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    This is my Heller E-3A Sentry AKA AWACS. I started this back in the beginning of March, but after getting part way through I realized that I had not ordered accurate TF-33 engines, so I put it aside and ordered a set of David Parkin's Flightpath engines and worked on the Italeri F-21A kit while I waited for them to arrive. While I was waiting I also ordered the Contrail's antenna upgrade kit. After the upgrades arrived and I finished the F-21A, I returned to this the beginning of this month and finally finished it. This is the first Heller kit I have worked on in a while and I would based on this I would rank then somewhere between Mach 2 and Italeri as far as fit and finish goes. The fuselage went together well, but there were major fit issues with the wings. It it wasn't that they were the only game in town I would not recommend the Contrail antenna upgrade which includes chin, cheek and tail antennas. The parts were very crude and the were not shaped to fit against the fuselage well and took a lot of work and filling to get them to blend in. I also think their shape is suspect. On the other hand the Flightpath engines were very good to excellent. My only complaint is that the rear of the forward fan part of the engines are molded solid while they should be open, something the Heller engines got right. I tried to simulate the openness by painting the area black. The shear size of this made construction difficult and I can't count the number of times I broke off the wing tip antennas, including while giving it a final finishing coat, but it is finished and on to the pictures. Next up is the Italeri AC-119 Stinger. Enjoy
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    Hiya Folks,.... another update,....... I`ve expended copious amounts of elbow grease while sanding the fuselage!!! The wings are now fitted too but need the seams along the roots filling and sanding yet. The resin engine nacelles have been dry fitted and slot superbly into place,...... the inboard left engine nacelle section of the wing has been sanded back to make the engines level,... while the right hand nacelle has been left untouched for now just to show how the engine incorrectly sits forward; Cheers for now, Tony
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    Hiya Folks,...... another update,...... Fuselage sanded and filler applied to the seams,.... the cockpit windows are in place (having been masked and painted with the interior pale green colour) and so are the tailgate cargo doors,.... which I should really have attached when after the tail was cut off and before the resin plug was inserted,..... as I had to shave them down a touch. The horizontal tailplane is in place too and the wheels have been partially painted and sanded down; And the wings have been dry fitted here again,...... I`ll attach these after the fuselage seams have been sanded as it makes things easier; Cheers Tony.
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    After viewing tonyot's pictures of his Loft and Cellar, we could judge and compare the sizes of some of them. A few members were amazed by the size of some airplanes. Here are some shots of milestones with their contemporaries : Jaguar International (Hasegawa) / SK 37 Viggen (Heller) Kfir Prototype (Hasegawa) / MiG-21 (KP) F-14A (Hasegawa - early mold) / F-11 Tiger (Hasegawa) FIAT G-91Y (Matchbox) / RF-84F (Italeri) Kfir Prototype (Hasegawa) / Mirage IIIB (Matchbox) MiG-21 (KP) MiG-25 & Tomcat (Hasegawa) MiG-29UB (Italeri) / F-14A A7-E Corsair II (Fujimi) / F-3 Demon F-11 Tiger / F-3 Demon (Emhar) F-4D (Monogram) / Buccaneer (Airfix) Kfir (Hasegawa) / Buccaneer (Airfix) F-106 Delta Dart (Hasegawa) / Mirage IV (Heller) F-11 Tiger / Mirage F-1C (Hasegawa) F-15E (Hasegawa - early mold) / YF-22 (Italeri) YF-23 / F-15E / YF-22 YF-23 / F-117 / YF-22 (Italeri) B-58 Hustler (Testors-Italeri) / SK 37 Viggen B-58 Hustler / MiG-21 B-58 Hustler / F-106 Delta Dart GOBC
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    So are we to understand that you don't like Print Scale decals? Don't hold back, tell it like it is Bill. Martian
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    Evening all, I've been a little quiet here lately and need to catch up with whats been going on BM. Over the last nearly 2 years, I've been putting together this little project and have spent the last couple of weeks finishing it up. So here it is finally. set in late 1938 early 1939, this is the County class cruiser HMAS Canberra, modified Leander class cruiser HMAS Sydney and the V/W destroyers HMAS Vampire and Vendetta in a fictional harbour setting. This is the link to the WIP here on BM http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234929463-ran-late-1930s-diorama/ and the display case I finally got for it Last but not least, a quick attempt at a background, I want to do more of these when I get a chance. Currently the diorama is away for the weekend for the the model expo here in Melbourne Australia, hence the rush to finish. I would have liked to have added more details, there is only a bare minimum of people on there and there are a few other bits, but I can come back to it one day. For now the expo given me a push to finish it, I don't expect to win anything but at least I can stop looking at it thing I really need to finish it. Thanks for looking and all the advice and help in the WIP to everyone, and I hope you like what I have finished up with. Cheers Callum
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    The Amber Bliss. The port side AG unit is playing up again and we are leaking photons all over the place so we have had to stop at the Great Oak waypoint to make some minor repairs. I’m going to have to replace that cheap Margrathean AG unit as soon as we get to Wistow port market. I should have bought that Honda unit when I had the chance 3 cycles ago; you know the old girl is costing me in reapers than I’m taking in profit lately. A few passengers and crew were happy to take the jolly boat down to the way point to have a look at the Great Oak tree, apparently it’s a real tree, not synthetic. It must be one of the last real trees that you can see outside a high society collection. The Amber Bliss is a 1/100 scale model from a world were ships have been converted to fly in the air not on the water, the idea comes from the artist Ian Macque and his fantastic flying ships art work. This kits started out as a Revell 1/108 Harbour tug boat and with a bit of sticking and gluing I ended up with the Amber Bliss, it’s not perfect some of the lights don’t work, some of the weathering is a bit hit and miss and I still don’t get on with Vallejo chipping solution but other than that I really enjoyed the build and I’m really happy with what I have ended up with. Some reference for you https://www.facebook.com/ianmcque/ https://industriamechanika.com/shop/ Please add any comment good or bad etc. Cheers Brian.
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    Hi all, build out of the box the new SEM by Kinetic in 1:48. So far, the best Kinetic Kit I ever had in may hands. Hope you like it!
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    Hi all, I've been having a bit of a play with the laser cutting kit that is in my local library (when they relocated they added a fab lab maker space with vinyl cutters, 3D printers and laser cutters) - over a few weeks I've been steadily experimenting and trying to teach myself how to apply it. Not quite modelling enough to share on the main boards but the mobile has enough of an aviation theme and the map is kind of a very small scale diorama enough that I thought folks on here might be interested I started pretty simple - I wanted a clock using recycled bike parts (brake rotors, gears and the like) and used the laser cutter to do accurate concentric circles for the backing and surrounds. After doing one for myself more folk liked the look of it and wanted their own so accidentally I've ended up selling quite a few like below just through word of mouth With that having gone well and been quite interesting I started making some simple slot together shapes - just some mobiles as decorative items (with an aviation theme) (my wife has pointed out that there are only 8 of them and the formation is iffy) - I've since made a few more with pterodactyls, origami cranes and a BoB dogfight of Spitfires versus 109s I've well pleased with the Spits and 109s From this simple thing I've moved on to doing some more complex shapes with a retro looking rocket Then a bit of a diorama - the North East of England as a 3D topographical map (25cm square covering Druridge Bay to the North York Moors)
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    What do you expect if you go and work at St Trinians? Martian
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    Images restored. Anyone who wants to contribute keeping the thread alive please be welcome. As an answer to the Tornado size question, here's a photo showing one compared to other western Fighters.
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    Hiya Folks, While tidying up I came across this model which had been built in the early 1990`s while serving in the Army,....it had seen better says, it`s wings had been warped by exposure to direct sunshine over the years, it had missing propeller blades and was generally tired,..... but I didn`t want to reduce it to produce as the Herk has a special place in my heart,.... and I remember seeing this 25th Anniversary Herk out on the pan at Lyneham. So,.... I decided to spruce it up a bit, try to repair it and straighten the wings and then present it to my local Parachute Regiment Association,..... at our next meeting tonight! DSCF3344_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3347 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF3349_NEW by Tony OToole, on Flickr I intend to replace it with a new build model quite soon! Cheers Tony
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    Here we go again : A Sabre (Airfix) and his young brother FIAT G-91 (Revell) : (Consider that the F-86D on a stand is closer to the camera) The Gina next to an Alpha Jet (Heller) : Close to an F-18 (Hasegawa) : And side by side with her twin engine "big" brother G-91Y (Matchbox) : Back to the Hustler and an (old) RA-5C Vigilante (Airfix) : Or a MiG-25 (Hasegawa) :
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    I've only just come across this thread...... so some of mine... Tupolev Tu-160 & Rockwell B-1.... Blackjack, Backfire, Bear & Badger.... Ekranoplans vs Bear...... An-124 & A-400M...... Ken
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    More differences down here : B-727-200 / B-737-300 / B-747-400 B-747-400 / MD-90 A300 / B-737-200
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    Your wish has been granted ! Here they are : (Hasegawa 1/72nd) Together with smaller ones, not to say tiny : Alouette (Skylark) lll (Heller) Gazelle (Airfix) The Gazelle seems so small, You may appreciate the Mil-4 Hound's size. (Toga) Looking like a Whirlwind (Airfix), but as big as an S-58 or a Wessex (Italeri) Next to a Puma (Airfix-Heller) Bye now !!!
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    A new project to build an F-4J Phantom of the Vietnam era using the Revell 1/72 kit, which I think is the old Monogram kit, but happy to be corrected. It has raised panel lines so I decided to sand those off and re-scribe (using my go-to UMM SCR-01 SCRIBER) and also add some rivets (using Rosie The Riveter tools). I find the SCR-01 SCRIBER the best I have used. It is easy to use and the results are better than other devices I have used. Thoroughly recommend. My normal approach is to sand and re-scribe & rivet before assembly so it seems to be weeks after opening the box to eventually "sticking" things together. Once together, filled and sanded, the plan is to coat in Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 Gray (cut 50/50 with Mr Color Levelling Thinner 400) and then sort out the blemishes. Tools used: Before starting: Top half of fuselage "as was" and bottom half with scribing underway. My technique is to sand an area to the point the raised lies are just visible and then scribe and then sand the rest of the raised lines away when I have enough of a scribed line to act as a guide. Another before and after compare - this time around the nose. Taking lots of photos on the iphone also helps to keep track of the lines. I also use "blueprint" images of the aircraft I find on the internet. Such are particularly useful when it comes to rivets. Below is a before shot of the wing. in progress; only partially done. There are some whitish blotches on the leading edge of the outboard wing section. This is Mr Dissolved Putty which is good for fixing areas where I have overrun the end of a panel line. It works very well but is not suitable if I have made a mistake that needs re-scribing. For that I have my own concoction of old sections of sprue dissolved in an old pot of Humbrol glue in a ratio of about 25% glue / 75% sprue. It is essentially liquid plastic that I brush on and when it sets hard, it is just like the original plastic and can be re-scribed once sanded and polished. Warning, it can only be used in small amounts otherwise the model melts! Also it needs to harden for about 24 hours, Once I have done the two fuselage halves, I tape them together to ensure the lines over the spine line up. Once I am happy the scribing looks reasonable, I give each part of the model a primer coat of Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 Gray mix and start marking out the rivet lines with a soft pencil, using a straight edged strip of thin sheet plastic as a guide, whilst referencing the "blueprints". I then run the riveting tool alone each line. Here is an almost completed wing section. I give each section a rub down with 4000 grit paper. And here is the result with the fuselage.
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    #28/2019 And another one finshed. Hasegawa kit with Authentic Decals, AK Real Color AMT-7 and AMT-11, EZ Line for antenna wires and brake lines, Eduard seatbelts Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061405-lend-lease148-curtiss-p-40k-warhawk-soviet-airforcevvs/ The model shows an aircraft of the 760th fighter regiment, 261st composite division in Karelia winter 1943-44. DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0016 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
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    Recently completed is my interpretation of an RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch of 1944 using the Airfix kit. Built mainly from the box with a few changes. MG mounts replaced with scratch items. Kit Mg's replaced with Coastal Craft offerings. Retained the kit Oerlikon mount but the Oerlikon itself was replaced with a Coastal Craft item. Aerials and rigging made from Uschi line. Hull painted with Halford's black. Deck upwards was Colourcoats enamels. Kit decals. Most of the model was weathered with a wash and then 'knocked-back' to make it more subtle. Sea base is insulation board, painted a dark blue/ grey from Halford's. Coated with layer of Liquitex Acrylic Pouring Medium and stippled with Valejo Acrylic Gel. The launch wash is made from 'teddy bear' filling. Work in Progress here: See it in the flesh at SMW at the weekend. Stuart
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    Eduardo in a “chip bag”! Epic. Fingers crossed for the viewing.
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    Ship builds are totally unlike aircraft, I reckon, Giorgio: it’s much more modular. With any ship, but especially a large one like a carrier or a battleship, there are a lot of sections that are almost mini-models in their own right. It’s therefore pretty easy to get lost or to do things in the wrong order unless you really think about it and plan ahead. It sometimes feels as though I’m doing more thinking than actual building at present, but it will pay off in the long run!
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    Not much visible work this evening; mostly tidying up these boats and checking fit with the hull parts. Not for the first time, it turns out that nothing is wasted: Ark carried a 32’ cutter quite low down in the ship, and the Merit hull opening is not quite large enough to fit a MicroMaster boat... so I’ll use a blinged-up Merit boat instead (making a virtue of the fact that it’s not quite big enough) As with all 3d printed parts, seen close up the boats (especially the hulls) show visible ridges from the printing process. There are contours on the roofs, too, but I doubt you can pick them out in the photo above [to put things into perspective]. I am going to experiment (on the inboard side of a boat a first, so if it doesn’t work it will be invisible) with some Mr Surfacer action on these, so watch this space. Been bonkers at work for a while now, but my main outputs (the accounts for last year) were signed off by the board this evening, so I hope that things will now settle down enough for me to get some proper time at the bench. Crisp
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    Love that! Looks like his wingman emerging from the cloudbank behind him - brill !!
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    Thanks Giorgio The fixable has been fixed! Thanks Keith, great tips Both! I'm not dropping anything to test it! I know I can do this Though sometimes wonder why I know I can bloomin' do this At least it's not a Fly Your wish is my command! Thanks Tony Thanks Will, great tips too I think my main problem is with the fast-drying Stynylrez - I need to speed up in the future! Thanks Crisp I had been using a cheapo job too but it's one of those with the tiny, tiny nozzle that has to be removed with a spanner. Nightmare to deep clean. I'll hold on to it though; might come in. So, two days and nothing done! Both days were family events - enjoyable but involving some imbibement that precludes (safe) modelling afterwards. Today though I had some mojo, perhaps inspired by this: Shadow of my 'Crikey' on the wall. I don't know why I've not noticed it before. Coming over all Baronial Finally the final coat of primer has been applied: including a blast on the prop blades prior to yellowing the tips. They are yellow aren't they? Better check…
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    The filter's pretty clever, it allows Arsenal, but strike out the nal and it gives bottomnal (which as a lifelong Spurs supporter (for my sins), I find somewhat amusing!) K
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    Sorry for no recent post, I've been on holiday and then a chest infection . . . . I have started on the railings around the balcony and the roof I shall endeavour to get it finished despite the closure of the GB
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    It's 60 Sqn which was based at RAF Tengah Singapore, but that's not filmed in Singapore, too many mountains and too much jungle. I think RAF Butterworth is much more likely, where 60 Sqn kept a detatchment of Javelins, this eventually became C flight 60 Sqn when thay had enough aircraft. https://www.rafseletar.co.uk/raf-tengah/aircraft-based-at-raf-tengah/gloster-javelin/
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    The schemes Source: https://www.facebook.com/specialhobby/posts/797397027367326 V.P.
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    Oh. My. Word. With the 16’ “fast dinghy” and 25 fast motor boat in their way with my final order, I reckon this has knocked that particular problem out of the ground. There is no way any amount of adaptation of Merit’s offering could have come close to this - and like many small details, it will all add to the overall effect. Also, credit where credit’s due; I’ve just been saying “Shapeways”, but the designer is a Kiwi outfit called MicroMaster: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/micro-master Chapeau, oh upside-down Silver Fern-y peops. Crisp
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    Thanks, I have added it to my list for when I get around to repainting the Revell kit List Remove paint Disassemble mainplane, mainplane struts, tailplane struts, wheels, windscreen, cowling and pilot Correct tailplane orientation – it’s crooked Square off and drill out (?) wing guns Round off cowling (thanks Chris) Add seat, additional undercarriage struts, seat belts, control panel, stick, fuselage bulge Fill fuselage seams and make good Choose scheme and paint – either MM#1702 plus green for early or MM#1702 straight for later. Replace wings, struts, wheels, windscreen, cowling. Add gunsight Add decals - Here's the lacquered propeller for @GrzeM and a question.......... which of the 5 remaining aircraft on the Techmod sheet 72120 are likely to be in early or later colour or is it not possible to tell? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/techmod-72120-pzl-p11c--162871
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    My build thread is here I would say that this was the most enjoyable of my Fog GB builds so far - 3 of the others have been bi-planes. Once again thank for the comments along the way
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    XP984 Notes Outriggers Were the same type as on the Kestrel and not like those on the earlier P1127s; unlike as depicted in the AIRfile 1st Generation Harriers book. The same style outriggers are fitted to Kestrel FGA1 XS695 in Cosford, which is a 20 minute drive away if you want me to get some photos for you. (Mind you, XS695 has no wing tip RCV openings so it must now handle badly in the hover!) Vortex Generators 10 fitted as on the Kestrels with the small leading edge extensions on their wings. On the Wings... I've done some more trawling through my archives and photos appear to show that the "original wing" refitted to XP984 was like that on the Kestrels with the small leading edge extension added to it and the 10 vortex generators. I have got black and white and colour photos of XP984 in this configuration. U/C Legs Just noted that you're making the model in the hover, on which basis you probably need to drop the oleo on the main u/c leg more than it is. I have drawings for the front and main u/c units which will help you. This video shows the "Hole in the Wood" trials: Hope that helps. Cheers Nick
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    Hi Folks.last but one for the gallery Westlands Wessex Royal Australian Navy.
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    Afternoon again folks,Grumman Hellcat in FAA colours.
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    F196F Mustang Mk II, lightly backdated to a Mustang Mk I. Not the most accurate kit in the world but it was fun to build. Build thread is here. Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    Frogs Vintage Fw 190 A-3 dating from 1959 this was the bagged version,no interior detail or wheel wells,no gun details on the upper cowling so replaced with a spare from the Hasegawa 190,all brush painted as i went full vintage,apart from this and the He219 I havnt built in 1/72 scale for yonks,I may have found a new obsession Been an absolute hoot,Thanks to the group hosts.
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    Junkers Ju 87G Syuka Tankbuster. Great little kit which i attempted to improve by scratching an interior; opening exhausts, gun barrels, adding a twin MG in the turret, and crew access steps. Decals are a mixture of Frog originals plus stuff from the spares box as the balkencruz in the Frog transfers were not the correct type used for late war Stukas. The model is brush painted with Revell acrylics. TFL Cheers Greg
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    de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 Royal Navy, 890 Squadron, XJ607:701-VL (F409) Modelcraft 1/72 Extras used. Pavla: Resin cockpit and seats (FAW.1) for Cyber Hobby kit. Master: Pitots and refuelling probe tip Aires: Resin wheels Reskit: Royal Navy 2" rocket launchers Decals and stencilling are a combination of Revell and kit items. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
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    Hi folk's managed a few shots before venturing out for the day so here's Frog's P-47 in French colour's.
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    Hi folk's forget my phone still takes good photos in poor light so as promised some gallery shots.
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    Here's my Southern Cross...Lotsa fun! Many thanks for your perusals... --John
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    Frog F292 Junkers Ju88A-4 B3+PM, II/KG54, Totenkopf Geschwader, Russia, Winter 1942. The F292 Junkers Ju88 was reissued in 1971. It was the 1964 kit with changes to allow the fitting of the Spin-A-Prop accessory and new transfers. While the model looks like a Ju88, it does show its age, and some of the changes made for compromises along the way. With its shortcomings compared to modern kits, and not actually needing a Ju88 for my collection, I elected for a quick build, in the manner of Saturday afternoons of yore. The colour guides and transfers allowed for a simple scheme, and I chose the Russian Front 1942 winter scheme for something a bit different. I've tried to retain as many of the original working features as possible. The model has been built wheels up and mounted on the stand because I don't do it very often and it looks quite effective to my mind. Painting is a mixture of Humbrol enamels and acrylics, with some gentle weathering by powders just to give the flat colours a little life. I hadn't intended to complete the build so quickly, but it just went that way. It seems I may have been able to claim the pole position in the Gallery! WIP thread is on this link:
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    Nice looking build Tim, welcome to the STGB.
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    I drill all the holes first and then thread the ez line through the holes with a needle cut down. I try and get as much of the rigging interconnected as possible and then tape all the ends with cut strips of Tamiya masking tape. I then use a needle to apply tiny blobs of gel superglue. That way you do not have to hold any thing while it is drying. When it is dry I cut the end of the ez line off fill any holes with liquid filler and paint or if possible cover it with a decal as well.
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    First thing was to strip out the molded formers cobra vs edwood some of the gubbins cardboard formers to make farsands of em There is a deliberate mistake in this shot. My knowledge of these is limited to lst being in one 20 odd years ago! Making a start on the loading bay alu rod early attempt at lining This is what I used for the lining. Really light weight cobra seats live resin M60s or edwood Here is where I hit a mental block that lasted over a year. Those seats dunno where they came from!! precision engineering is that. Shot an AK as well which was not bad actually. Just finding random shots in with the wokka wokka, so what the hell! And here is where it sat for a year because of these things Right. That it is up to date as of two week ago when I picked it back up. More if I get a minute tomoz.
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    Having built both the Hasegawa and Revell (they are not the same btw), there are pros and cons. The Hasegawa kit shown is not the latest configuration where as the Revell one is. The latest boxings from Hasegawa have been updated to the newer configuration but cost a lot more. Robert
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