it). Im off North of the border to live near Dunoon for a bit after the hearings. Would love to hear from nearby Britmodellers. Any advice on good local GP’s most welcome. I’ll be mainly reading and writing and having my body repaired bit by bit, but a Britmodeller is a Britmodeller. Nothing. To. Build. Alone, A bit skint If anyone has anything unwanted in 1/72, let me know. I will buy or send swaps. I mainly like aircraft pre 1970. Above all 1930’s to 1960’s. I like submarines and WWII Arctic Convoy ship is too. Vac form, resin, plastic, any old thing. Unwanted paints, brushes, scalpels etc also welcome. I’ll be as skint as a skint thing until late November, so all unwanted/second hand stuff welcome and will be lovingly built. Look after yourselves. Keep muddling. Can’t wait to get to Dunoon ⛰. All the best TonyT
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    Not dead, just devoid of mojo and overworked.
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    and many more. I have missed you all a lot. Just been too ‘crook’ as they say in that land now far away, to be of any use at all. I’m trying to catch up with Jerzy-Wojtchek but feel he may have changed his moniker. Hello @Mike and those that make this great place work. I will now have a little look at all the great builds that I have missed. Its lovely to be back in the U.K.. Just wonderful to be in Scotland too. Just miss the wife. We do get very, very attached to them as we get older don’t we? All the best and I would have mentioned everyone that I have missed, but my phone went a bit wibbly on me. Best to all TonyC
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    This is also basically the story of me and Britmodeller. https://www.theonion.com/man-on-internet-almost-falls-into-world-of-diy-mustard-1819571371
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    After six years I think its time for a new profile photo in honour of the new Top Gun movie and the demise of Mad Magazine as we know it,it was a staple of my teenage years!
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    "We would have fought on and on and on until nothing was left." --- Flight Lieutenant George "Ben" Bennions, 41 Squadron. Bennions lost an eye and was severely burned after being shot down in the Battle of Britain, but not before shooting down 17 enemy aircraft.
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    I have been debating with myself whether to post this or not as it might be considered political, if so I will remove it. However, I could not resist it!
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    Just a reminder that the Pz.IV STGB poll will close on SUNDAY 31st MARCH at 18.00 UK time. You have just over two days to vote!! Kind regards, Stix
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    I have been gifted a Airfix wellington for my birthday from my lovely children! Gosh it looks a highly detailed and beautiful kit! Shame it’s in my stash and not someone else’s text from ex wife on my birthday: hi, your daughter has informed me we MUST buy you an ‘Airfix wellington’.... how do I do this, she won’t let it go. I of course sent her a link within seconds. good to see my 8 year old has my back, though it’s noted my son (turned 7 five days after me) remained quiet about the whole thing
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    Air Show weekend! Do I need to say more about how I feel ?
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    Torn between the desire to do 1/700 ships and the desire not to do something that looks insanely difficult and frustrating.
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    Feeling pretty good this morning as I've just had an uninterrupted night's sleep for the first time in a very long time. Phase 1 physio on my shoulder done and my right arm is starting to function as designed. Today I shall mostly be sorting out all the part-builds I have to get a few 'easy wins' selected. Then the real rehabilitation will start......
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    Thanks for allowing me to join the group! Always good to have like-minded people around in what can be a lonely hobby!
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    If you pay attention to the lyrics of Metal Machine, you'll notice these are references to many songs but the ones from Iron Maiden hits comme first. Plastic first, Metal second... or is it the opposite? Don't ask me to choose.
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    If anyone is interested in navy subjects, anything that’s been part of or under command of a navy please pop a long to the GB chat and have a look at ‘in the navy GB’ I would be very happy if it got into the the vote. (this is not canvassing for votes just trying to see if there’s enough interest to get it to the voting stage )
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    Well, I'm back through the encouragement of SleeperService. My absence is in part due to the uplift of managing my host Club and the frequency of Meetings, Build Clubs, Website etc Also done home renovations during the in-between gaps. It's busy being retired!!!
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    The Patton Tank STGB poll is now open. It can be found here: Make sure you vote for your favourite. Voting closes this Saturday - 6th July at 6.00am UK time. Kind regards, Stix
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    turns out we just need noodles, who knew
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    Many thanks getting there slowly. However I expect the fine detail toward the end will slow things up
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    Greetings Dennis. Thanks for welcome,i,am a bit of a technophobe but the site is giving me new standards to aim for . cheers Brian
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    Can anyone suggest another photo hosting platform? My Flickr is messing me around saying I have too many uploads Rob
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    Hi just finished the diorama for the F-100 if your intrested.
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    Hia all. The Poll in the Panzer Single Type Group Build is now open and can be found here: Please come and see all the excellent models and chose your favourites! Kind regards, Stix
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    Feeling a weird interest in that vacform Vickers Windsor.
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    Super job on the AV8a real nice version and you have made the Matchbox version look just as good as the modern Airfix version. Regarding your sea harrier ...they never used BL255 only 1000Ibs with retarded or ballistic tails ...won't worry about fuzing (note the Z) at this scale. Clearly there are other loads ....sidewinders, Sea Eagle,,CBLS (practice bomb carriers) or even a bucket of sunshine should you wish to go up that route ...(ex 801 and 899 before I went Sea King Mk4 and Apache Regards JR
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    Take me back to beautiful England And the grey, damp filthiness of ages, And battered books and Fog rolling down behind the mountains, On the graveyards, and dead sea-captains. November can't come soon enough.
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    Note, the Italeri Il-2 Shturmovik, is a reboxed of the Accurate Miniatures kit, (and has been reboxed by Eduard, Academy and Revell) Not as good as the Tamiya, but pretty good nonetheless. It can be tricky to assemble, see here some of the scheme in the Italeri kit maybe cobblers too, the kit is this variant but metal winged, https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/il-2/il2-camo/il-2m3/il2m3-camo.htm note both @Massimo Tessitori and Jason Moore aka @Learstang are members here. HTH
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    A postal workers strike, most likely lasting at least two weeks, began today and truly messes things up for Finnish modellers. I have a lot of stuff on its way but don´t know when I´ll get in this case...
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    No modelling for a while as the basement is now flooded, sad times
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    Hi guys, I do not normally enter new status updates, but as we have just had fun since last Thursday night with cyclone Idai, who had the good idea to pass over our heads in South Eastern Zimbabwe, I decided to share a couple of pictures. This is the Turgwe River, that flows just beneath our home. Normally a couple of fairly narrow channels' The other bank is about 350 meters away. Thanks to the rains Idai brought along,the river went berserk. After this photo was taken, it raised another 2 meters... So yesterday morning we decided to see if our only dirt road out of here was usable with a 4 x 4. We drove 10 km with the Land Cruiser and stopped when we found a river running across the road. I went to walk into the water to see whether it would be still possible to drive through, but after the next bend, some 20 m further away. the water was reaching my waist and the current was becoming quite strong. So discretion became the best part of valor and I got back to the car... Which I got thoroughly stuck in mud while attempting a U-turn. No comment. It took us 1 1/2 hour to get out, with yours truly lying in the mud in bucketing rain, while attempting to jack the stuck rear wheel up... No success doing that as the mud was too thick, But we got it out eventually. So no driving out for a while! Who said Africa was not fun? JR
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